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November 21, 2021by Jonathan Lambrianidis

Just when I thought I’d tasted most alcohol-free Pale Ale styles, the Gruvi Pale Ale landed on the scene! I tell you what, it is a beer that leaves me so bullish on the whole non-alcoholic beer market. So let’s dive into why.

The Gruvi Pale Ale is an easy to drink, great-tasting and full-bodied non-alcoholic Pale Ale that tastes just like real beer. It balances clean & fresh citrus and resin-based hop profile with a weighted malty body finishing bitterness in a beer that is going to suit most Pale Ale drinkers.

Key Takeaways

ABV: <0.5%
Style Pale Ale
Calories: 17 calories / 100ml
Colour: Hazy. Deep Golden
Main Notes: Citrus. Bitter.
Cost: $18 – $20
Rating: 8.5 / 10

Gruvi Pale Ale Can held in hand

Gruvi Pale Ale Taste

Tasting the Gruvi Pale Ale is an absolute pleasure! It is balanced, bright, deep and complex with a combination of flavours that revolve around fresh and citrus-based hops, malts and bitterness.

As a whole, each glass of Gruvi Pale Ale is going to leave you wanting more due to the way the flavours simply ‘just work’. Each glass is built around a profile that has a:

  • sharp and mouth-drying bitterness led profile;
  • clean and fresh citrus and resiny hops (think pine) in each mouthful;
  • good body depth which is warm and builds into malty notes;
  • big, strong and pointed bitterness.

Once poured in your glass you’re going to have a beer that has a loose web style foam and a slightly hazy deep golden coloured beer with great carbonation that adds to the flavour and mouthfeel.

What I Like Things to Consider
The malty pale ale is making its way back and this is a great representation. The bodyweight might be a little on the light for a limited few!
Big bitterness is always welcome in a Pale Ale and the Gruvi does not disappoint. If a malty pale ale is not your go-to, you might want to try something a little fruitier from the list below.

As it warms slightly in the glass the notes of resin-based freshness really wake up and come to life so keep an eye out for it, it’s a great trait of the Gruvi!

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Gruvi Pale Ale Can in front of glass with beer in it

Who Is The Gruvi Pale Ale For?

The Gruvi Pale Ale is all a beer for traditional beer drinkers. If you enjoy a malty based beer, whether it is a pale ale, a bitter or IPA you’re likely to love the latest kid on the block from Gruvi.

It is worth keeping in mind that this Pale Ale is heavier in profile and carries more of a malt led, a bready depth so if you’re more interested in drinking those juicy and fruity styled IPAs this might be something to keep in mind when comparing it to the other options in the alcohol-free pale ale market.

Talking of other alternatives, I’ve written up most of them – so you’re in luck if you’re looking to find yourself a new favourite non-alcoholic Pale Ale. Why not read through the reviews below, get a 4 pack of Gruvi and compare it against a couple of other options.

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Where To Buy Gruvi Pale Ale.

Looking to buy the Gruvi Pale Ale? Picking it up online is your best bet through retailers like Brunswick Aces and Craft Zero, where each 4-pack will cost you around $19 – $21. Check back for more information on updates to distribution as I’ll keep you updated!

This is one you’ll want to include in your rotation, so head on over to Craft Zero and Brunswick Aces to pick up a 4-pack and use the codes below to save yourself a few dollars in the process!

Given glasses make all the difference in my opinion in bringing a beer to life and elevating it to its full potential, I’d (as you’d know from all of my content) highly recommend pouring this in some affordable, good quality and accessible glassware!

I’ve been using the Spiegelau Craft Tasting Kit through this whole journey and it’s my ninja tip that I’m sharing with you to, for a relatively small cost per glass, to get the most out of your non-alc beers

Definitely check out what it has to offer and the price of the kit over on Amazon where it will likely cost you between AUD$45 – $55 (if you’re in the US, the Amazon US link can be found here).

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Gruvi Pale Ale Can in front of glass with beer in it

Gruvi Pale Ale Nutrition

Calories in the Gruvi Pale Ale are extraordinarily low for a non-alcoholic beer. The Gruvi Pale Ale has only 60 calories per can, which equals 17.1 calories per 100ml. It has no sugar, is fat-free and has 90mg of potassium per can.

These numbers make this Pale Ale, and the entire Gruvi Beer range for that matter, one of the healthiest options I’ve seen in my time writing about non-alcoholic beers.

To get a full insight into what each can of Gruvi Pale ale packs from a nutrition perspective, take a look at the nutritional information down below.

Avg Quantity
Per Serving (355ml)

Avg Quantity
Per 100ml

Energy 251 kJ
60 Cal

92 kJ
17.1 Cal


2 g

0 g
Fat, total

0 g

0 g

— saturated

0 g

0 g


11 g

3.1 g

— sugars

0 g

0 g

0 mg

0 mg

If you’re interested in sugar and calories in non-alcoholic beer options, check out the mega review I pieced together of almost 40 non-alcoholic beer options for sugar and calories over here for a rundown of all the names you’ve seen (and some new options too)!

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Gruvi Pale Ale Nutrition Information

When to Drink Gruvi Pale Ale

The Gruvi Pale Ale is a beer that is made to satisfy that craving for a beer like beer, you know those days you want a malty base, pointed bitterness and that full-bodied flavour profile. This is what that beer is likely to be for most people.

I found it was perfect for pairing with those steak nights or spicy vegetarian curries and it was also great to unwind with on those Zoom drinks when you’ve got to be drinking something!

If you had to pick one situation to pour a glass or two in, I’d definitely pair this with some food as the profile would go so perfectly with a rich hearty stew or pot pie that brings amazing flavours and complexity.

I got a bit inspired while writing this that I decided to press pause on the review and piece this chicken, leek and mushroom pot pie, together that was full of herbs and topped with crispy puff pastry all to pair with the Gruvi!

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Top of Chicken, Leek and mushroom pot pie to pair with Gruvi Pale Ale

The Wrap Up: Final Thoughts

If bitterness and malty pale ales are your thing, and if you’re looking to get your hands on a high-quality non-alcoholic option you can drink all day, this is absolutely one for you.

Like I touched on at the top, I can’t quite believe the quality of non-alcoholic beer at the moment, it seems like every beer is a hit and the range from Gruvi is no different, the depth, flavour profile and way the malts give off a full depth and complexity that is typically pegged to alcoholic beer makes this a really amazing beer to get into.

I’m a big fan and it makes me really excited to see what 2022 has to bring as we move into the next phase of non-alcoholic beer.

So with all of that, this alcohol-free pale ale lands itself an 8.5 / 10 and I can’t wait to pick up a few more from the Aces or Craft Zero team.

If you’re keen to get your hands on some to try, the links are down below and remember to do yourself a favour throw it into a glass – any glass – it’ll make the world of difference.

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Gruvi Pale Ale Can label close up

by Jonathan Lambrianidis

Non-alcoholic drinks writer and podcaster, beer brewing and winemaking side-kick, lawyer and cyclist. Owner of and the Non-Alcoholic Drinks Podcast.