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September 24, 2021by Jonathan Lambrianidis

Yes You Can Drinks Review

I recently spoke with Yes You Can Drinks founder, Tyler Martin and had an opportunity to learn about all things Yes You Can Drinks.

The Yes You Can Drinks are a range of Australian Made non-alcoholic drinks which include the:

  1. Spritz (zesty orange and rhubarb).
  2. Dark & Stormy (citrus, ginger and smoky).
  3. G+T (juniper led, citrus & bitter)

All come with a brilliant level of bitterness and warming heat to finish.

Yes You Can Drinks Range

Find out more about the non-alcoholic twist that the team have put on a few classic styles. Yes You Can have put together a range that is easy to buy online, easy to fit into any picnic or party and fit for at any time of the day or night.

Keep an eye out for the Yes You Can Podcast that is coming up in the next few weeks!

What is in the Yes You Can Drinks Range?

The range is crafted to suit drinkers of all tastes and includes three key options, which you can read more about below. Just click the links in the list and it will take you to the spot in the post:

  1. Non-Alcoholic Spritz
  2. Non-Alcoholic Dark & Stormy
  3. Non-Alcoholic G+T

Yes You Can Drinks Range

Where to Buy Yes You Can Drinks.

Yes You Can Non Alcoholic Drinks have launched for sale:

  1. directly from Yes You Can.
  2. Brunswick Aces (Spritz)
  3. Brunswick Aces (G+T)
  4. Brunswick Aces (Dark & Stormy)

You’ll find the full range of the non-alcoholic G+T, Dark & Stormy and Spritz, as well as a mixed pack that is either 12-24 cans in size to let you try each of the drinks without needing to order more than once!

Who is the Yes You Can Drinks Range for?

The new range from Yes You Can is for anyone, for any reason and for any time.

During my chat with Tyler Martin, Founder of Yes You Can, he mentioned that the vision was not only to create a drink that would allow people to enjoy the flavours of their favourite drinks when replacing traditional alcoholic versions but to also create a drink that could be enjoyed any time and on any occasion.

Non Alcoholic Drinks website

The range is for anyone looking to enjoy a grown-up and complex tasting drink no matter whether:

  1. you’re not drinking at all;
  2. starting on the hard stuff and swapping across to Yes You Can after a couple – to drive home, get up early, take it easy or just ‘because’; or
  3. simply looking to try something different.

What do the Yes You Can Drinks Taste Like?

There is an adage of ‘if you want something done right, do it yourself’ and that’s exactly what the Yes You Can team of Tyler and Sophie have done.

Tasting, testing, and tweaking just the range over 9 months and across 17 different iterations really shows you level of care, attention and dedication that has been put into the Yes You Can range.  So what’s in it?

Yes You Can Drinks Range

Yes You Can G+T Taste

The taste profile of the G+T is juniper led and built on citrus with a balancing sweetness from tonic, while being finished with a big and bold that builds as you work through your mouthful before leaving you with heat that gradually builds and then lingers in your mouth.

While there are other ready to drink alcohol-free G+T options from Gordon’s and Monday, this one is the closest I’ve found to replicating a traditional G+T.

I’d bet you that given the bitterness and heat that comes off this Yes You Can creation that you would struggle to tell this apart from an alcoholic gin in a blind tasting.

Find out more from the team here.

Yes You Can Drinks G+T Front of Can on Bench
Yes You Can Drinks G+T Front of Can on Bench

Yes You Can Spritz Taste

The Spritz is a complex set of orange and citrus flavours that are balanced with a candied layered base, bitterness that builds and lingers as you drink and then leaves you with a mouthcoating and lingering level of heat to finish.

The Spritz is made for every day and will leave you missing that Italian holiday! The flavour profile is warm and complex and doesn’t try to overdo the flavour front which leaves you with a Spritz that would do well in the can or in a glass full of ice with a straw! Check out more about the Spritz from the Yes You Can team.

Yes You Can Spritz poured in glass next to the can on a bench
Yes You Can Spritz can held on and angle

Yes You Can Dark & Stormy Taste

Full of fresh ginger, citrus and lime notes with a complex smokiness. The Dark & Stormy is then balanced out with some sweetness before being finished bitterness and mouthcoating heat from the use of the Flashback™ blend of botanicals.

This is the wind-down in the evening, relaxing on the couch or chilling with the sand between your toes on the bach sort of a drink. Check out some more information about the way the product came to life over with Yes You Can.

Dark and Stormy Can and poured in glass on bench
Dark and Stormy non alcoholic drink in hand

How to Try the Full Yes You Can Range.

If you are looking to get started with the Yes You Can range, I would suggest looking into the mixed pack. Head over to the Mixed Pack product page to see the 12 and 24 can options.

The 12-pack of the Yes You Can Mixed Pack gives you the ability to properly taste each of the drinks and contains:

  1. 4 x Spritz cans.
  2. 4 x Dark & Stormy cans.
  3. 4 x G+T

Looking for something a bit bigger? You can pick up the 24-pack which will give you 8 of each option.

Yes You Can Drinks Calories

Non-Alcoholic ready to drink options are generally lower in calories than traditional alcoholic options. Comparing the range to a popular alcoholic option they are between 34% and 44% lower in calories.

Each of the Yes You Can Cocktails have between 54 and 64 calories per can. This is compared to (as a reference) the Bombay Sapphire G+T that comes in at 98 Calories.

Dark and Stormy Yes You Can

G+T Calories and Nutritional Information

The non-alcoholic G+T has 54 calories per 250ml can.

The full nutritional information is below:

Avg Quantity
Per Serving
Avg Quantity
Per 100 mL
Energy 224 kJ
54 Cal
89 kJ
21 Cal
Protein 0 g 0 g
   — gluten 0 g 0 g
Fat, total 0.4 g 0.2 g
   — saturated 0.4 g 0.2 g
Carbohydrate 11.2 g 4.5 g
   — sugars 11.2 g 4.5 g
Sodium 0.6 mg 0.2 mg

Yes You Can Drinks G+T Nutritional Information and Calories

Spritz Calories and Nutritional Information

The non-alcoholic Spritz has 62 calories per 250ml can.

The full nutritional information is below:

Avg Quantity
Per Serving
Avg Quantity
Per 100 mL
Energy 258 kJ
62 Cal
103 kJ
25 Cal
Protein 0 g 0 g
   — gluten 0 g 0 g
Fat, total 0.2 g 0.1 g
   — saturated 0.2 g 0.1 g
Carbohydrate 13.6 g 5.4 g
   — sugars 13.6 g 5.4 g
Sodium 0.7 mg 0.3 mg

Yes You Can Spritz nutritional panel on can

Dark & Stormy Calories and Nutritional Information

The non-alcoholic Dark & Stormy has 64 calories per 250ml can.

The full nutritional information is below:

Avg Quantity
Per Serving
Avg Quantity
Per 100 mL
Energy 267 kJ
64 Cal
107 kJ
26 Cal
Protein 0 g 0 g
   — gluten 0 g 0 g
Fat, total 0 g 0 g
   — saturated 0 g 0 g
Carbohydrate 13.8 g 5.5 g
   — sugars 13.8 g 5.5 g
Sodium 2 mg 0.8 mg

Rear information on Non Alcoholic Dark and Stormy can

If you are looking for a non alcoholic cocktail option that is low in calories, is built around a set of complex and refined flavours and gives you a drink that lets you feel a part of the party in all senses – you’re in luck.

If you like the other options on the market, venturing out and trying the Yes You Can range as we come into summer is an option you should try.

Yes You Can, can be found over

The Yes You Can team sent a sample pack my way to help piece together and share my thoughts on the products in the Yes You Can Range and I’ve since ordered a few more times from them directly as I love the product!

Yes You Can Drinks Range

by Jonathan Lambrianidis

Non-alcoholic drinks writer and podcaster, beer brewing and winemaking side-kick, lawyer and cyclist. Owner of and the Non-Alcoholic Drinks Podcast.