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I caught up with Yes You Can Drinks founder Tyler Martin and we touched base on their new range of non-alcoholic Ready to Drink options that can be enjoyed straight out of the can and are characterised by their amazing Flashback™ blend that helps deliver heat and spice to each mouthful.
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Yes You Can Drinks Tyler Martin Podcast
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Yes You Can Podcast Recap: What We Covered

Tyler Martin Co-Founder of Yes You Can Drinks stopped in to chat about the new range that has just launched to much fanfare through Australia. We touch on a wide range of topics from product creation to COVID challenges and how the drink changes depending on whether you ‘slam it straight out of the can’ like Tyler or drop it into a glass!

During the chat we covered:

  • How the idea came about and Tyler and partner Soph got going with the development.
  • The spanner the works that have been COVID and the ways in which the team have had to pivot to make the most of the situation.
  • Flavour profiles and product creation, with one drink having over 15 iterations along its journey to what is in your can.
  • How Yes You Can have supported Beyond Blue through October 2021 donating a percentage of each purchase to help support the team that has supported all of us through COVID.
  • How the Dark and Stormy, Spritz and classic G+T have been received by customers and people in the industry.
  • Where you can find the Drinks and How you can get your hands on them.
Yes You Can Drinks Range

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Yes You Can Drinks Episode Transcript

Ready To Drink Options for Summer, Yes You Can Drinks – Tyler Martin

[00:00:00] Jonathan: On today’s episode, I’m touching base with Tyler from yes, you can drinks. He is the founder of yes, you can. And they are a range of at ready to drink. Non-alcoholic drink options. So in that range, you’ve got the dark and stormy, the spritz and the classic G and T all of which is characterized and really underpinned by what they’re calling the flush back.

And that is a way that really. Give what non-alcoholic drinks have been missing, which is some heat and kind of mouthfeel and depth as well. So to find out everything that we talk about on today’s show, head over to tipples forward slash session zero nine. And there you can find all the notes and all the information about today’s show.

So let’s hop over to the chat with Tyler and find out a little bit. Tyler welcome to the non-alcoholic drinks podcast. It’s great to have you on today and chat about all things. Yes, you can drink. So it’s awesome to see it finally turn live and be out there in the wild. But I imagine there were quite a number of late nights and piecing the project together and testing and building days went into it as well.

But before we jump into that, it’d be great to get a bit of your background and hear a little bit how you came into the space.

Yeah. So, well, great to be here and really excited to sort of share a little bit about. So I played a bit of sports growing up and I had a small business built on the back of that.

Um, and it allowed me to continue playing my sport at a high level was water polo. So it’s not a professional sport in most of the world, so it wasn’t going to be my retirement fund. But yeah, I ended up stepping away from that business just before COVID operationally. At least I had a little bit of time on my hands.

To look at new ventures and open up a little black book of all my little ideas from over the years. And there was an FMCG sort of play in there. And, and funnily enough, at the same time my partner became pregnant. So we moved to New Zealand where she’s from. We moved there for weeks and we say to you with COVID and everything that sort of went on.

So we kind of started working on development of this product over. Um, Sophie, my partner, and whilst she was pregnant, obviously it wasn’t drinking. We didn’t see a huge abundance of options over there in New Zealand. And since stepping into the category, we’ve learned about some awesome brands that are out and about and doing great things in their own rights.

And, and from my athletic career, there was many times when I’d have to avoid drinking as much alcohol, try and cut back or, or just kind of monitoring. Because of training or games or early flights or whatever it was. So it was always on my sort of subconscious, I suppose. And then when Sophia became pregnant, we were like, okay, there’s actually something here.

Let’s see where we go. And at that point, Sophie she’d worked at Google before, so she had a bit of an idea around digital space. And I had run a few small businesses. I had, I was a bit of a generalist bit. Just to figure out how to deal with on the run, but we had no FMCG or food tech background. So we basically hunted down the best people we could find as our consultants and as early stage advisors.

And then, yeah, dive head first into this wild and wonderful world of beverage. So that sounds

like it’s been a really exhilarated piece in almost the last 12 to 18 months then? Yes. Yeah,

[00:03:01] Tyler: definitely 18 months ago. I didn’t know anything about the category and I thought a non-alcoholic drink was a lemon lime.

And that was the extent of it, but there’s been some awesome companies in the last 18 months, really elevate category. And obviously, yeah, we just expedited our learning rapidly throughout that period to build a brand that we were really proud of. And we think stands up really well in. So

[00:03:24] Jonathan: you’ve gone from this position where, you know, you thought about it and then all of a sudden so’s pregnant and you’ve got a position where you want to jump into this space.

How do you kind of go about deciding to get involved and actually start researching and getting into the development process? Yeah. So

[00:03:40] Tyler: we did like some re individual research just ourselves. And then we sort of commissioned some research into that as well. So just to get a bit of an idea of the category and a lot of that research is publicly available and we just kind of kept tabs on the category.

Generally, in terms of the food tech development, there was like, once we decide, this is what we’re doing, there was kind of two elements working simultaneously. And funnily enough, sometimes one will get a little bit of. Of the other and they were the brand building and who we wanted to be and why, and what are we going to look like?

And also the product and flavour range. So at some points, we were really developed with a skew, a flavour, a variety that we didn’t end up, like on a brand side that we didn’t end up going forward to. So let’s scrap that for that advice for next time. So it was quite a bizarre balancing act, but yeah, we reached out.

Yeah. Some friends who were in the food and beverage space originally, who put us in contact with some awesome people in the flavour and food tech team. So we kind of got, um, a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend and in the branding space, something similar, but we kind of went through it once we knew the space we were looking at for both brand and flavour development, we kind of honed them down to a few key organizations we wanted to work with and then honed again, and finally landed on the two that we worked with and basically said, okay, This is what we want to do.

This is what we’re thinking. Let’s go from there. And that was 18 months ago. So

[00:04:59] Jonathan: you’ve gone from that position of 18 months at top of the funnel and all the way you’ve filtered it down, found the people with you. And now you’ve created the S you can range with the dark and stormy, the G and T and the spritz.

Right. So if you were describing those to someone who was new to them or new to the category, given that it’s still quite a new category, how would you describe each of the.

[00:05:17] Tyler: Oh, just before the rationale for those three drinks was because they were reasonably generally popular or known drinks as a, as a.

Oh, as a cocktail. Yeah. So we didn’t want to have to do a massive education piece around this elderberry, whatever it may be new flavour, which might be the best in the world. But if people don’t know about it, then they won’t make that jump from Acton on out. So that’s the rationale behind those three.

It’s kind of a flavour fit that every man, if you don’t like one, you might like the other two or vice versa as an original drink. But our spirits. Focus group after focus group. And the feedback we kept getting was that if we stuck to close to say Aperol, which is the benchmark for a spritz, we found it’s in a canned form.

It becomes unsustainable because it’s quite syrupy. So we dialled out our bitters up a little bit, added our flashback extract, which we can probably go into a touch a touch later and try to dial back the syrupy nature a little bit. So it was sessionable. Now am I from the start was we wanted something that people can drink out of it as a can.

It’s the, yes, you can. We wanted to simplify it for people. It’s like we’ve done so many, so much heavy lifting behind the scenes to create this drink. That is a mature, sophisticated, complex liquid that, Hey, you can garnish it up if you want, and you can serve it with your favourite garnish. That’s awesome.

But it stands up just as well at the mcg watching the boxing day test out of a camp, theoretically. Yeah. So that’s our spirit is, is a more of a, be a slightly more bitter noted. With a rhubarb and like blood orange tone as well. So it starts off a subtle, subtle sweetness and ends with a bit more of a bit of note.

Now, dark and stormy is quite a sharp ginger to begin and then cut through by alignment, a sort of smoky note to finish. And that is like a way more complicated and complex ginger beer, I suppose. But people understand that ginger beer, so it’s not a massive education piece around it. And then the GMT it’s probably the most relevant.

Not out drink that we’ve found. And we said, we want a nice dry Juniper forward Chante. That is indiscriminate. It is not, it is not going to deter the general GNT drinker off. And it’s going to give, it’s going to give sort of like herbaceous notes, I suppose, is if we get over my fancy hat on and, and be Juniper led with that again, that flashback warmth from the back of the throat that we want to be.

Um, something that we’re continually calling out, um, amongst that.

[00:07:35] Jonathan: And I think, you know what I’m hearing there is it, like you’ve got all these limitless possibilities in front of you, but it’s almost like I’ve got to create something that, you know, from my end, that I’m not keen to educate. I want people to be able to jump in straight away and to have the good experience from the get-go.

So it really sounds like that was your guiding kind of light to help you develop the products where the people could pick them up and drink them straight out of the can and just get straight to it.

[00:07:57] Tyler: Yeah. Yeah, no, definitely. And I think it’s a very great area to hone in on our college space because everything from the Coca Cola.

To us is not our colleague by my, by the letter of the law, I suppose, within the non-alcoholic law. So we wanted to basically say, Hey, look, we are one step away from alcohol in terms of flavours, experience, nodes, et cetera, and not one step away from soda. So that was a big piece for us. And we’ve got a lot of products in the pipeline that are another step away from traditional alcohol.

Once we, once we become hopefully a brand that people will like and love, we hope, and then we can go a little bit more funky, I suppose. But for the time being, we wanted to just say, Hey, we are, you know, those, those drinks that you’ve always loved. We are that without the hangover the next day. So Even when you, you

[00:08:43] Jonathan: see fit and it really looks like it is filling that gap, right?

Like you said, you’ve, you’ve wanted to have those Juniper led notes when you’re having that traditional G and T that you guys have in the range and then be able to just sub it in where you want to, and actually use it as, as an alternative. And the thing I found really interesting with that GNT is that level of hate at the end, um, it was something that I was not expecting to have land in, in my mouth when I was drinking it, but it was really interesting to have it there and just something I wasn’t expecting to taste.

Yeah. So that’s what we’ve kind

[00:09:13] Tyler: of coined at Brightree flashback blend. We’re kind of reworking or reframing the flashback connotations with drinking too much. And I’ve had them in my time where I’m thinking, oh man, did I really do that? I’m having these, you know, Daymond stage flashbacks. So I thought we could kind of reframe that and a funny, and be hopefully on brand with that.

And we’ve kind of saying, Hey, we’re reframing the flashback. It’s the flashing into the back of your throat. It’s that pleasant, warmth that you get when you’re having an alcoholic drink and we didn’t want to over. Because we didn’t want it to be like Serratia, um, burning, burning of the oesophagus, but we wanted to give a little bit of a pay a bit of a tribute to that sort of nice or pleasant or sophisticated, um, mouthfeel that, that, um, alcoholic drinks do offer.

So we did spend a whole lot of time, energy effort, money, and resources, putting this kind of botanical blend together that, that really derived. A whole number of different source products, and we’ve kind of put a name on it. We’ve caught a flashback, and that is in each of our drinks in the capacity that, or the quantity that we think works with the other flavours.

So you’ve got

[00:10:18] Jonathan: the dark and stormy, the G and T and the spreads, their product development of their own. And then you’ve got the flashback, which is a different subset of product development as well. So it sounds like there’s quite a bit of engineering that goes into each of the products. How did you go about developing those from a product creation perspective?

[00:10:35] Tyler: Yeah, so we’ve lent heavily on our food tech team and our flavour, our flavour house team, but we’ve kind of worked hand in glove with them over the last. Well since day one and we started with a product. We are a long way from now. So there was, I think there was iteration after iteration and I think one of them had about 27 iterations and the last 15 to the average consumer probably wouldn’t have noticed a difference from one to one, but we were really, really picky and probably frustratingly so to them, but we kind of knew what we wanted to get to and where we want it to go.

But yeah, like the flashback blend, it was like, okay, we want to add that blend into it. And then when we first did, it was way too much. And then we were able to float until we got that balance. Right. So, yeah, that was kind of a simultaneous product development within the same drink, which was strange when I think about it.

[00:11:21] Jonathan: Yeah. That does sound like it would be something which would lead you to be quite difficult in actually getting it right. Because when you do taste it, that flashback piece, you can really feel the heat in there. So it would be quite susceptible to quite little changes in the amount that would change the way the drink presents in its glass.

[00:11:36] Tyler: Yes exactly. And that’s another thing as well, it’s it responds differently in a glass with art. So we’ve needed to try and find a happy medium that will be represented equally well, or as equally well as possible across each consumption mechanism or medium. So it’s like out of the can, but also out of a glass also out of a glass with ice and garnish.

So it was testing after testing to test after test throughout the whole process, which was probably exhausting for the, for the team. We kind of knew where we wanted to go and we didn’t want to rush a product that we didn’t think the market was going to like. So we got to where we got to, and we’re really happy with how they turned out and the feedback’s been amazing.

So Relieving is that is the right word because when you put so much time, effort and energy and resources into, and we’ve bootstrapped this ourselves, um, um, up till now rolled over the previous business into this, basically when people say they like the drinks, it’s actually a weird sense of. More than

[00:12:32] Jonathan: anything else.

Yeah. And in terms of that feedback, your work with some focus groups at the start to bed down that general flavour profile or flavour direction, I should say. And then since having it go into market and into people’s hands, have you found that feedback? What’s the feedback you’ve been okay.

[00:12:48] Tyler: Yeah, it’s actually been overwhelming and like, w I wasn’t part of the really burgeoning, sober, or sober, curious community in Australia beforehand.

So we’ve kind of dived in this headfirst and blind and for want of a better word. Um, and, um, so when we, when we sent samples out to who we considered to be the authorities in the space, and we got good feedback from them, we were really, really excited because. They’ve tried every non-alcoholic drink.

You’ve tried every non F more than me. You’ve tried and other people out there. So when we get the good feedback from the people who are experts in the specific nation on our space, we’re really thrilled because the masses, they aren’t the experts in this space, but they have out migrate and go, oh my, oh my God, this, yes, you can.

It tastes exactly like. These are tastes it’s better than my Bundy ginger beer, and it’s way more doing something, you know? So that’s, that’s kind of the easier feedback it’s that the authorities in the sites that have been quite, um, quite relieving and really overwhelmed with positive. So that’s

[00:13:45] Jonathan: been one which is almost given you the authority to say, look, we’ve done all this product research.

We’ve made sure that everything’s worked from the outset and it kind of solidifies the choice to go down and really create a well well-developed product then.

[00:13:57] Tyler: Yeah, no, definitely. Definitely. And when I look back and like, That we probably could have got to market a little bit earlier. Um, we wanted to hit dry July, but COVID was a big inhibitor there, but also we just were tweaking a final few things.

And in hindsight, I’m glad we, we launched when we did the good news is there’s a new dry month every month, basically these days. So, uh, you know, dry, July’s obviously the big one we wanted to launch in that, but in hindsight, I would not trade in our launch for a dry July launch for the world.

[00:14:28] Jonathan: Yeah. And I guess that’s the thing you want.

You want to have a product that goes out there that people want to drink and that they’re enjoying drinking and you can always catch up further down the line. I imagine there would have been some challenges from going from, you know, the I’m almost there. I’m almost ready to launch to getting it to go.

What were kind of some of the biggest things that you guys had to overcome in that development iteration? Um, released.

[00:14:49] Tyler: Well, the big, the big one was geography. We decided to move back to Sydney. We always were going to come back to Sydney. It’s our, it’s our home now. And we met over here. And so it’s from New Zealand originally, but Sydney is our home for, for now, at least.

Um, so basically taking everything we developed from New Zealand. Oh, back over here. Um, restarting the production process. Um, we, we we’ve got the flavours, like all that stuff was seamless enough in the brand, but re-engaging with suppliers and Canada’s in Australia that cost us a little bit of time. And having ingredients redirected from New Zealand, we basically were ready to launch out of New Zealand.

