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What is Sports Beer?

Sport? Good! – Beer? Well, clearly – Good! – Australian Sports Brewing Company? GREAT!

On that note, let us introduce the crew at Australian Sports Brewing Company. If you’re an athlete (yes, weekend warriors we’re talking to you) who enjoys a brew after a bout of exercise this is the zero alcohol beer / 0.5% ABV beer you never knew you needed.

Australian Sports Brewing Co Zero+ Sports Beer Front of Can Close up

Seriously…we are here to tell you that thanks to ASB Co.- there is no longer the need to fool yourself that wine is basically just grape juice and that ‘just one more beer is fine because it is pretty much just water anyway’.

The team have developed Zero+ a non-alcoholic beer that is enhanced with:

  • Magnesium;
  • Potassium;
  • Calcium; and
  • Sodium

all for faster muscle recovery and whole body hydration. Zero+ Sports beer also contains Polyphenols which can help to reduce inflammation so you can get stuck into that next hard workout sooner.

With that, we never thought we’d say it but the team behind Zero + non alcoholic beer have looked to have developed a sports beer that revels in its health supporting, beer tasting, rehydrating and recovery supporting glory.

Australian Sports Brewing Co Zero+ Sports Beer Front of Can

Where is Australian Sports Brewing Co located?

Your trusty sports beer sets up stumps at the Holgate Brewhouse Woodend. At Holgate founders Chris, Diarmuid and Barry spent more than two years developing a beer that would meld to their vision of creating a beer that could keep pace with a healthy active lifestyle, while building on and contributing to the great tradition of sharing a beer with friends over, after and during sport.

We are confident in saying there is no other beer that you ‘should’ reach for in celebration after that long run, action packed footy (oval or round ball!) game or epic ride.

What Else Should I drink?

If you enjoy the lager style from ASB Co. we’ll point you in the direction of Greater Norther Brewing, UpFlow Brewing Ultra Pale Lager, NORT, Heineken or Kolsch

Australian Sports Brewing Co Beer Near Me?

If a beer that puts a refreshing, health focused, new aged tint on drinking even non alcoholic beer, we have listed a few of the retailers that hold stock for you to get your hands on: