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Ovant comes inspired by Margaret River and balances different elements to create something truly unique.


Ovant Distillations Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Ovant Distillations spirits bring the quality synonymous with Margaret River wines to a trio of batch-made alcohol-free distillations. 

The result of intentional crafting and creation, Ovant’s flavour profiles are bringing “the art of winemaking to the science of distillation” in a way that:

  • does away with traditional ‘in the box thinking’; 
  • looks to redefine how we think about drinking; and
  • delivers drinkers an experience that goes beyond the focus of what is in their glass.

Ovant distillery range of spirits in a field of hay

How Did it all Start? 

Searching for a life of greater balance and a cleaner approach to living can bring greater presence and daily focus. This however usually comes at the cost of the interactions and, more importantly, the experiences we get from sharing a drink with friends and family. 

As a result, when beginning his own search for a cleaner and more balanced life, Co-founder Tom Streitberg was focusing on doing so “whilst still enjoying the pleasures and rituals of sharing a drink”. 

With close friend and until recently, Head Sommelier of the 3 Michelin starred Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester in London, Christopher Bothwell on board. The movement of bringing Tom’s push-and-pull philosophy was officially brought to life.

close up of zero alcohol spirits bottle

What is in the Zero Alcohol SpiritsRange?

The West Australian distilled zero-proof spirits range is made up of a trio of independent and uniquely crafted creations. Each creation is the subject of an alcohol-free distillation and gives options to anyone looking to ditch the alcohol or simply someone looking to cut down.

Trio of non-alcoholic spirits bottles

The range from Ovant Spirits includes: 

  • The Ovant Grace, based on botanicals that provide familiarity and classic gin vibes. The Ovant Grace is for pairing with tonic or as a power-packed base made for a wide range of cocktails.
  • On to, Ovant Verve, a non-alcoholic spirit crafted and created as a clean modern take on the classic aperitif. Lemon Myrtle and clean herbal and characteristics are at the heart of Verve. In addition, it is spice, white pepper, and Tulsi basil that layer complexity and bring Verve its balance.
  • Finally, Ovant Royal, forces of whiskey and rum combine to bring a zero-proof spirit worth of any occasion. Founded on elderberry, Royal is brought to life with a body, depth, and texture courtesy of cinnamon and star anise. 

man holding ovant grace spirit bottle

Importantly, thanks to their bright and bold flavours, the three spirits in the range are beginning to appear in more and more cocktails in bars across the country.

Ovant Distillery Royal on board with oranges

Buy Ovant Non-Alcoholic Spirits.

Ovant Distillations has begun to see its footprint grow in recent months and it’s now becoming more and more accessible. I’ve done my best to bring you a range of retailers stocking the product with links below to help you track down a bottle or three:

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