Um, but then when we said we’re going to, we’re going to be out of Australia. We kind of had to move. That was the biggest one, like at a macro level. Oh, that’d be a big spender in the work. And I’m one of millions of people, but COVID, we want it to be doing tastings in July, August. We want it to be in stores.

We want to really be activating. Around that. Um, and then COVID kind of came in. Didn’t really go away. So we basically said about three months ago, you know what that’s when we said, okay, forget tastings. We’re doing online. And then we said, our best sampling is going to be offering a three-pack to people to buy.

We sold out of that in the first week. Wow. Um, so we’re getting, cause people wanted to start to see what their favourites were and the most encouraging thing on the back of that is okay. They’re from three back, they come back and they get a 12 pack of the Jane T. Well, they get a w or they get a 24 pack of DACA.

Swami’s cause I know after that, which one they like and what they want to sort of go hard on. So again, the three-pack is not a good commercial offering in drinks. You know, we’re selling, they’re selling a 15, $20 item to regional, regional Western Australia. We’re losing money on that, but it was our way of trying to get some more liquid on.

And you’ve

[00:16:31] Jonathan: got that piece where it sounds like it’s all running direct out of your website, given COVID and the inability to sample, it sounds like you guys are selling it all direct out of the website. Is that right?

[00:16:41] Tyler: Yeah. So that was our, once we decided, Hey, we’re not going to be out and about sampling and June, July, August.

We said, we’re going to own that space to start with. Um, we want to be speaking with our customers. We want to be literally discussing, getting feedback, getting either. Liaising with them saying, what do you like, what don’t you like, et cetera, et cetera. And we said, we want to be the authority that they speak to about our drinks, because they’re our drinks.

So we didn’t want to be beholden. Any retailers, specifically broad ALK retailers to begin with because known average tellers are also when they, they, that that will be our kind of first release into their, not our retail. Well through, we’ve got a couple that will, will be place orders and there should be some alive and some are going live shortly.

And cause that they know what they know the space, they are the educators, they are the authorities, but we didn’t want to bastardize it. On the on sale sign at one of the big grocery outlets. But funnily enough, we’ve had the tap on the shoulder from some of the grocery guys who say, Hey, we actually like what you’re doing.

Do you want to stop with us? So we’re, we’re kind of protecting the integrity of the brand to begin with. Yeah, it kind of allows

[00:17:42] Jonathan: you to, like you said, get the liquid on lips and almost gives you that direct avenue of feedback as well. And, you know, going down the line that almost helps you develop future products going forward.

And I know you mentioned there’s a future products. You probably have to keep under wraps, but in terms of the way that you’re looking to grow the brand and grow the presence, it sounds like it is at that first iteration going to retailers, whether it’s non-alcohol or supermarkets or. Other avenues. And in terms of once COVID is over, what are the plans looking like there, it’s still working to get those positions around tasting and getting them in front of people.

[00:18:16] Tyler: Yeah, definitely. So we’re looking at activating and doing tastings where we’re a Sydney based company and we want to be telling them. We don’t want to outsource to promote promotion companies at this stage because there’s too young and too raw story, I suppose, into a younger brand. So it’s going to be a lot of pounding the pavement ourselves.

We’ve got retailers who are really keen to work with us and we say, awesome. We want to partner with you, but we want to be there for the tastings. And at least the first one and tell the story and tell the people and do blind tastings and all sorts of stuff. So once COVID restrictions ease, we want to be doing that.

And it’s not. Efficient scaling mechanism. Like our time is very limited, but you know, we’ve got a growing team and we want to be able to be that. Experience for a lot of the customers and then build the word of mouth. And what’s been amazing is we’ve had people reach out and say, Hey, a friend of mine brought like, even from the weekend friend of mine brought some of these to a picnic.

I tried it. This is how I found you guys. And she knows you because she is friends of a friend of yours who walked past on the street, you know, like the, that kind of really authentic brand. Yeah, it’s really starting

[00:19:21] Jonathan: from that level of people just having it right. Having it in their hand and then because they quite catching, right.

