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Athletic Brewing Co Review

Upside Dawn Golden Ale Review

The Upside Dawn Golden Ale Review comes after I have had a chance to get my hands on and drink my way through a delightful 6 pack of this non-alcoholic beer and put all my thoughts to paper!

The Upside Dawn Golden Ale by Athletic Brewing Co brings bright notes of tropical and fruity hops with every sip and a classic caramel malt base built on Vienna malts. In the glass, it leaves you with a classic unfiltered haze and a nice bitterness to round out each sip. This non-alcoholic beer is flavourful and one you’ll want to keep reading about!

Key Takeaways

ABV: <0.5%
Style: Golden Ale
Colour: Classic golden
Carbonation: Medium
Main Flavours: Hoppy and Fruity
Malt: Vienna Malt
Food Pairings: Spicy foods, Roasts, Fish
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Upside Dawn Golden Ale - Athletic Brewing Co poured in Glass

Upside Dawn Golden Ale: The Review.

This zero alcohol Golden Ale is crafted and brewed by the Athletic Brewing team in Stratford, Connecticut.

It picks up on the strong craft scene through the United States and is one of the pioneers in the wide movement to non-alcoholic drinks. 

That first beer from a new brewery is always an exciting experience and Athletic Brewing Co did not disappoint.  

As always the review will focus on key items of ABV,  Presentation, Aroma and Flavour and Finish. It will then round out with who the beer is best suited to and what to pair it with.

Let’s get going.

Close up pack shot

What does Athletic Brew Co Taste Like?

The Athletic Brew Company’s Upside Dawn Golden Ale is a bright, fruity and hoppy Golden Ale.

It brings some really interesting caramel notes that come Athletic’s use of Vienna malt and it helps balance the flavour of the Athletic Golden Ale.

In terms of flavours you’re going to find in your glass, the profile of the Upside Dawn Golden Ale include:

  • well placed tropical and fruity notes (peach and mango);
  • very subtle sweetness presenting as honey; 
  • toasty and caramel malt; finishing with
  • mild hoppy bitterness on the back of your palette.

The Vienna malt in this Golden Ale is the star of the show, providing the malt flavoured base, and when paired with the mild carbonation, that allows the hops to come through in a bright and balanced way. 

Upside Dawn Golden Ale - Athletic Brewing Co Can horizontal

How much alcohol is in Upside Dawn?

Coming in at less than 0.5% ABV, puts the Upside Dawn Golden Ale in the same category as fresh orange juice, kombucha and some loaves of bread!, delightful!

What colour is the Upside Dawn?

Pouring this into a glass will see you presented with a good amount of foam that is roughly 3.5cm, loose yet fluffy and that naturally dissipates to a small ring as you get further into the drink.

Straight out of the can and into a glass, the Upside Dawn Golden Ale presents with small bubbles and a classic golden appearance that looks more golden and in line with an American Pale Ale.

What does Athletic Brew Co Smell Like?

The first time you smell this brew you will pick up :

  • Fruity and tropical hops with solid peach and mango notes; and
  • Sweet caramel malt notes.

Coming back to the glass fifteen to twenty minutes after finishing the beer will have you smelling most delectable caramel and brown sugar malt aromas that are the base of the drink. If you have the time, I would suggest taking the time to give it a go!

The aroma you come across when drinking the Athletic Brewing Co. Golden Ale, is one that balances caramel malts and crisp tropical hoppy notes. All set up well for the well-placed bitterness when you take your first sip.

Upside Dawn Golden Ale - Athletic Brewing Co Can face

Who the Upside Dawn beer for & what to drink it with.

Golden Ale is a beer known for its ‘easy to drink’ characteristics and well-rounded profile. This brew from Athletic Brewing Co. absolutely fits the brief and this is a beer that would be comfortable:

  • at a refined dinner with friends; or
  • around a summer bbq with friends (or any summer activity for that matter!).

The balanced notes and hoppy finishes give this beer the flexibility to ‘do it all’ and provide an enjoyable experience at the same time.

If you’re thinking about pairing it with food, you’ll want this Athletic Brewing Co. Golden Ale to if you’re:

  1. getting into spicy wings or sausages;
  2. Lamb or beef roasts; and
  3. Fish,

The bitter finish cuts through the characteristics of these foods and leaves you with a balanced and well-rounded lunch or dinner experience!

Where to buy Athletic Brewing Co.

If you’re often stumped to find a six-pack of your own, you’re not alone. If you see this in stock and are looking to try it, make sure you pull the trigger as it can be a while between drinks if you miss out! There are some locations included below to help you track down this somewhat elusive brew!

Alternatively, if you cant track this down a good option to reach for would be the Bridge Road Brewers IPA or the Heaps Normal XPA!

…and like that we’re done, thanks for reading through the first Athletic Brewing Co. review of the Upside Dawn Golden Ale on Tipple Zero! 

Behind the Beer: Athletic Brewing Co.

Born from leaving alcohol-drenched nights and weekends behind. It is Athletic Brewing Co.’s sole focus to make a range of flavourful, craft non-alcoholic beers for today’s beer drinkers to enjoy with their friends and family. They use the highest quality, all-natural ingredients in crafting their brews and are on a mission to offer more varieties of zero alcoholic beer than has ever been seen.

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