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Seedlip Garden 108 Review

If you’ve been around zero alcohol spirits for a while, this Seedlip Garden 108 review is likely to be something you’ve been looking for, for a little while.

Bright, complex and unmistakable freshness, the Seedlip 108 is a drink that is bound to divide a room.

So is it for you?  Read on to find out more!

Key Takeaways

ABV: 0.0%
Style: Zero Alcohol Spirit
Calories: 0
Colour: Clear
Main Notes: Peas, Spearmint.
Cocktail Options: Garden 108 & Tonic.


Being early to the non alcoholic gin movement meant Seedlip had a clear runway, a blank canvas and an opportunity for the seizing. And as you’ve probably figured the team took the opportunity with both hands.

The representation of their commitment to experimentation, innovation and dedication to flavour and profile are, for me, really highlighted by what is likely to be their most controversial drink.

Grace is clear about what it is. Billed not as a gin, but a drink that pairs with tonic. You immediately know you’re in for bright and punchy flavours, find out exactly what they are below.

Seedlip Garden 108 Review bottle in hand

1. Alcohol by Volume.

Running true to form. The Seedlip 108 lands right on 0.0%. Naturally your next question is what does it taste like, well – thankfully you’ll see that 0% alcohol doesn’t mean 0% flavour. But more on that below.

2. Presentation.

Non-alcoholic spirits have really embraced the look and feel to bring back the experience of drinking to anyone who wants a drink when they’re not drinking.

The Seelip buck the trend and come in tall slender bottles with the artwork on each representing the ingredients within the drink.

In your glass you’ll find a beautifully clear, crisp and well-weighted drink that is ready to be sipped on its own over ice, or mixed to your heart’s content!

Seedlip Garden 108 review gin and tonic

3. Aroma.

From the first twist of the cap, you’re transported back to the English countryside.

With the crisp and fresh aromas pouring out of the bottle you’ll find unmistakable notes of:

  • Peas;
  • Spearmint; and
  • Hay.

I bet that aroma profile has piqued your curiosity, so it should – its way off the beaten path! Maybe you’re picturing adding it to a summery cocktail or taking a road less travelled when looking to spice up a G+T. 

Ovant Grace Review Profile

LISTEN NOW: Listen to how Seedlip 108 is the perfect example of why non-alcoholic spirits are here to stay!

4. Flavour profile and finish.

If you take one thing away from this Seedlip Garden 108 review it should be that off the beaten track and the road less travelled produce one hell of a lot of complex flavour.

As always, I’m more interested in whether you’re going to like the drink than whether I do. So the flavour profile of what you will find in each glass is nestled below. As an aside, I love this Garden 108.

  • peas and lots of them – bring clean greenery and a hint of sweetness;
  • spearmint and notes of cucumber- brings freshness;
  • hay – after the initial notes of peas and spearmint the subtlety of hay came through for me; and
  • subtle yet unmissable thyme and rosemary notes rounded out the flavour profile.

Seedlip Garden 108 review gin and tonic

5. Is the Garden 108 for me?

That’s the million-dollar question. This bottle has divided my friends and the general consensus is that is an ‘occasion’, or a ‘let’s try something different tonight‘ sort of drink.

So if you’re up for freshness and, as the name suggests, greenery and garden vibes in a glass, then this will serve you well:

  • as a pre-dinner aperitif;
  • with that fruit platter at lunch; or
  • as you wind down with a good book before calling it a night.

Given the distinctive style and flavour profile, it was surprising how versatile the drink was and how well it fitted into any occasion.

Seedlip non-alcoholic spirits Garden 108 bottle

Seedlip 108 Stockists UK ?

Looking for a bottle of the Seedlip Garden 108 in the UK, Australia or New Zealandt? Well, I’m pleased to say Seedlip is available in most retailers in-store and online. A few that stock the Garden 108 are listed out below.

Want something more traditional? Maybe something more spicy and citrus-based? then all the other options you need to know about are here or if you are short on time and prefer to listen – jump onto the Non-Alcoholic Drinks Podcast and stay up to date there.

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