You’ve got the purple-y blue and then the, the orange red and then the black as well, they do offer that would probably provoke a discussion as well around what are you drinking? Yeah. So it is good to kind of hear that you’re you are going to do that yourself. Cause I do feel that people often, when you do have the founders there, it kind of adds to it.

Right. And it makes it that little bit more, um,

[00:19:46] Tyler: Yeah, no, definitely. Do you touched on the actual image of the branding on the can? That was another big thing for us at the start. It was, we want to can that he’s not pretending to be an alcohol. Yes, we’re in the form of an alcohol can. Yes. Our drink has, is emblematic in some respects to an alcoholic drink, but we aren’t, we don’t want to be.

We are like, Hey, we’re a big, bold, bright can. And we, uh, uh, yes, you can. And you know, our tagline is taking the piss out of drinking, but we’re not the end of the call. We want to be fun, funny self-aware and not conscious at all. And then be like, Hey, this is just my, my not outriggers. When I’m drinking, I’ll have this when I’m not I’ll have this.

And oh, if I’m strictly not drinking the SU Canada’s my go-to. So we don’t want to be hidden behind food, alcohol branding, I suppose.

[00:20:35] Jonathan: So up next, I chatted to Tyler about his favourite drink in the range. I always liked to get the context from the founders around what they’re drinking and how they enjoy it, because I feel like that gives everyone else an insight into how the drinks were created. So Have I listened to what Tyler had to say around his favourite drink in the range.

So I reckon it would be a good time to kind of chat about your favourite one in the rain or how you’d prefer to drink it. Cause I know you said it tastes different in a glass versus, you know, can, what would your favourite one be?

[00:21:06] Tyler: Oh, so my favourite is, is a dark and stormy. I’m partial to ginger. And I just smashed out of a can personally.

I just, I go through them. I probably go through two, two a night, which is probably not good for stock levels, but we also want eventually people to enjoy our drinks. And what’s going on in the flavours, complexity and all that kind of jazz that I’ve touched on before, instead of your kombucha or your Coke or wherever.

Like where does that want to say? Okay. I was going to have one drink on a Sunday, barbecue. So I have this instead. We want to be a popular drink amongst. Categories I suppose. And I’m leading the charge personally because I’m smashing two a night. And it’s my favourite because I just liked the ginger. I liked the bit of smokiness at the end.

I don’t climb it up in a class with garnishing, my partner. She loves to see. And she liked it in a glass with ice and garnishing, so each their own, but yeah, my favourites, the dark stone, just out of camp


[00:22:01] Jonathan: next, I chatted to Tyler about where the range could be bought and where people could find it online or in store. And keep in mind since I recorded this, there has been a bit of an expansion in where it is available. So I will include all of this in the show notes at

And you can find the most up-to-date information there around where the range is available, but for now let’s hop back into it and see where the range it was available online

in terms of where people can find it. Um, I don’t think we’ve touched on it yet. So what, what’s the website like and how did that what’s the ordering process look like?

[00:22:37] Tyler: So we spend a whole heap of time, effort and resources again, on our website. We want it to create a really nicely designed. Every like we’re designed led from a brand perspective.

We want it to be super bold, super colourful, and really nice and easy to use. So we built our website around that and we want people to enjoy our website and there’s like little intricacies, like gifts and rotating cans and a few different things going on. Yeah. We’ve had some awesome feedback about in people who go, oh yeah, my friend showed me a website.

Um, I’m probably not looking for this offering right now, but the website was amazing. I’m like, oh, okay, cool. That’s something. But, um, yeah, so, so the website is where we’re doing the blind share of orders. We’ve been in a couple of bottle shops around Sydney beaches and in a city. And we’ve literally this week, having conversations with non ALC retailers out mixed retailers.

And cause we wanted to basically have the first two months. So we’re three weeks in and we’re five weeks shy of what we said. We’re not going to do it, but there’s been awesome feedback. So if people are excited to stock us far, be it from us to say no, no, no. And

[00:23:45] Jonathan: for the moment, it looks like the it’s director.

