Ovant Grace Review

Sitting here with another glass of Grace, I thought what better time to bring you my Ovant Grace Review.

Batch made in Margaret River, WA the Grace by Ovant Distillations is refined, bright and crisp.

If you are looking for new zero alcohol spirits that provide have traits of traditional gin, welllllllllllllll you’re in luck.

Read on to find out more!

Key Takeaways

ABV: 0.0%
Style: Zero Alcohol Spirit
Calories: 0
Colour: Clear
Main Notes: Ginger, Orange, Cardamon & Juniper.
Cocktail Options: Classic G+T  or with a bitter lemon mixer.

Ovant Grace Review - Bitter Lemon Cocktail next to bottle of Grace


Familiarity is at the cornerstone of the Grace by Ovant Distillations. It is the first spirit produced by Ovant and they touch on how it is where they started their ‘journey beyond drinking’. 

Grace is clear about what it is. Billed not as a gin, but a drink that pairs with tonic. You immediately know you’re in for refined and bright flavours, find out exactly what they are below.

What does it all taste like?

I was super keen to bring this Ovant Grace review to life and share a drink that will please so so sooo many classic gin drinkers.

When you’re drinking Grace, expect refined taste and a glass full of flavour that  brings with it:

  • warm juniper notes;
  • brightness from citrus and orange;
  • roundedness from cardamon; and
  • heat, glorious lingering heat, from ginger root.

Flavour Profile

I touched on it slightly at the top of the review, but the Grace is created using water as the distillation base.

This means that the body of the spirit will be lighter than others and it doesn’t carry the weight that some other zero alcohol spirits do.

My advice here is to take a second to appreciate the flavour that is coming from your glass, add some tonic and you’re on your way to an amazing drink!

Ovant Grace Review - Pouring Grace into a Glass behing held

What’s the alcohol come in at? 

As expected, coming in at 0.0% the Grace nails the brief and lands squarely in the alcohol free category.

Whats Ovant Grace look like in a glass?

The Grace is bright and crisp in your glass. If there was a drink to make water look dull this’d be it! 

Taking a look at the bottle of Grace I was impressed to find the cork style stopper capping the bottle – It’s the little things while we’re stuck in a forever lockdown, right?

The label does a fab job of giving you the rundown of the flavours you’ll find in the bottle and my take on the artwork was that it went the way to describing the notes you could expect to taste in the spirit.

Ovant Grace in a glass with lime and tonic

What’s it smell like?

Pouring this into a glass, you will find a crisp and bright aroma made up of:

  • citrus-based in dark/dried orange;
  • ginger; 
  • juniper; and
  • cardamon (if you cook with it a lot you can’t miss it!)

The aroma profile gives you the impression the drink is spicy in nature.  So if you’re wondering what it tastes like – read on to find out.

Who is the Ovant Grace for?

This drink is in a league of its own, it’s not ‘trying’ to be an alcoholic spirit or jump into bed with an existing style. It hangs out there boldly on its own limb. 

Balancing brightness and warmth Grace brings a spirit that will suit drinkers who are looking for a:

  • citrus noted spirit; or
  • bright and warm spirit; that is
  • balanced and well rounded.

Grace is suited to a few different settings, so whether you’re cooking solo or jumping into those ‘outdoor covid safe gatherings’ grace will stack up and keep you in good stead!

Non-Alcoholic Spirits Range on a table

Where Can I Buy a bottle?

The Ovant Grace Review wouldn’t be complete without me taking the trouble out of you finding a bottle to try!

Ovant Distillations are continuing to grow their presence in store and online. Lately I have seen it show up at a few local retailers and spied it on shelf at Brunswick Aces in Melbourne, when I popped past recently.

Looking to find it online or instore? Check out the links below.

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