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Big Drop Brewing, the first exclusively non alcoholic brewery brings an absolutely delicious range of Melbourne brewed beer to Australia.


Big Drop Brewing

How Did Big Drop Brewing Start?

Big Drop Brewing was founded through a desire to drink less alcohol, the welcoming of tiny humans and a frustratingly unfruitful search for a good non-alcoholic beer alternative. CEO and Founder Rob Fink along with co-founder and friend James Kindred set out on a voyage in October 2016 to create create a high quality 0.5% ABV (non-alcoholic) beer.

Big Drop Brewing Co. brings it and brings it in a big way. What is ‘it’ – good question! For Big Drop, ‘it’ is a suite of non-alcoholic beers that are, from the barley up:

  • critically acclaimed (seriously, take a look at Paradiso Citra IPA and Pine Trail Pale Ale to name just two);
  • versatile;
  • Tastebud tingling, flavour packing; and
  • expertly crafted

Zero Alcohol Beer Can on bench lying down

How good are Big Drop Beers?

Since 2016 the brewery continues to morph into a true globally recognised brewery, receiving over 20 international awards that include:

  1. refreshingly punchy Pine Trail Pale Ale; and
  2. tantalisingly bright and bitter Paradiso Citra IPA.

The Paradiso was thrown in the mix with alcoholic beers at recent beer awards where it scored a Bronze at the 2019 World Beer Awards for UK full-strength Session IPA and took the #1 spot in 2020 in the Specialty IPA category).

Big Drop Pine Trail Pale Ale Non Alcoholic Beer Can on bench

What Beer Does Big Drop Make?

Big Drop brings a suite of non-alcoholic beer that is also low calorie, low sugar and low carb to Australian beer drinkers. Currently, the Big Drop core range is available for sale in Australia and include the range below:

Each of the above links through to the suite of reviews ready for you to read through. If you have 5 minutes pick two and land yourself a new favourite beer!

Galactic Milk Stout Review Big Drop Can in front of books

Big Drop Brewing Near Me?

We have reviewed the new range of beer and will have our thoughts on each of these truly amazing 0.5% ABV non-alcoholic beers up for you shortly. In the meantime pick up some of your own at the retailers below: