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La Tautila Non-Alcoholic Rose Review

Wowee, this is big, this Senorio De La Tautila Rose Review is one I’ve been wanting to write since first tasting it. 

If you’re like me, you’re tired of trying wines that just don’t do it for you. You’ve tried wine after wine and they just don’t match your palette. It is the same thing – they’re too sweet, not bold enough or just too ‘juicy’. 

Zero Alcohol Rose on bench in front of empty glass

If you’re a fan of tempranillo based rose that packs a crisp and dry finish balanced with some strawberry based fruitiness then you’re going to want to read on and pick up a bottle or half a dozen!

So what can you expect from the Senorio De La Tautila Rose Review? Read on below!

Key Takeaways

ABV: < 0.5%.
Grape: Tempranillo.
Region: Spain.
Aged: Yes, in oak.
Colour: Ruby.
Main Notes: Strawberries, hints of peach, melon and grapefruit.


Location wise this rose comes from tempranillo grapes grown in the warm Castilla-La Mancha region that is known for being the largest wine region in all of Spain (and Europe FYI) and for producing wines with solid amounts of acidity and earthy flavours. 

So what’s the Senorio De La Tautila Spanish Rose all about.

Senorio De La Tautila Bottle and poured in glass

Does it taste like alcoholic Rose?

Made with a Tempranillo grape the Senorio De La Tautila Rose brings flavours that are:

  • light and fruity – think strawberry and raspberry;
  • sharp and pointed – think pink grapefruit; and
  • well rounded – think hints of peach.

The dry finish on this zero alcohol rose wine is one that will have lovers of dry bubbly and dry white wines wanting to reach out and explore.

Where to buy De La Tautila.

At between $18 – $20 for the 750ml at the time of writing, the De La Tautila Rose is in the mid-range of prices.

It is now easily available and can be found at all major retailers like the ones linked below.

Is there any alcohol in it?

With no alcohol in it, the Senorio De La Tautila is perfect for anyone looking for a glass of Rose without the alcohol! At less than 0.5% ABV you’re alcohol-free. 

Does it smell like a normal rose?

Having tried a few non alcoholic rose varieties I was pretty upbeat when this smelt like any other alcoholic rose would.

When it hits your glass, you’ll likely pick up:

  • berry notes – strawberry and raspberry;
  • hints of peach; and
  • crisp lemon citrus notes.

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Does it look like a normal rose? 

As you can see from the photos, the rose has a brilliant ruby glow and looks exactly as you would expect in your glass.

If labels are your thing, the label on the bottle is simple and straight to the point. But I did like the hint of gold on the front of the bottle.

Non alcoholic Rose bottle in hand

Would you buy it again?

This leaves us with just one more question. The all-important “would you buy it again” test. 

You’re definitely going to be trudging back out for another bottle of this rose if you have a taste for a rose that brings:

  • a dry finish;
  • mild tannins; and
  • that classic subtle berry and fruity aroma and taste that is synonymous with Rose.

The main difference to be had from a traditional rose is the overall depth and weight of the wine.

If you’re looking to pick up a bottle pair it with a:

  • nutty cheeseboard built around Brie, Swisse and Gruyère/Comptè cheeses; or
  • baked chicken dish with carrots, pumpkin, butternut seasoned with Herbes de Provence. 

Senorio De La Tautila Bottle Close Up