Sobah Beverages Non Alcoholic Beer

An Aboriginal owned, led, crafted and brewed zero alcohol craft beer, Sobah non-alcoholic beer incorporates quality, as the team so perfectly put it, “Australian bush tucker”.

Sobah Beverages was driven by lifestyle changes, leaving alcohol behind and “limited options for adult tasting non-alcoholic drinks in bars, cafes and restaurants“. The company was launched in 2017 and is Australia’s first non-alcoholic craft beer company.

Run by Clinton and Lozen Schultz, a husband and wife duo based on the Gold Coast in Queensland (known as Yugambeh country).

Sobah Brewing Co Non Alcoholic Pepperberry IPA Can Closeup

What is Sobah Beer?

This range of non alcoholic beers brings with a truly unique approach to using Australian ingredients in the brewing process. To develop iconic and unique flavours the team are brewing flavour packed and truly Australian low alcohol craft beers that are naturally brewed with zero alcohol and both preservative and chemical free.

With brews that include some of the most unique and distinctly flavourful ingredients Sobah have developed some truly unique low alcohol beer:

  • Lemon Aspen Pilsner.
  • Finger Lime Cerveza (TippleNote: you definitely need to try this).
  • Pepperbery IPA.
  • Aniseed Mytrle Stout (Special Release).
  • Davidson Plum Gluten Free Ale (Special Release).
  • Wattleseed Gold (Special Release).
  • Boab + Wild Ginger Lager (Special Release).

Sobah Brewing Co Non Alcoholic Pepperberry IPA Can

Built upon a wide range of lessons from Aboriginal Elders the brand is guided by principles that keep it true to its cause. These include, respecting:

  • people;
  • place and the environment;
  • understanding and working towards fulfilling responsibilities to that we are connected to; and
  • engaging in positive reciprocity.

Non Alcoholic Beer with a Purpose

Passionate about wellbeing and creating further spaces for traditional, spiritual and culturally influenced choices and healing opportunities, Clinton and Lozen are taking the lead on societal issues such as:

  • mindful drinking and alcohol consumption
  • healthy lifestyle choices;
  • raising positive awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture;
  • breaking down the stigma of socialising without alcohol; and among other things
  • social equity and sustainability.

You can learn more about Sobah and the Sobah Initiative here

What Else Should I Drink?

If you enjoy the bounce and unique flavours that are present in this uniquely Australian range of non alcoholic beer you will enjoy the Vandestreek Playground non alcoholic IPA and the Athletic Brewing Co Upside Dawn Ale.

Sobah Beer Near Me

Looking to get your hands on a few of the range to try for yourself? We have listed some of the retailers below for you to take a browse through.