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One half of the perfect pair, the Brunswick Aces Hearts Sapiir is a true gem!


Brunswick Aces Hearts Sapiir Review

Today, we’re talking Brunswick Aces Hearts Sapiir. You might have seen our earlier write up on Brunswick Aces as they’re the team behind the brand delivering you the Brunswick Aces Bar.

But first, let’s rewind, what is Sapiir? Typically Sapiir is a sugar-free, alcohol-free distilled drink that is developed by distilling and blending multiple components, botanicals and ingredients. Interested in something new? Heard good things and want to know what you’ll get from a sip?

Then you’re going to want to read more about below.

Key Takeaways

ABV: 0.0%
Style: Sapiir
Calories: 0
Colour: Clear
Carbonation: Medium
Main Notes: Cinnamon & Australian Wattleseed.
Cocktail Options: Blood Orange/Yuzu.

Brunswick Aces Hearts Sapiir Bottle


Born from backyards and a group of neighbours sharing home-cooked meals, homemade drinks and great company. Brunswick Aces have progressed at a rate of knots and find themselves at the forefront of the non-alcoholic movement. So how does the Hearts Sapiir stack up and what can it be used for?

In this review, the first non-alcoholic spirit review on Tipple Zero, I’ll be taking the tried and tested method. For this run-through, I’ll be looking at ABV,  Presentation, Aroma and Flavour and Finish.

Let’s get going.

​Brunswick Aces Hearts Sapiir and Bar Menu

1. Alcohol by Volume.

Covering the alcohol content off is relatively simple, all the alcohol is distilled out of the Hearts Sapiir and this one sits squarely at 0.0% ABV.

2. Presentation: 

On the first pour, the Brunswick Aces Hearts Sapiir presents as you would expect any traditional alcoholic spirit to present. That is:

  • as crisp and clear in its colour and complexion;
  • without haze; and
  • well-bodied and weighted.

When pouring out of the class, it is clear there is a nice body to the drink as it brings with it a nice viscosity and density in your glass.

3. Aroma.

The first time I picked up the scent of the Brunswick Aces Hearts Sapiir I was instantly transported back to traveling and meandering through vibrant and bustling spice markets. The Sapiir presents with a range of warm spiced aromatic notes that are based in:

  • cassia bark (think cinnamon);
  • clove;
  • star anise; and
  • ginger.

Brunswick Aces Hearts Sapiir and cocktail on bar

4. Flavour profile and finish: Hearts Sapiir

The profile you pick up aromatically is amplified when you take your first sip. with spiced aromatic notes of cassia bark (think cinnamon) and ginger, balanced out with Australian wattleseed and beautifully sweet note. This is a drink you’re going to want to read more about below.

More specifically, this Sapiir lands in your mouth with a:

  • smooth and refined feel;
  • a burst of warm spice based flavours such as cassia bark/cinnamon, star anise, and clove; and
  • balanced sweetness from perfect amounts of Australian Wattleseet and sweetness.

Non-Alcoholic Gin in Glass

5. Is it a drink worth drinking?

While the main ingredient that is responsible for bringing depth, staying power and ‘heat’ (alcohol!) is absent from the Brunswick Aces creation, the effort, creativity and quality ingredients used in the development and distillation process of this drink make it one worth having on your radar.

But is it any good? I have good news! This creation is worth your time and suits perfectly to developing your own creations on a lazy weeknight or Sunday afternoon with friends and family. 

The Aces team says adding tonic is a great option but sweet and fruity mixers really pair well with the spiced pallet. They also recommend combining the Hearts Sapiir with strong, bold flavours like yuzu or blood orange to contrast the warmth.

non alcoholic gin and blood orange cocktail

Having sampled the Brunswick Aces Hearts Sapiir straight and in a cocktail coupled with blood orange and tonic (not too dissimilar from the one above!) I can say you’ll enjoy this as the base of your non-alcoholic or low alcohol cocktails if you’re a fan of:

  • warm and spicy tones;
  • not afraid of rich flavours; and
  • wanting a spirit that will help you create unique and delicious cocktails at home.

As I’m writing this, adding a dash of ginger ale and fresh citrus in the form of orange has run across my mind as an option!

6. Where to buy the Hearts Sapiir?

If you’re keen to get your hands on a bottle of Hearts Sapiir, I’ve saved you the trouble and included locations below to help you track it down.

Until next time,