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Clovendoe Distilling Co.

At home and perched on the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland Clovendoe Distilling Co. are the distillery responsible for the creation of a trio of expertly crafted non-alcoholic gins, each inspired by their distinct and culture-rich parts  of the world

Clovendeo Distilling Co non-alcoholic range

Who are Clovendoe Distilling Co.?

Heading up Clovendoe on the back of her time as co-founder of the coveted Rockhampton-based Saleyard Distillery is Catie Fry (below).

Catie and her Clovendoe team use over 20 unique botanicals in their trio of non-alcoholic spirits and place a heavy focus on using local Australian or ethically sourced ingredients. 

This dedication to sourcing and preparing ingredients sees each botanical prepared by hand and small-batch distilled in Clovendoe’s very own unique traditional copper pot still.

Wondering what a bespoke and hand-crafted trio of non-alcoholic spirits has to offer?

As always, read on!

Clovendeo Distilling Co Founder Catie Fry

What is in the Clovendeo non alcoholic range?

The zero-proof range produced by the Queensland-based distillery is crafted using 21 unique botanicals. 

  Clovendeo sprout in bottles

The range includes:

  • Clovendoe SEED, a blend that focuses on the ‘Australian backyard’ and brings notes of organic lavender, lemon thyme, lemon peel, rosemary, myrtle, and orange. 
  • Clovendoe SPROUT, a blend inspired by mystical Middle East spice trails and with notes of star anise, liquorice root and balanced with the beautifully warm and rounded aromas and flavour of organic rose petals, pink peppercorn, cinnamon, coriander, cardamom, lemon peel, grapefruit and a smidge of juniper berries.
  • Clovendoe STEM, the South East Asia inspired blend that brings with it infused notes of organic kaffir lime leaf, lime peel, galangal, ginger, mint and lemongrass.

Clovendeo Distilling Co non-alcoholic spirits Trio  

Where Can I buy Clovendoe Spirits from?

If you’re looking for your very own suite of products from the team, your options are abundant. Direct from the distiller is always a great option and gives you the option to pick up the tasting pack that contains each of the blends in a 200ml tasting size.

The perfect entry point to deciding which bottle to go for!?

As always we’ve taken the trouble out of finding the products for you and listed the range of them all below. If you’re keen to learn more about the creation of non-alcoholic Gins, drop in on our non-alcoholic gin guide about the process.

Clovendeo distilling co Sprout bottle Clovendeo Distilling Co Seed