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October 25, 2021by Jonathan Lambrianidis

When I saw a bottle of Gordon’s Alcohol Free Gin in a Dan Murphy’s store, I just had to get a bottle and see how the flavour profile compared to the all-time classic traditional Gordon’s Gin.

The Gordon’s Alcohol Free Gin taste profile is traditional and juniper led with resin based freshness and citrus notes. However, it is at times overly sweet when contrasted against traditional Gordon’s and other non-alcoholic options which makes it solely suited to mixing with a high-quality tonic.

Key Takeaways

ABV: <0.5%
Style Gin
Calories: 6 calories / 50ml
Colour: Clear
Main Notes: Juniper. Resin. Sweetness.
Cost: $30 – $35
Rating: 5/10

Gordon's Alcohol Free Taste

The flavour profile of Gordon’s Alcohol Free Gin:

  • leads with an abnormally large amount of sweetness;
  • builds into strong traditional juniper flavours;
  • menthol based freshness;
  • has a body of resin-based pine and citrus; and
  • finishes with light lingering bitterness and sweetness.

Moving on from flavour, it does land a solid and weighted mouthfeel. On mouthfeel alone, it is one of the better more viscous non-alcoholic spirits on the market.

Personally, I much prefer the Gordon’s 0.0 pre-mixed ready to drink 6-pack option that you can read all about here. Alternatively, try the Lyre’s Dry London Gin that you can read all about here.

Lead flavours Body flavours Finish
Strong Juniper lead flavours Resin based woody pine Lightly bitter
Menthol building freshness Juniper notes & resin
Large levels of sweetness Pepper berry Sweet
Lemon citrus notes

As you can see the flavour profile of Gordon’s Alcohol-Free Gin is based upon the original. However, while the flavours are looking to marry up to the original drink, there is a rather unfortunate fundamental difference – that is the extreme level of sweetness in Gordon’s zero alcohol variant.

The Gordon’s Alcohol-Free gin has an extremely sweet overlay that makes it the sweetest non-alcoholic Gin I have tried.  If you prefer a more traditional tasting option (that is easy to find in the UK) I, like I mentioned above, have written about Lyre’s Dry London Gin which you should read more about here.

If you’ve been reading my thoughts on drinks for a little while, it is no secret I prefer drier and more pointed flavours. For this reason, (as you have probably gathered) the sweetness is a bit of a drawback of the spirit and means that it won’t be one that is suited to drinking on ice but more to pairing with a good quality tonic to try and balance out the sweetness with a big amount of bitterness.

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Gordon's Alcohol Free Gin Bottle held out in front of man

Where to Buy Gordon's Zero Alcohol GIn

So you’ve decided it’s time to jump in and try a bottle, so logically the net question becomes where can you pick yourself up some and buy some Gordon’s Alcohol Free Gin.

As a whole, the Gordon’s Alcohol Free Gin will cost you approximately $30 – $35 and is available at nearly all major alcohol and non-alcoholic retailers in both the UK and Australia (think Dan Murphy’s, Craft Zero and Amazon). The wide distribution for Gordon’s product comes on the back of an established brand built on their Alcoholic Gins.

If you are looking for a bottle of Gordon’s Alcohol Free Gin, take a look at the links below and add it to your weekly rotation.

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Gordon's Alcohol Free Gin Bottle in hand

Is the Gordon's Alcohol Free Gin Worth It?

Putting the level of sweetness in the product to one side, who is this non-alcoholic gin for?

As a whole, the Gordon’s Alcohol free gin is for anyone who enjoys a traditional tasting gin. With strong juniper and citrus notes, it will suit most drinkers who enjoy a sweeter drink and don’t mind carrying through some sweetness into their Gin and Tonic.

So if you’re looking for a sweeter non-alcoholic gin, this one might be one for you. If you’re looking for a drier non-alc gin or a gin without the added sweetness I would recommend you look to pick up a few alternatives that include:

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a ready to drink option that has a less sweet profile, you might be interested in reading about the Gordon’s ready to drink option. I wrote a review on what it is like here.

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Gordon's Alcohol Free Gin Grapefruit and tonic cocktail ingredients

Gordon's Alcohol Free Gin Nutritional Information

A healthy and low calorie spirit is often the aim of the game when it comes to non-alcoholic drinks. If this is what you’re looking for, then you’re in luck with the Gordon’s.

The Gordon’s Alcohol Free has 12 calories, 0 grams of sugar and 0 grams of fat per 100ml, making this an extremely low calorie and healthy non-alcoholic spirit.

While the Gordon’s doesn’t use sugar to achieve its sweet profile it does use natural sweeteners to enable it to achieve its sweet rounding profile.

Full Gordon’s Alcohol Free Nutrition Information is below:

Avg Quantity
Per Serving (50ml)
Avg Quantity
Per 100ml
Energy 24 kJ
6 Cal
28 kJ
12 Cal
Protein 0 g 0 g
Fat, total 0 g 0 g
   — saturated 0 g 0 g
Carbohydrate 0 g 0 g
   — sugars 0 g 0 g
Sodium 10 mg 20 mg

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Gordon's Alcohol Free Gin Nutritional Information

Gordon's Alcohol Free Cocktails

You might have yourself a bottle and wondering what to do with it, well never fear there is a saving grace.

I would recommend leading with something that is heavily weighted in bitterness and sweetness to balance things right out. For me this meant some good quality tonic water a generous squeeze of grapefruit plus a scored piece of grapefruit skin in the glass to help get some more of that citrus and bitterness into the liquid.

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Gordon's Alcohol Free Gin Grapefruit and tonic cocktail ingredients

The Round Up: Final Thoughts

While the Gordon’s Alcohol Free option was something that I was really rather excited to get into, particularly after trying the ready to drink options – which I thought owed their sweetness to the tonic.

However, after making my way through two-thirds of a bottle I will likely put this one on the ‘have had it’ list and wait for some news about an adjustment to the sweetness profile before diving back in.

There are such great flavours hidden under all that sweetness and if the sweetness is able to be dialled back and the juniper, citrus and resin-based notes are allowed to flourish in all their goodness I’m sure this could be a brilliant non-alc spirit.

For me, this lands a little off the mark so it gets a 5/10 due to the sweetness.

If you’re looking for a sweeter profiled alcohol free gin this may be one for you, however, if you’re looking for other options, find yourself a new favourite in the post I wrote with over 20 non-alcoholic gin options!

Keen to buy a bottle? Head up to the middle of the page by clicking here to revisit where to buy.

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by Jonathan Lambrianidis

Non-alcoholic drinks writer and podcaster, beer brewing and winemaking side-kick, lawyer and cyclist. Owner of Tipplezero.com and the Non-Alcoholic Drinks Podcast.