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An all time favourite, Vandestreek Bier had us hooked from the first pour.. Read on to find out about the story behind the brew.


Vandestreek Bier

So, who are Vandestreek Bier? They’re a brother founded brewing company behind the Vandestreek Playground non alcoholic IPA. You are going to want to read on and get the low down of the story behind the success this true gem from The Netherlands.

Vandestreek Bier (FYI Van de Streek is Dutch for ‘from the area, local’) comes to the world direct from The Netherlands and it is all about “creating taste without making concessions”. The founders, and brothers, Sander and Ronald make no secret that their hand crafted range of alcoholic and non alcoholic beer focus on:

  • superfresh IPAs (you need to try the Vandestreek Playground Non Alcoholic IPA);
  • popping stouts; and
  • creamy tripels.

How did Vandestreek Brewing get started?

Early Days: From unexpected beginnings.

The journey of this now globally exported craft beer is one which starts with older brother Sander Van de Streek, a home brew, brew pack and a 16th birthday.  Fun fact, it was legal to drink at 16 in Holland at the time!

The brothers begun brewing their first batches in Sander’s apartment. Little did they know at the time that their painstaking 20 litre brewing creations would grow and scale to what is now Vandestreek Bier. From such humble beginnings, and a few crowd funded brews along the way, it would not have been in their teenage minds that the Van De Streek brothers would, so swiftly, morph into a global operation complete with its own commercial brewery.

Growth and Scaling:

What begun as a passion project, unexpectedly graduated to brothers:

  • building and operating their own brewery;
  • brewing commercial quantities that, despite their best efforts, could not keep up with demand;
  • a globally distributed core range of over 7 beers; and
  • a ‘Playground’ series that includes the Vandestreek Playground non-alcoholic IPA.

What are Vandestreek all about?

We love the motto of the boys at Vandestreek. With their eyes set on making beer that is brewed for drinking, full of flavour, challenging and of highest quality. Younger brother Ronald says, Vandestreek bier is crafted and brewed with a focus on drinkability, taste and flavour and not strictly alcohol.

Vandestreek have developed a ‘Playground series’ that is built around taking risks, thinking outside the box and experimentation. The Vandestreek Playground series sits outside the core range and allows the brothers to experiment and trial new ingredients, methods and brew on the edge of innovation.

What is the Vandestreek Playground Non Alcoholic IPA?

We absolutely love this beer and we don’t throw that around lightly. With its incredible pine aroma (coming from the mosaic hops) and flavourful notes. This tantalising collaboration of grapefruit, tangerine and marmalade flavours has a full mouthfeel and is a top 4 beer of all time contender. Our review of the Vandestreek Playground Non Alcoholic IPA will be with you soon!

Front of vandestreek playground non alcoholic IPA label

How did the Vandestreek Zero Alcohol IPA come about?

Born from innovation, passion and dedication, the Vandestreek Playground Non Alcoholic IPA was not easy to get off the ground. Ronald says, it was no easy task to get local retailers and wholesalers on board with the idea of a non alcoholic IPA. With eventual buy in a from local retailers confirmed, a 40 hectolitre brew of the 0% IPA was put into production. For those of you playing along at home, 40 hectolitres is equal to 4000 litres.

After some convincing, the Vandestreek Playground Non Alcoholic IPA was created, mastered and sent to stores. The demand, well, the demand sure speaks for itself. Ronald says the batches flew out the door with:

  1. Batch 1, a 40 hectolitre brew, selling out within 1 week;
  2. Batch 2, a 80 hectolitre brew, selling out within 1 day.

On the back of strong demand, the brothers tooled up their brewery to accommodate the demand. Since its first release Vandestreek Non Alcoholic IPA has been transformed into a beer that would jump into the Vandestreek core range and be transported the world over.

Get your own.

With that, it is time for you to get your own. We have listed the retailers where you can pick some up to try below: