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Vinada Sparkling Rose Review 

The Vinada Sparkling Rose review comes not long after Vinada sparkling Chardonnay review that has launched to much acclaim in Australia through 2021. 

It brings a perfect afternoon aperitif to your glass that will be sure to make any afternoon that bit more enjoyable!

Key Takeaways

ABV: <0.5%.
Grape: Tempranillo
Region: La Mancha, Spain
Calories:  22 cal/100ml
Colour: Salmon hue
Main Notes: Fruity + berries.


Landing in Australia the Vinada Sparkling Rose is picking up exactly where the dry and crisp chardonnay left off. That is selling very, very quickly!

If you’re looking for a bottle, the crew at Brunswick Aces are an easy choice! Aces along with VinZero (the AU Vinada distributor) hooked me up with a couple of bottles to try.

So what are you going to find when you pull this brilliant looking bottle out of the fridge?

Vinada Sparkling Rose Bottle Close up

What does it taste like?

Kicking the Vinada Sparkling Rose review off with the big-ticket item you want to know. What does it taste like?

If you’ve had the Vinada Crispy Chardonnay the Sparkling Rose, which is crafted from Tempranillo grapes, is sweeter in its nature.

In your glass you’ll find a basket of flavours that are made up of:

  • ripe strawberry sweetness;
  • cherries
  • bright acidity and tartness; and
  • hints of yeasty undertones (this is a good thing!).

While this is slightly sweeter than the Crispy Chardonnay, it is still a great option for those lazy afternoons or that drink with a box of Brunetti desserts.

Where to Buy Vinada.

Vinada is distributed by VinZero in Australia and they’re currently stocked in a few of the usual suspects. Check out where to find yourself a bottle below.

Front of the Vinada Sparkling Rose Bottle on a bench

What does it look like?

The best part of writing this Vinada Sparkling Rose review was getting to drink the whole bottle on my own!

With each glass the non-alcoholic sparkling rose will fill your glass with:

  • a soft salmon hue; and
  • lots and lots of bouncy active bubbles.

The bottle is just as artistic as the chardonnay based non-alcoholic sparkling and the label and accents all take on a rosy hue and the whole package comes together well.

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What does it smell like?

Piecing together the Vinada Sparkling Rose Review, I was most surprised at the smell of this in my glass.

The smells and aromas you get are bright, sweet and scream summertime. I picked up:

  • a lead of strawberry and sweetness;
  • a mix of fruity notes; and
  • a slight warm woody undertone!

The Vinada Sparkling Rose leads with berry notes and sweetness that give way to bubbles – lots. of. bubbles. – and help bring through some dryness in every sip. While the dryness balances the drop well, it is (based on the Tempranillo base) on the sweeter side when compared to the Crispy Chardonnay. 

Vinada non alcoholic rose wine front of bottle in hand

Who is the Vinada Sparkling Rose for?

If you have followed any of my sparkling reviews I borrow my COVID bubble buddy – my Twin sister. But for this one she was notably absent, so you’re stuck with my less bubbly refined pallet.

Given the slightly sweeter base of the Vinada Sparkling Rose this one is perfect for:

  • anyone who enjoys that blend between sweet and dry in a glass of bubbles; and
  • that afternoon aperitif or the after-dinner wind down with dessert.

Would I buy it? Yeah, I would! After working my way through a bottle of the Vinada Sparkling Rose, I really feel like this covers off the aperitif or dessert option really really well. I can see it working amazingly well in a park picnic anywhere between brunch – all the way through to a late lunch.

Vinada Sparkling Rose Bottle front of label close up