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Review:  Sobah Finger Lime Cerveza

Standing out is not a problem for the Finger Lime Cerveza by non alcoholic beer company Sobah Beverages.  This beer blends the traditional Cerveza style brew with indigenous culture to create a tantalisingly fresh and bouncy brew. 

Key Takeaways

ABV 0.5%
Style: Cerveza
Colour: Deep Golden
Carbonation: Light
Main Flavours: Baked apple & Lime
Unique Ingredients: Finger Lime
Food Pairings: Spicy Tacos & Ramen

Behind the Beer: Sobah Non Alcoholic Beverages.

The very first Australian non-alcoholic beer brand Sobah Beverages are first movers, thought leaders and trailblazers with a twist. 

As part of the creation and brewing process for their zero alcohol range of beer, Sobah has included some truly iconic and delicious native Australian ingredients. Their approach to brewing the Cerveza in their zero alcohol beer range is no different. 

Sobah Finger Lime Cerveza Can Close Up

This non alcoholic Cerveza is crafted and brewed in sunny Queensland and we can say it is the only beer we have ever seen with Finger Lime in it.

This dedication to experimentation and seeking out native bush tucker ingredients leads them to create truly unique flavour profiles and drinking experiences.

The Review: Uniquely different.

Let’s get on with it, today we’re pouring and reviewing the Sobah non alcoholic Finger Lime Cerveza. Brewed from a traditional base of malt and barley is where it begins, however, that is where the brewing tradition ends and native Australian wild fruit, the Finger Lime makes its entrance. 

Historically used by the indigenous people as a medicinal aide to prevent illnesses and topically as an antiseptic, the Finger Lime brings this beer to life with both tangy and spritely flavours.

This unique take on the classic Cerveza is an experience for the senses the Tipple Zero take on this Sobah creation is below

Sobah Finger Lime Cerveza Can Close Up

1. Alcohol by Volume.

The Sobah Finger Lime Cerveza comes in at less than 0.5% ABV and for all intents and purposes is a zero alcohol beer. 

2. Presentation.

The two I had my hands on to review were part of the Craft Zero Beer Box and were packed in cans whose unique exterior was designed by Jason Passfield and Aboriginal-led design studio Relative Creative. 

The initial pour into a glass is wonderfully golden and presents with small bubbles and a deep gold colour that can be seen in some darker British Golden Ales. 

Once poured, the Cerveza settled in the glass with small loose and low profiled foam that dissipated quickly. 

3. Aroma.

The initial sensations that you’ll be presented with when first raising your glass will be:

  • punchy tang; and
  • citrus and fruit-based aroma profiles.

This Cerveza’s profile is presented through a strong lime and baked apple aroma.

4. Flavour profile and finish.

The flavour profile of this beer is truly unique and due to the fruity flavours can be loosely profiled against kombucha. The small and light carbonation with a light malt profile provides the base that underpins flavours of: 

  • slightly sweet baked apple;
  • lime tang.

Given we’re talking about a non alcoholic Cerveza, it was pleasing to see there was no bitterness taking over and it was easy to note the sweeter and softer side of the brew as a result. 

While the style doesn’t bring much by way of bitterness and IBU’s this Sobah brew brings with it a rounder and heavier mouthfeel. While Cerveza, let alone non alcoholic Cerveza, is not known for its viscosity it was a welcomed surprise to have some weight behind the beer!

Sobah Finger Lime Cerveza Can Close Up non alcoholic beer

5. Who is this beer for & what to drink it with.

Cerveza, what more do we need to say. This beer is for anyone who is looking for a great day on the beach beer, or a real thirst quencher that will leave them satisfied and content after a hard day in the sun. 

If you’re thinking about pairing it with food, you’ll want this Sobah Finger Lime Cerveza if you’re:

  1. Eating anything spicy and chilli based (did someone say tacos?); or 
  2. Hitting up your favourite Ramen spot, the sweetness and tang will cut through and compliment the umami and salty goodness of the ramen perfectly. 

Native Australian ingredients that bring unique flavours and a different take on classic Mexican style. While if you’re keen on big hoppy IPAs and more traditional lagers – this beer likely not be for you. But if you’re keen on trying something new and seeing what native ingredients can bring to a beer you’ll want to give this one a go.

It will make its way into my summer fish and chips on the beach rotation.

6. Where can I find some?

Keen to pick up your pack? or interested in getting some to share? Whatever your motivation, we’ve included some links below where you can find your next drink.

There we have it, the first review on Tipple Zero and you couldn’t have got a more difficult beer to review! 

Until next time,