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How did UpFlow Brewing Start?

Since brewing to life in Melbourne, Australia in 2018, UpFlow Brewing has been driven by a passion of being at 100% for 100% of the time (the grown up version of having your cake and eating it too).

Is UpFlow Brewing Beer Good?

Beginning as a Melbourne based non alcoholic beer brand, it has gone from strength-to-strength since it hit the scene (except for alcohol content of course!). The non alcoholic range has outgrown its home in Australia, travelling abroad to get to work in the UK zero-alcohol beer market.

UpFlow Brewing Craft Zero Collaboration Fruit Pavlova Ale

Both locales boast a suite of brilliant brews that cover every drinking mood and scenario. The current range includes:

  • Hypotonic Classic Pale Ale;
  • New World IPA (if we were forced to pick one to drink for a week straight, this would be it! Get around it.);
  • Hypotonic Ultra Pale Lager; and
  • UpFlow Brewing Stout.

The current range of non-alcoholic beer is crafted by a collective of beer lovers (Helen, Julian and Alan) who, each day, set out:

  • on the quest to brew the best tasting non-alcoholic beer in the world;
  • to empower mental presence and to maximise quality of life by having fun and improving health and productivity; and
  • to provide people with the ability to better come together and connect as humans, no matter their culture or their location.

UpFlow Ultra Pale Lager Non Alcoholic Beer

What Else Should I Drink?

If you are fan of the range, you should also try and pick get your hands on the Zero + Sports Beer for your alternative lager,  Big Drop Galactic Stout or NORT Refreshing Ale to compliment the IPA

UpFlow Beer Near Me

If you like the range we have mentioned above, you might want to look at tracking down some for yourself. There are some retailers below for you to browse through: