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The flavours here replicate a traditional G+T down to the way the dryness builds and lingers. Taking a smidge more time to get things right is something that Gordon’s should really be commended for, given the temptation big brands face to leap into the alcohol-free market.


Gordon’s 0.0 Gin and Tonic Review 

Gordon’s 0.0 Gin and Tonic is finally here! ?

If you’ve ever had traditional gin before, Gordon’s has likely been on your radar or in your glass! But until now Gordon’s have been perfecting their non-alcoholic gin range.

So if you’re looking for an easy, ready to drink, non alcoholic gin and tonic read on to find out more about how things stack up. 

Check it all out below!

Key Takeaways

ABV: <0.5%.
Style: Ready to drink G&T
Calories: 67 Calories / bottle
Colour:  Clear & Sparkly
Main Notes: Juniper & Citrus 


It’s taken some time but Gordon’s have finally joined the non-alcoholic Gin space and they’re here in a big way.

Let’s dive into exactly what you’ll find in the traditionally juniper based gin.

Gordon's 0.0 Gin and Tonic bottles in different positions in the foreground and background

What does it taste like?

Gordon’s is well known for being a juniper led style of gin and the non-alcoholic version of their Ready to Drink is no different.

Each bottle of Gordon’s alcohol free gin and tonic gives you a flavour profile of:

  • bold juniper;
  • bright citrus and lime;
  • rounding sweet notes from the tonic; and
  • building bitterness to bring it all together and balance it all out.

The Gordon’s alcohol free G+T does a really great job at bringing together a bright and bubbly drink with a good mouthfeel that is built on regular gin flavours you’re used to getting from a glass of Gordon’s while leaving behind the alcohol.

Non alcoholic Gin and Tonic in a glass with orange peel

Does it smell like gin should?

A number of non-alcoholic spirits are doing some amazing things with different botanicals, but Gordon’s stays true to traditional gin roots.

With each bottle of the ready to drink alcohol free Gordon’s you’ll find:

  • citrus and floral notes;
  • a beautiful base of juniper and lime; and
  • hints of sweetness from the tonic it is paired with.

By now you’ve probably figured out the Gordon’s 0.0 G&T is a drink that has been crafted to balance freshness, bitterness and sweetness!

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What does it look like?

Not much to report here, the Gordon’s non alcoholic G&T is clear, bright and bubbly.

Although it is really worthwhile pointing out that the Gordon’s team have done a great job at branding the bottle that you’re going to be hard-pressed to, without closer inspection, realise its alcohol free.

Gordon's 0.0 Gin and Tonic bottles showing front of label

When should I reach for a Gordon’s?

This option is bound to be one of those stapes you’ll reach for when a G+T craving is real but the logistics are plain impractical.

Whether it’s lunch at nans, the footy with friends or the drama of the bachelor on a Tuesday night. When you’re time poor or on the move the Gordon’s 0.0 G&T is a solid option.

Gordon's 0.0 Gin and Tonic bottles in retail packaging placed on a bench

Where to Buy Gordon’s Alcohol Free G+T.

Gordon’s are benefiting from their strong presence in the alcoholic market and have managed to get some great online and offline shelf space.

So check the list below and be sure to keep an eye out at all the major retailers for your next 6 pack.

Gordon's 0.0 G+T Bottles laid down and stood up on a bench