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De La Tautila Tempranillo Review

With the De La Tautila Rose as the benchmark, the De La Tautila Tempranillo carries the hefty weight of expectation on its shoulders.

Before we dive into the De La Tautila Tempranillo review, I’ve recently had a few queries about why non alcoholic red wine is so different to its alcoholic cousin. So before we kick-off, it is important to note that non-alcoholic reds are, at least at the time of writing this in August 2021, typically always juicier, fruiter and sweeter than their traditional alcoholic red wine cousins!

So with the mindset shift and mini red wine elephant out of the room, who is the De La Tautila Tempranillo for?

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Key Takeaways

ABV: <0.5%
Style:  Tempranillo
Calories: 22 cals / 100ml
Colour: Pale Purple
Main Notes: Juicy rasins and cherry
Food Pairing: All of the red meats!Non-Alcoholic red wine


Traditional Tempranillo wines are full-bodied red wines known for their body, tannins and acidity. Notes in tempranillo wines range from cherry, dried fig and blackberry to raisin and strawberry.

Younger tempranillo wines are juicier and fruity while aged variants come with notes of darker fruits.

So how does the De La Tautilla Tempranillo taste and who is it for? Skip down to the taste section to find out or meander your way there for a more in-depth guide!

De La Tautila Tempranillo Non Alcoholic Wine Close up Bottle

1. Alcohol by Volume.

Nothing out of the ordinary here, less than 0.5% ABV sees this Spanish non alcoholic red wine ticking boxes.

2. Presentation. 

I was not expecting the vibrant and bright pale purple colour that lept from the glass from the bottle.

When the De La Tautila Tempranillo lands in your glass, you will find the colour hallmarks of a young wine with a colour similar to something between raspberry and blackberry that fades pink towards the edges.

The label borrows the same style as the Rose variant in the range and swaps out the white background for a dark grey while keeping the nice gold touch!

3. Aroma Profile.

Like I touched on above, this wine comes full of young tempranillo vibes, what this means is it brings:

  • juicy fruity flavours initially – think cherry;
  • hints of rain; and
  • as the glass is left to sit and the wine open up well-placed oak.

De La Tautila Tempranillo Non Alcoholic Wine

4. Flavour Profile and Finish.

By now, you’re probably read enough to realise that the De La Tautila Tempranillo is likely to be on the juicy side.

When taking a sip of this non-alcoholic tempranillo you’re going to find:

  • juicy cherry and dark strawberry notes;
  • with raisin, oak and a dark sweetness playing their part.

From there I found while the wine was sweeter than traditional tempranillo wine, I was pleasantly surprised by the tannins that came with each sip giving a nice mouthfeel from a dryness perspective. In terms of body and weight this tempranillo is a lighter for all the reasons we’ve stepped through above.

De La Tautila Tempranillo Non Alcoholic Wine

5. Who is the De La Tautila Tempranillo for?

Comparing this non-alcoholic red wine to others, this tempranillo does in my view a decent job of bringing tannins to your glass with limited sweetness.

That said the sweetness is still in play and much like the other alcohol free red wines, this wine is suited to someone who enjoys a merlot and softer or slightly sweeter wine.

For anyone thinking of giving this a go, I’d say read the above (yep again!), get an idea of what you’re in for and if you’re still curious – grab a bottle. While it is a little sweet and it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, you might just be surprised.

Find out where to buy some below!

Non alcoholic red wine rear label

6. Where to buy this Non-Alcoholic Tempranillo?

My searches for this have only turned up Brunswick Aces at the moment (they sent me a bottle to try)! I’ll keep an eye out for other spots where it might be available and drop them in here, but for the moment checkout Aces for the Tempranillo and the rest of the range below.

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