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Rich, complex and perfect your your big night in. Grab a book or flick on Netflix and pour yourself a glass of the Galactic Milk Stout


Big Drop Galactic Milk Stout Review

If you’re a fan of stouts or looking for a roasty full-bodied beer, this Galactic Milk Stout Review is one you need to get through.

Don’t just listen to me, this beer has won more awards than you can poke a stick at, including the ‘Worlds Best: Flavoured Low Alcohol” beer at the 2020 World Beer Awards.

Key Takeaways

ABV: <0.5%
Style:  Milk Stout
Calories: 91 cals / can
Colour: Dark Black
Main Notes: Chocolate, Roast Espresso, balanced malty sweetness.
Food Pairing: Rich Homemade Steak & Vegetable Pie

Galactic Milk Stout Review in a glass with can next to it


With at least 10 awards under its belt and 5-star reviews coming out of its ears, your curiosity about this beer should rightfully be peaked.

After all, that many people can’t be wrong can they?  Let’s find out.

You can learn more about Big Drop Brewing in the brand profile here or read on for the full Galactic Milk Stout Review below!

Galactic Milk Stout Review Big Drop Can in front of books

1. Alcohol by Volume.

Locked and loaded here, sitting firmly at no more than 0.5% ABV this non alcoholic stout is truly alcohol free.

2. What does it look like? 

Looking at the Galactic poured in your glass, you will be presented with a beautifully rich and dark stout.

In the glass, the Galactic Milks Stout presents itself as a beer that is:

  • deep;
  • rich; and
  • well-weighted.

Pulling this off visually is no easy feat and something that many beers (including traditional alcoholic ones) struggle to achieve. 

On a vanity metrics note, did I mention I absolutely love the bold choice of purple that the Big Drop team have gone with for the can. I found this in itself served as a worthy conversation starter.

3. What does it smell like?

The Big Drop Galactic Milk Stout graces your senses with a beer that is built on:

  • roasted malts;
  • the sweetness that I could pin to the rounded notes you get from honey;
  • dark chocolate sharpness; and
  • roasty espresso.

If you let your glass sit for a while after drinking, the aroma you’ll come back to is roasted notes of rich dark chocolate and coffee with hints of honeycomb sweetness.

Impressive, right!

Galactic Milk Stout Review

4. What does it taste like?

If you’re familiar with stouts, you’ll be across the fact they – more often than not – tend to taste so closely to how they smell.

This is due to the rich and deep notes being quite powerful and bold in how they present.

As you are learning from this Galactic Milk Stout Review, this brew is no different. When working your way through a can of the Big Drop Stout it is helpful to know it was crafted with barley; oats; rye; milk; and cacao nibs as you’ll find:

  • sweetness from malt;
  • honey notes;
  • dark chocolate sharpness;
  • really well placed and long-lasting lingering bitterness that comes with hints of roasted espresso.

Before wrapping up on the review, the mouthfeel is an important one to finish with.

Thankfully this alcohol free Stout does a great job on the mouthfeel and weight front. Taking a sip, you’re going to be treated to a:

  • full-bodied;
  • bold; and
  • dry and lingering bitter finish.

Galactic Milk Stout Review

5. Who is the Galactic Milk Stout for?

If you are a fan of stouts generally, or if you are looking for a richly decadent and weighted beer.

Then this well-balanced brew that pieces together chocolate, coffee and malty sweetness is one you should try. This is especially true if you’re going for a rich wintery meal like a homemade steak and vegetable pie!

Find out where to buy some below!

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Where to buy some!

As Big Drop is one of the biggest NA breweries in the world, they have a range that is super easy to find both in-store and online. So no matter your situation, you’ll be able to get your tastebuds on a sixpack or two!  Links to help you indulge in a few drinks are below.