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If you know non-alcoholic wine, you’ll know the Giesen Zero Rose has been hotly anticipated and that it has some big shoes to fill after Giesen saw their Sauv Blanc sell out within days and weeks of it being released. I’ve made my way through two bottles of this and have laid out all you need to know before buying a bottle below. Let’s get to it!

The Giesen Zero Rose scores 8/10 as it provides a fresh and bright profile defined by strawberries, apple & peach. It provides a clean and crisp body with a hint of sweetness that carries red fruits and berries well through each mouthful before transitioning the classic ‘Giesen’ finish that is both tart and cheek quenching.

Key Takeaways

Alcohol By Volume

< 0.5%


Wine: Rose

Calories per 125ml serve

16 calories

Main Notes

Red Berries & Strawberries.


$19 – $21 / bottle.


8 / 10

Drink Again?


Where to Buy



What Does the Giesen Zero Rose Taste Like

The Giesen Zero Rose is characteristicaly ‘Giesen’ and brings a profile that is refined, light and quenchingly fresh, it even borrows a little from the Giesen Sauv Blanc. If you’re looking for an alcohol-free rose that is fruity yet drier than most you’ll want to read on and find out exactly what’s in store for your glass.

The Giesen Zero Rose is going to bring a mostly dry profile to each and every glass you pour which will be made up of:

  • Great levels of strawberry sweetness to begin, set the scene for your taste buds perfectly.
  • Clean and crisp notes of strawberry and raspberry that pull right the way through a mid-weighted and soft body.
  • A lightly tart and acidic finish that balances out the taste profile and leaves you with a lingering profile of fresh berries.

The carry of flavour through the body and lingering onto the finish is a real strength of the Giesen non-alcoholic rose as you are treated to a flowing flavour of crisp and clean fruit after each mouthful.

As you have likely gathered, the non-alcoholic rose is going to be one of the drier options on the market when compared to other alternatives which is brilliant news for those looking for a drier 0% rose!

With that in mind, this is one that I’ll be drinking alongside the De La Tautila and one that I highly recommend to anyone looking for a lighter fruity and semi-dry non-alc Rose.

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Giesen Zero Rose poured into a glass showing it with a pinkish hue

Giesen Zero Rose Stockists.

On the back of Giesen’s brilliant global distribution, the Giesen Zero non-alcoholic Rose (and growing range) is super easy to get your hands on. Whether you’re looking to pick it up in-store or online Giesen make it easy to enter the world of non-alcoholic wine!

If you’re interested in trying a bottle, grab a glass and let’s get some rose in your glass. I picked up my first bottle from the team over at Sip and Enjoy in Melbourne however if you’re looking to shop online dive into the retailers below for the latest prices.



Australia / New Zealand


Craft Zero (Rose Only)

Craft Zero (Giesen range bundle) Best for taste testing

Brunswick Aces

As always, if you’re located outside of Australia, I’ll keep hunting for stockists for you!

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What Other Options Can I Try?

If you’re wondering how will you know whether this non-alc rose is better than the others, or want to run your own taste test to find your go-to zero rose, I’ve got you covered.

Below is a list of non-alcoholic rose that is both still and sparkling that you should get your hands on and try. I’ve reviewed all (bar the Leitz Sparkling Rose) and linked to them below so should have a read about what each tastes like and how it suits your taste buds:

  • Lautus Non-Alcoholic Rose
  • Funky Monkey Zer Alcohol Rose
  • McGuigan Sparkling Rose
  • Leitz Sparkling Rose
  • De La Tautila Rose
  • Vinada Sparkling Rose
  • Leitz Rose

By the way, links to get your hands on each of the above options are in the reviews too!

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Giesen Zero Rose on shelf in retail store next to other non-alcoholic rose options

Who is the Giesen Zero Rose for?

I’ve been drinking my way through, sharing and talking about the Giesen Zero Rose for a little while now and the feedback I’ve been getting is that it will suit the traditional rose drinker given it is berry led profile that rolls right through the body.

Alternatively, if you’re a white wine drinker who prefers a soft and quenching wine this is going to be an option for you.

If you have tried any of the non-alcoholic rose options above, I would say the Giesen Zero carries a mineral led profile like the Leitz Rose while having less sweetness.

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Giesen Zero Rose Calories

The entire zero alcohol range from Giesen is renowned for being one of the healthier non-alcoholic wine alternatives with notoriously low sugar and calorie contents. When looking to their rose, this absolutely holds true

The Giesen Zero Rose contains 16 calories per 125ml serve which are made up of 2.5 grams of sugar and 3 grams of carbohydrate. Bringing this back to a standard of 100ml, it comes in at 13 calories, 2 grams of sugar and 2.5 grams of total carbohydrate.

The full breakdown is in the Giesen Zero Rose nutritional information table below.

Avg Quantity
Per Serving (125ml)

Avg Quantity
Per 100ml


68 kJ
16 Cal

56 kJ
13 Cal


0 g

0 g
Fat, total

0 g

0 g

— saturated

0 g

0 g


3.1` g

2.5 g

— sugars

2.5 g

2 g


0 mg

16 mg

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Giesen Zero Rose calories and nutritional information

Giesen Zero Rose Rating?

If you’re familiar with Tipple Zero you’ll know that the Giesen Zero range is a front running favourite non-alcoholic wine! The Rose is no different, it comes in at 8/10 and is extremely strong when looking at rankings across the board.

So far as non-alcoholic rose options go this is a great performer taste and body-wise, and ranking this becomes somewhat tedious as:

  1. A drinker who is looking for a bigger, rounder profile and depth will see this as a close to spot on rating; however
  2. If you’re looking for a lighter and fresher profile, you’re going to think I’ve underrated it!

No matter what your preferred profile is, we’ll all be able to agree this is a great alcohol-free rose and one that should definitely form part of anything from your Sunday afternoon cheese board to that midweek ‘have we made it through Wednesday yet’ level of unwinding!

You can find the full breakdown of ratings below. I’d be super interested to hear where this landed for you so head over to @tipplezerodrinks on Instagram and drop me a DM to let me know!

Flavour/Taste (40%)

Body (40%)

Nutrition (10%)

Drinkability (10%)

Total (100%)


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The Round-Up: Final Thoughts

The world is loving what non-alcoholic rose has to offer at the moment and given the taste and quality of the Giesen Zero option, you very quickly understand why.

Summery, bright and fresh, you’re going to love the way this brightens up any occasion and it is a wine that I’m sure will see the same mega sales response as the original Giesen Zero. Get your hands on some to make sure you land a bottle or two! (Links are down below)

Alternatively, if you’re looking at what else non-alcoholic rose has to cover, I’ve got you sorted. I recently wrote a full review on the non-alcoholic rose options to try, and you can find that full round-up here.



Australia / New Zealand


Craft Zero (Rose Only)

Craft Zero (Giesen range bundle) Best for taste testing

Brunswick Aces

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Giesen Zero Non Alcoholic Rose Bottle on bench showing label

by Jonathan Lambrianidis

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