Yes. You can

[00:23:49] Tyler: Yes. Yeah. That’s the website.

[00:23:50] Jonathan: Yep. Awesome. And I must say it’s quite funny to hear that feedback about the website, because when I was searching around for you guys and having a look, uh, even as late as today, I’m not going to lie. I spent way too long playing with that can in the top left corner as it followed around.

So if, if anyone hasn’t gone there yet, I would encourage you to go and have a look, but I will also warn you that you will lose a bit of time playing with the intricacies of it. It is quite a bit.

[00:24:18] Tyler: And one thing I will say as well as one of the pillars, the company is kind of built around as well. I mean, it’s mental health and wellbeing as a general topic, but obviously mental wellbeing on everyone’s radar.

It’s been a tough 18 months for the world actually, but particularly our little worlds, the worlds that we all live in, um, we all suffered in one way or another. So we’ve teamed up with beyond blue for October. So every order in October, um, 10% will go straight to beyond blue. And it’s really interesting.

And I’ve only learned this recently with speaking to. Every time someone calls through to them, it costs them $48. One Ballou pays $48 for a call to a registered, uh, to facilitate that call to a registered and professional, um, psychologist. So beyond every call is full and we want to make sure we want to help in our small part, keep every call answered basically.

So 10% off all orders, both online wholesale orders. So if a wholesaler buys from us or a retailer buys from us, we will wear that 10% on our side as well. We’re not making a complicated of any retailer to be like, what do I have to pay to do now? It’s, we’ll do the 10% for the month of October. So I brought Toba mental health awareness month.

There’s quite a nice synergy there. So that’s another reason why we’ve kind of opened the doors to wholesale retail opportunities, because we’re like, Hey, we can probably spread a better message here. And it’s an easy sales point for the retailers to say, oh, it doesn’t cost us anything. And by the way, these guys are helping a good cause that we’ve all, you know, the guys that have been supporting.

For the last, however long beyond blue, especially the last 18 months, you know, let’s support them a little bit. So hopefully there’s a little win-win mentality there. Yeah,

[00:25:55] Jonathan: absolutely. I didn’t know. It cost that much at all to be able to simply answer one call that’s extraordinary and it is awesome that you guys are jumping on board with that and being so young and actually having.

The ability to do that as such a young company is really awesome to hear.

It’s been great to kind of chat today and learn a little bit around the way that yes, you can has come from essentially an idea to develop a non-alcoholic drink and now is kind of growing and about to, by the sounds of it explode across, across many different. I reckon if you came up that website and that, that level of, um, entertainment with little gifts, I think it’ll be fun.

But Tyler, thanks for the chat today, Matt, it’s been great to catch up and talk all things. Yes, you can. And I’ll put all the notes and the links to where everyone can find you guys in the show notes as


[00:26:44] Tyler: We’re not really. Yeah, you haven’t gone. Um, it’s awesome to continue to learn and know more about the industry and speak to people in the category and, and hopefully we can all rise this tied together and like with a rising title.

So that’s, that’s our plan. You’d play a small part in the category.

[00:27:05] Jonathan: Alrighty. That is a wrap on today’s episode. I hope you got a lot out of the chat with Tyler and it really got a little bit out of what each of the drinks can do for you and kind of where they sit in that position of. Well, do I want to just drink something on the weekend or do I want to add it into my normal retain?

Um, and it’s just a really great option. In the fridge and ready to go. No glass needed. So head over to, where you can find more about what we’ve spoken about today. All the links to find the drinks online. And I have seen there have been a few people stocking them as well.

So I will include. In the list down at where the key links are in today’s show notes. So head over there and check it all out to wrap up. If you want to keep track of what I’m up to and what tipple zeros up to head over to Instagram, which is at tipples zero drinks. So at T I P P L E zero drinks, or just head straight to until next time I hope you guys are enjoying some great night out drinks and I’ll chat to you soon.

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