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The second non-alcoholic beer from innovation powerhouse Vandestreek Bier had a hard act to follow on the back of their greatly successful Playground IPA. So how does the New England IPA stack up? 


Vandestreek Funhouse NEIPA Review

If you’ve had the Vandestreek Playground IPA (read the review here) you’ll likely have high hopes for the Vandestreek Funhouse NEIPA (for all those playing along at home, NEIPA = New England IPA).

So how does this hoppy, citrus and tropical noted brew stack up against the Playground IPA and is it one for you?

Dive into the review below or listen to the podcast where I talk all things NEIPA with Ronald Van de Streek to find out.

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Key Takeaways

ABV: <0.5%
Style:  New England IPA
Calories: 96 cals / can
Colour: Pale Gold
Main Notes: Tangerine and Marmalade.
Food Pairing: Spicy Mongolian Beef with coconut rice.


The Vandestreek Funhouse NEIPA is the end product of a partnership between the Vandestreek team and Hong Kong based brewery Gwei lo.

To find out more about this second beer in the Vandestreek non-alcoholic range – read on below!

Vandestreek Funhouse NEIPA can in hand

1. Alcohol by Volume.

The NEIPA lands at 0.5%, but as you’ll find out below – you’d never know it!

2. Presentation. 

The non-alcoholic New England IPA from Vandestreek presents well in your glass with:

  • a hazy pale gold colour;
  • dense and silky foam that lasts while drinking; and
  • slow moving fine bubbles.

The can picks up where the Playground IPA left off with its quirk and balance of 2D and 3D graphics that have their own narrative!

3. Aroma Profile.

The aroma profile of this Vandestreek Funhouse NEIPA is one which is bold, bright and brings a balance of malty sweetness and hoppy notes.

Once in your glass, the Funhouse NEIPA will treat you to:

  • sweet malty notes; that is balanced by
  • bright and bold citrus notes grounded in tropical, orange and fruity notes;

As the beer warms in your glass, you’ll find crisp and fresh pine notes fill your glass.

So how does it taste?

Vandestreek Funhouse NEIPA rear of can

4. Flavour Profile and Finish.

This non-alcoholic beer crafted by the Vandestreek and gwei lo teams brings you layered complexity and balances the sweet malty backbone with a really remarkable level of bitterness.

When tasting the Vandestreek Funhouse NEIPA you can expect to find:

  • a sweet malty backbone – based in citrus notes, think sweet orange;
  • bright and fresh tropical notes with leading notes of tangerine and grapefruit; and
  • a strong level of lingering bitterness made up of deep marmalade and grapefruit notes to finish.

Front of Vandestreek Funhouse NEIPA Can

5. Who is it for?

As you have probably gathered reading this Vandestreek Funhouse NEIPA review, the beer is for fans of hoppy IPAs.

Similar to the IPA in the range, the sweet malty backbone is entirely balanced by pointed hoppy bitterness.

This is a beer that is made to cut through fats and spicy meals, and will go brilliantly with the bright flavours of spicy Vietnamese or meals like a spicy Mongolian beef/chicken dish!

Find out where to buy some below!

Vandestreek NEIPA can and glass with beer poured in it

6. Where to Vandestreek Funhouse NEIPA?

With the general distribution of the Vandestreek range growing, picking this up is becoming easier and easier.

The links below will point you in the right direction

Vandestreek Funhouse NEIPA can closeup