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“Possibly the best ultra low alcohol gose that you will have this year!” Said Nic after discovering he couldn’t find any others to compare it to.


Molly Rose Brewing: Zero Alcohol Reimagined

What if you Molly Rose Brewing down in Melbourne has created a non-alcoholic beer duo you never knew you needed? 

Seriously, Imagine this. You are running between your 17th zoom meeting for the day, you crack a non-alc beer and you’re instantly greeted with fruity, tropical and juicy notes, right there in your glass

What if I told you that you could do all of that without the downfalls of alcohol. 

GREAT NEWS, Molly Rose Brewing to the rescue.

Read more about this Collingwood based brewery and its venture into alcohol-free beer below.

Molly Rose Brewing Strawberry Sublime 6 pack

Non-Alcoholic Beer With a Fruity Twist? 

Welcome to the world of the Molly Rose Brewing Non-Alcoholic Citra and Strawberry Sublime.

My affinity with the brand goes back to the 2020 AFL Grand Final that was hosted in Brisbane and I (like all Victorians), sat with an aptly chosen beer at home on my couch in isolation. That beer was “When Life Gives you Lemons” by Molly Rose!

Since then they have crafted their own sub-niche within non-alcoholic space.

So, if you’re a bit of a trendsetter, a little bit of a go-getter, curious and not scared to intentionally colour outside the lines. Have the crew at Molly Rose Brewing created a duo of craft alcohol beers for you! 

The non-alcoholic range that has been brought to life bang in the wave of stardom that is Dry July 2021. 

The team have put together two legendary fruity brews:

Molly Rose Brewing Non-Alcoholic Beer

Strawberry Sublime – Gose – 0.5%

Described as “a cheeky little quencher” by the Molly Rose crew, the brew uses:

  • Darwin sourced limes, that come courtesy of Molly Rose founder Nic Sandery’s parent’s farm.
  • The punch and sharp lines of the limes are balanced out with beautifully round strawberry notes; and
  • sea-salt crispness to finish.

Molly Rose Brewing Strawberry Sublime

Packed with flavour and beautifully juicy notes you’re treated to an amazing balance of sweet vs sour vs salty worth of some classic 90’s movie meme action. This brew is a seriously bright delight for the senses.

Chris tucker ice cube Wow

Citra Citra – IPA – 0.5%

Molly Rose Non-Alcoholic Citra Citra

Hoppy hits, orangy twangs and sweetness to balance. This is the beer that leaves you dropping 14 Owen Wilson level “Wow”s in a row. 

Owen WIlson Wow Gif

This brew will absolutely take care of getting your senses tingling! What this brew lacks in alcohol, it brings in:

  • Oranges
  • Citra hoppy piney freshness; and
  • V-I-B-E-S.

The Citra is the plus one you love taking to any party. It can hold its own in a conversation with your conspiracy theory loving uncle or act as the perfect co-pilot when you’re single and looking to mingle ?. 

In all seriousness, if you’re excited about hoppy, bright and bouncy brews. It will be the way this one bounces off your tastebuds that gets you excited about life. 

Where to Buy Molly Citra Citra & Strawberry Sublime.

Both these two Collingwood brewed beauties are both worth gracing your glass with. If you were forcing me to choose one,  I’d probably squirm for 37 minutes and probably land on the Citra by the finest of margins. 

Citra Citra 6 pack

If you, on the other hand, are excited by fruity citrus-based and Citra hopped IPA’s or just love a good sour, you need to get pedalling and find these two brews. 

You’re going to need to be quick, these are really moving as their availability increases! Retailers stocking the product with links are below – GO GO GO:

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