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Built with Cascade, Mosaic and Citra hops and perched on a sweet malty base you’re in for a beer that carries more bitterness than traditional IPAs.


Vandestreek Playground IPA Review

This Non Alcoholic IPA needs no introduction, the Vandestreek Playground IPA is the first and most popular non-alcoholic beer by the Netherlands based brother duo of Ronald and Sander Van de Streek.

The Vandestreek Playground IPA initially started its life as part of their experimental ‘Playground’ series where the brothers would, amongst other things, try their hand at new and innovative brewing methods and styles of beer.

LISTEN NOW: Listen to my chat with Ronald Van de Streek on all things Van de Streek bier!

Little did they know the non-alcoholic Playground IPA would make up more than 50% of what is brewed in their brewery. Find out more about this globally loved zero alcohol beer below.

Key Takeaways

ABV: 0.4%
Style:  IPA
Calories: 97 cals / can
Colour: Dark Black
Main Notes: Candied orange, powerful pine & citrus hops.
Food Pairing: Perfect companion for sunday roast or those BBQ steaks.

Non alcoholic IPA in hand


With reviews that have a common theme of ‘this is the best non alcoholic beer I’ve had’ and ‘the Vandestreek puts regular alcoholic IPAs to shame’ it is no wonder the Playground IPA is always in high demand.

So what’s behind one of my favourite zero alcohol beer labels and why is it regularly pinned as the gold standard of non-alcoholic beer?

Find out more down below. But before you do, go and read a little about who Vandestreek are and how they got started here!

1. Alcohol by Volume.

No fudging the numbers here, the non alcoholic IPA b by the Van de Streek brothers lands squarely at 0.4%.

But as I’m you’ll find out below, you’d be hard-pressed to pick it!

2. Presentation. 

If it was possible to replicate what marmalade would look like in beer form, this would be it.

In the glass, you will find:

  • a medium level of foam that lasts well and dissipates as you drink;
  • well balanced carbonation
  • dark orange hazy coloured beer!

This label is a cracker, the quirk reminds me of Japanese art and tells a story of its own.

Going forward you’ll find the Vandestreek Playground IPA in fully printed cans for extra funk!

3. Aroma Profile.

No Vandestreek Playground IPA Review would be complete without diving into what you’re going to smell and taste.

When in your glass you’re going to be treated to:

  • sweet biscuity malts – imagine caramelised sugar;
  • fresh and crisp pine; and
  • dried orange / orange peel.

If that hasn’t sold you, wait till you read about how it tastes!

Vandestreek Playground IPA Non Alcoholic closeup

4. Flavour Profile and Finish.

The second vital step in any Vandestreek Playground IPA review is the flavour profile and mouthfeel finish.

When tasting this Netherlands brewed non alcoholic IPA you’re going to find notes of:

  • sweet malts in the form of candied oranges;
  • the refreshing crispness of pine;
  • citrus-based fruits; and
  • strong bitterness to finish.

As you might have gathered this zero alcohol IPA has a sweet malty backbone that is well and truly balanced by impressively powerful hoppy bitterness.

If you’re unsure of the level of sweetness – don’t be. In talking with Ronald recently he mentioned they have managed to build bitterness to levels more than what they have in some traditional beers and that it truly offsets the sweet malty backbone of the beer.

Front of vandestreek playground IPA non alcoholic label

5. Who Would Enjoy the Vandestreek Playground IPA?

If you’re a fan of IPA, you’re going to be a fan of this beer. Regularly used in blind Vandestreek tastings the Playground IPA regularly comes in at between 5% to 6%.

The sweet malt base is well and truly offset by the beautiful bitterness driven by the Mosaic, Citra and Cascade hops. This makes the beer perfect for your Sunday roast or those BBQ steaks you’ve been looking for a reason to grill!

Find out where to buy some below!

Back of vandestreek playground non alcoholic IPA can label

6. Where to Vandestreek Playground IPA?

As the word gets out the Vandestreek Playground IPA is now available in all the usual suspects which makes picking it up easy as can be!

The links below will point you in the right direction