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A new world, non alcoholic take on the all time classic cerveza. Corona Cero has made waves since it hit the shores (yes, many puns intended).


Corona: The Path to Cero 0.0%

When did Cero 0.0% Come Out?

Corona the international powerhouse enters the non-alcoholic market with their famed and long awaited Cero 0.0% non-alcoholic beer.

This classic Cerveza and summer days are made for each other, you know the deal:

  •  bright and sweet smelling summer days;
  • the warm and dry sand between your toes;
  • the bright and balmy midday sun beaming down on you between dips in the cool; and
  • crisp ocean water and the traditional Corona with lime.

Born in Mexico in 1925 with its golden colour, light refreshing flavour and iconic hand painted bottle, this iconic beer has been encouraging people to “enjoy the beach, the surf and sunsets” and taking a moment with friends to relax, unwind and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Since 1925 Corona has become the top selling beer from Mexico and is one of the top five selling beers worldwide. Now you can have all of this heritage and flavour, without the alcohol, through their newest innovation of Corona Cero.

Who Makes Non Alcoholic Cerveza Beer?

With the introduction of the Cero non-alcoholic 0.0% beer, Mexican brewing conglomerate Gupo Modelo have brought the first non-alcoholic corona offering to market.

The non-alcoholic version of the Mexican classic cerveza is brewed in brands heartland of Mexico and borrows the heritage colour, taste and feel of its alcoholic big brother – even if it comes almost exclusively in a can and at the cost of the hand painted bottle.

Is Non Alcoholic Corona Cero Good?

Cerveza style beers often come with light crisp and sharp notes that are often supplemented by citrus notes. Depending on your taste and your love for the original style, the non alcoholic version of this classic beer may not be for you. We’ will keep you posted on our thoughts and we will have our review with you shortly.

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