Jonathan Lambrianidis - Tipple Zero Founder

100% TASTE

No alcohol? No worries! I’ve got you covered.

Hi there,  I’m Jonathan! ? Founder of Tipple Zero and fan of everything to do with non-alcoholic drinks!

Passionate about getting the word out, sharing new discoveries and stories from the people I meet along the way are my ‘why’. Whether it is an inspiring non-alcoholic journey, spicy zero alcohol gin, or a creamy milk 0.5% ABV Milk Stout I’m excited to bring it all to you.

Tipple Zero has been born from the lack of a dedicated online resource and community around non-alcoholic drinks!

As a competitive cyclist, I have spent the better part of 10 years experiencing the struggle that comes with drinking next to no alcohol. You know the deal, you’re out with friends:

  1. drinking soda water and lime;
  2. missing out on the engagement and interaction you get from sharing an alcoholic drink; and
  3. having to justify why your glass is not going to get you drunk.

With non-alcoholic drinks well and truly on the scene, my vision is to:

  • use the lessons passed on and absorbed from my dad in over 20 years of wine, beer, and more recently spirits (way to make me feel old!);
  • build a resource that brings you the latest information, reviews, and discussions with people in the industry;
  • to help you find your first, next, and then newest drink; and
  • give you something to point your friends to and help entice them to try some of the amazing drinks they’re missing out on.

Enough about me, let’s get you going with everything Tipple Zero has to offer. So head on over to the Podcast or read up on the latest in the blog!



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