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Banks Botanicals Review

Built on a bold foundation of Cassia bark and cinnamon flavours this Banks Botanicals Review brings you a spirit is inspired by Australia and a flavour profile that is truly made for the mix.

If you are looking for a non-alcoholic spirit that can hold its own in a glass against citrus, berries or classic tonic you’re in luck and this Banks Botanical spirit review is one for you.

Get your fix of Australiana in a glass below.

Key Takeaways

ABV: 0.0%
Style: Zero Alcohol Spirit
Calories: 0
Colour: Clear
Main Notes: Cinnamon, Lemon Mrytle and Lime.
Cocktail Options: ½ freshly squeezed (blood or tart) orange & tonic.

banks Botanicals in hand


With a rounded profile of bold botanicals, the Banks Botanicals Non-Alcoholic Spirit comes to life in Healsville. 

So what do you get when you build a spirit on mountain fresh Yarra Valley water?.

More on that in the Banks Botanicals Review down below.

1. Alcohol by Volume.

Lining up at 0.0%. The Banks slots into the non-alcoholic spirits space like the majority of products out there. 

2. Presentation.

One of the great things about the quality of non-alcoholic spirits is that they now present in exactly the same way as their traditional, alcoholic counterparts. 

The detail that has gone into the Banks Botanicals offering comes through when you take a closer look and find:

  • a textured finish on the label that to incorporates the spirit’s ingredients as the centrepiece of the label; and
  • The spirit inside the bottle is clear, crisp and haze-free!

Banks Botanicals Bottle with cheese board and fruit laid on picnic rung

3. Aroma.

Pouring this into a glass, I was treated to:

  • deliciously warm yet sweet round cinnamon notes that come with Cassia Bark; and
  • subtle citrus that both the inclusion of Lime and Lemon Mrytle offer. 

If you, much like me are a cinnamon loving human, the rest of this non-alcoholic spirit review is likely to be a straight-up delight. 

4. Flavour profile and finish: Banks Botanicals Review.

To sum up the flavour profile, Frank De Palma from Banks says “The taste is bold and flavour forward while at the same time embracing natural botanical ingredients…” pretty neat right? 

Frank goes on to touch on the quality of the product and its purpose by saying “…we want everybody to be part of the mix enabling them to feel good about the choices they make and the drinks they buy, never compromising on quality or taste.”  

banks Botanicals Front of bottle close up

With Franks words in mind, what are you likely to find when you pour yourself a drink of the premium non-alcoholic spirit by the team at Banks? In each glass, you’ll find a flavour profile driven by:

  • bold yet sweet and round cinnamon notes from the cassia bark to start; into
  • fresh citrus and light florals from the lemon myrtle and limes; finishing off with
  • delicious lingering spiciness from pepper berries.

The finish is driven by a delicate yet lingering spiciness and is really unique and distinct from other botanicals that provide spice. 

non-alcoholic spirit held by lady walking

5. Who is the Banks Botanicals Spirit for?

Are you someone who enjoys a good dose of cinnamon? Maybe you’re someone who enjoys peppery or blackberry notes in a glass of wine? 

Well, if either of those sounds like you then this is a spirit you will want to try! 

On the flip side, due to its complexity and depth of spirit, the Banks is ‘made for the mix’. This means, if you’re looking for a product that will stack up and hold its own against other flavour profiles in a cocktail, this is also one to get your hands on.

non-alcoholic gin bottle in sleeve and box

Where Can I Buy a bottle?

Wrapping up the Banks Botanicals Review, let’s look at where you can pick up a bottle, dive in and try your hand at a few cocktails!

The availability of the Banks is continuing to grow and you can find it both online and in major retailers. On a side note, if you’re a fan of fancy packaging and shippers you should order direct and get the full Banks experience! 

You know the drill, I’ve done the hard work for you and listed the places to buy below.

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