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Win.e Verdejo Non-Alcoholic Wine Review

The Win.e Verdejo Non-alcoholic wine is a soft-bodied alcohol-free white wine with fruity notes that are typical in wines made with Verdejo grapes!.

In short, the 2.5 minute read below will guide you on what the wine looks like, smells like, tastes like and where you can buy it!

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Key Takeaways

ABV: <0.5%
Style:  White Wine
Calories:  43 cals (0.5g sugar) /  100ml
Colour: Pale Straw
Main Notes: Green Apple, Melon, Peach.
Food Pairing: Fresh seafood or a bright fresh tomato based pasta.

Win.e Verdejo Non-Alcoholic White Wine Label and in glass


Have a couple of minutes to find out about this wine? Read your way through.

Just want to find where to buy it? Scroll right to the bottom!

Also a big thanks to Brunswick Aces & VinZero for a couple of bottles to try!

Bottle of non alcoholic white wine in hand

1. Is there Alcohol in it?

Business as usual, the Win.e Verdejo non-alcoholic white lands at less than 0.5%.

What else is impressive is the calorie / sugar count on this wine. It is super low with:

  • sugar at less than 0.5grams per 100ml; and
  • calories at 43cals per 100ml.

2. What does it look like? 

On the presentation front there isn’t much to report in your glass, the wine is a really light pale straw colour.

While the label of the bottle is really impressive, its textured has gold foil accents and adds a certain premium feel to the wine.

3. What does it smell like?.

If you’ve not ever had a Verdejo based wine before you’re in for a bit of a bit of an ‘oh wow, that’s interesting’ moment!

When in your glass you’ll get delicious notes of:

  • green apple; and
  • rockmelon.

Not your typical wine flavours, hey? You’re right! But what does it taste like?

Win.e Verdejo Non-Alcoholic White Wine Close Up Label

4. What does it taste like?

Like you saw above, Verdejo grapes are really unique and not something you would be used to drinking in Australia or the US. But Verdejo grapes bring flavours of:

  • green melon;
  • peach;
  • fennel; and
  • citrus notes of lime.

The Win.e Verdejo has a nice body it has a good weight behind it and isn’t watery at all and brings a bright yet round feeling wine that has flavours of:

  • lots of green apple;
  • melon; and
  • peach.

Find out where to buy some below!

Non-Alcoholic White Wine

Where to buy the Win.e Verdejo?

The non-alcoholic range is imported from Spain and has begun to make its way into all the big players.

You’re able to find it in more and more places and I’ll keep adding them to the guide below for you. Take a look at your favourite retailer and pick some up to try!

Win.e Verdejo Non-Alcoholic White Wine rear label