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Big Drop Brewing Pitch this at more Street Party than Dinner Party, this matly and easy-drinking low IBU lager lands at 39 calories per can and should definitely be on your radar!


Big Drop Uptown Craft Lager Review

Big Drop Uptown Craft Lager, brings a smooth malty lager to the non-alcoholic beer space courtesy of the World’s first dedicated non-alcoholic brewery, Big Drop Brewing Co.

If you are looking for a well-balanced, lightly floral, and low bitterness lager, then this non-alcoholic big drop brewing lager is a beer you should take a serious look at.

Key Takeaways

ABV: <0.5%
Style:  lager
Calories: 39 cals / can
Colour: Medium Amber
Main Notes: Sweet Malty + Floral Notes.
Food Pairing: Light oil base marinara 

Non-alcoholic Lager and Glass


Founded in the UK, Big Drop brew in local hubs throughout the world to reduce its carbon impact. Thankfully for those of us who live in Australia – their range of beer is brewed Downunder.

The story behind the Big Drop Brewing Co.’s approach to global brewing is something I talk about in their brand write-up. You can check that one out right over here.

Big Drop Brewing Uptown Craft Lager and Glass

1. Alcohol by Volume.

Not much to report in terms of alcohol here, you can expect to find less than 0.5% ABV. 

2. Presentation. 

Pouring the Big Drop Uptown Craft Lager reminded me of a big deliciously rich medium amber ale due to its colour and depth.

While appearing deep and rich in alcohol this crisp and clean non-alcoholic lager:

  • loose light foam head that dissipates relatively quickly after you get stuck into the glass; 
  • presents with a rich amber colour that is perfectly clean, clear and crisp.

3. Aroma Profile.

The Big Drop Uptown Craft Lager brings you a beer that when put to your nose is, full of:

  • rounded malt notes; coupled with
  • light floral hops and caramel hints.

Coming back to the glass after a little while, as the beer warms slightly you will be treated to biscuit’y notes and sweet caramels – absolutely delicious!!

Big Drop Uptown Craft Lager can image

4. Flavour Profile and Finish: Big Drop Uptown Craft Lager.

Now that you have poured yourself a glass, got through the excitement of getting taking it all in and now it’s time for a sip.

When drinking the Big Drop Uptown Craft Lager you are presented with:

  • a moderate level of slow carbonation that suits taking your time and enjoying this beer slowly;
  • strong malty sweetness;
  • light florals with hints of orange citrus. 

Rounding out with mouthfeel, lager, as a style, is a lighter brew. This beer follows suit and you will find it is lighter than others. 

Don’t take that as a drawback as the flavour profile and body that is there makes this an enjoyable brew.

zero alcohol lager can close up

5. Would You Drink it Again?

Y-E-S. The alcohol-free lager from the big drop crew lives squarely in my weekly rotation.

You can add this to any mid weeknight, or as a way to round out your workday and still be crisp, clear and sharp afterwards. 

This Big Drop Brewing Co beer, while enjoyable and easy to drink, is a great option for:

  • light summer dinners;
  • fresh bright desserts; and
  • drinking all 4 while watching Essendon lose from 5.5 goals up (can confirm this is personally tested)!

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Want a full list of Big Drop beers to drink? Take a listen to the Non-Alcoholic Drinks Podcast Episode I did with Rob Fink, Founder and CEO of Big Drop Brewing!

Big Drop Brewing Uptown Craft Lager Can

6. Where to Buy Big Drop Uptown Craft Lager?

Thankfully Big Drop currently have some brilliant distribution which was a result of being one of the first movers in the market.

Finally, you should go ahead and pick yourself up a 4 pack of this weekly staple. I’ve done the thinking for your and dropped the links to where you can find it below.