Seadrift Distillery

Inspired by a growing trend towards people really being mindful as to how they consume (or don’t consume) alcohol, Seadrift Distillery was crafted to provide an “adult -tasting non-alcoholic-spirits”.

Seadrift Distillery Coast and Classic Bottles

How Did it all Start? 

After 20 years of working in London, Carolyn and Alistair moved back to Carolyn’s hometown in Sydney’s Northern Beaches in search of a more natural, peaceful life.

Before long, the duo found themselves in the daily rat race and decided to push the button on change and dive into the venture we now all know as Seadrift Distillery.

In bringing the Seadrift range to life, Alistair and Carolyn put their learnings from their corporate days together, being:

  • Alistair’s design skills, on the back of running one of London’s largest branding agencies; and
  • Carolyn’s skillset in product innovation after working with major global alcohol brands,

and set out to create a spirit range that combines non-alcoholic spirits with the local tastes and ingredients of Sydney’s Northern Beaches. 

With that, in 2019 Seadrift was created and Australia’s first non-alcoholic distillery was born in Brookvale!

Seadrift Coast Bottle and Cocktail

How is Seadrift Made?

Using hand-beaten copper pot stills sourced from Portugal, the small batch crafted Seadrift range brings a unique take on non-alcoholic spirits to your glass. 

The range is crafted through distillation at low temperatures to capture and produce a spirit that brings:

  • freshness and smoothness to the palette; and
  • unique characteristics that help it stand out from the growing crowd.

What is in the Seadrift Range?

The range of Seadrift Distillery drinks, at the time of writing this, sits at two and includes:

  • Seadrift Classic – refreshing with its top notes of Kaffir lime leaves and Coriander and a mouthcoating depth aided by sea kelp.
  • Seadrift Coastal – refreshing and complex, the Costal brings torn basil sweetness matched against the bounce of lemongrass before being rounded out with peppery juniper. Much like the Classic, the Costal also comes with the mouthcoating depth of local sea kelp.


Seadrift Distillery Coast and Classic Bottles

What Can I pair the Seadrift Distillery Range With?

Focusing on local Australian flavours and made with fresh ‘picked daily’ herbs and botanicals. The Seadrift range is primed for you to pair with the foods that so much of Australia loves to enjoy. 

Food pairing options include:

  • Seafood – think fresh fish, shellfish and more;
  • Salads; and
  • Big bold fragrant Asian stir-fries.

Bottle of non-alcoholic gin called Classic in a Cocktail

Where to Buy Seadrift Distillery Spirits.

Seadrift is getting more and more exposure. You’re able to find yourself a bottle online or in store. Check out the links to all the usual suspects below to get your hands on it!