I’m so excited to have got my hands on the Gruvi beer range and bring you this Gruvi IPA Review! Over the last month, the Gruvi range has landed and I have finally got through a few cans and got the low-down ready for you to read!!

The Gruvi IPA is a hop-forward, boldly bitter & full flavoured non-alcoholic IPA. It is characterised by its resiny freshness from pine notes & a sweet base that brings flavours of bright, sweet orange citrus. It has no sugar & contains only 60 calories per can which makes the achievement remarkable.

Key Takeaways

ABV: <0.5%
Style IPA
Calories: 17 calories / 100ml
Colour: Crisp Golden
Main Notes: Pine Freshness. Bold Bitterness
Cost: $19 – $22
Rating: 8.5/10

Gruvi IPA Non alcoholic beer can and glass full of beer

What does Gruvi IPA Taste Like?

Tasting the Gruvi IPA is something that has been on my ‘to-do’ list since I first caught wind of the operation out in Canada early in 2020. Below I dive into exactly what to expect in each glass.

The Gruvi IPA is built around a sweet citrus backbone that is perfectly balanced by resiny hops that provide a level of pine noted freshness and a bold, pointed and lingering bitterness. The hops intensify as you drink and counteract the malty backbone and the lighter body of the Gruvi IPA.

What I Like

What Could be better

Great hop profile – substantial bitterness and resiny freshness. Body is on the light side (due to low calories)
Ultra-low calories.

The level of flavour that is packed into only 60 calories is quite remarkable. The IPA from Gruvi has the most bitterness and hops I’ve ever tasted in a non-alcoholic beer and it absolutely nails it on the bitterness front.

In each glass, you will find a super clean and clear deep golden coloured beer with aromas of fresh pine and candy orange. When tasting the Gruvi you’re going to find a flavour profile that is:

  • Immediately led by a level of citrus and orange sweetness;
  • Characterised by resiny hops and pine freshness;
  • A little herbaceous.
  • Finished with a boldly bitter finish and a hint of sweetness shining through.

Gruvi IPA Can held in hand in front of smiling man

Gruvi IPA Body

The body of the Gruvi IPA feels like it is a little on the lighter or thin side when it comes to depth and mouthfeel. This is largely due to the ingredient profile and ultra-low level of calories which see the Gruvi come in at only 60 Calories.

Counteracting the light body was the immense amount of flavour that was enough to keep me well and truly distracted while drinking.

It took me more than half of the can until I realised I was making my way through the IPA far too easily without writing down nearly enough to write this review!

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Is the long-awaited Gruvi a brew for you? Let’s check it out below.

Where to Buy the Gruvi IPA

The Gruvi IPA is definitely one to get your hands on and try! If you’re in Australia it’ll cost between $18 – $22 per 4-pack with a couple of the major online retailers.

The links to where you can find yourself a pack of the Gruvi IPA are all below

I’d love to hear how you got on with the Gruvi, if you’ve tried it drop me an email over at jonathan@tipplezero.com!

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Gruvi IPA Non alcoholic beer can and glass full of beer close up

Is Gruvi IPA Worth it?

The Gruvi IPA is a great non-alcoholic IPA that is characterised by its bold and pointed bitterness and sweet balancing undertone. If you enjoy bitterness in an IPA or generally enjoy a bitter non alcoholic beer (like the Big Drop Pale Ale or Vandestreek Playground IPA) you are going to enjoy the Gruvi IPA.

If a heavier mouthfeel is more up your alley, I’d recommend the Vandestreek Playground IPA or if less bitterness is your thing and you’re interested in Lager, I review some common ones here.

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Gruvi IPA Nutrition

The Gruvi IPA has only 17 calories per 100ml and no sugar and no fat per 100ml, making it what may just be the healthiest non-alcoholic beer I have ever tried (I have just convinced myself I need to get another from the fridge!)

It is in the company of Holsten being one of the limited number of sugar-free options in the non-alc space, however on a taste front – it leaves the Holsten for dust (sure they’re totally different styles, but flavour is flavour)!

If keeping track of sugar intake is important to you, you can find out more on sugar in non-alcoholic beer in the review I conducted of over 4 dozen non-alcoholic beers. Find average sugar and calorie amounts over here.

The full breakdown of the Gruvi IPA is listed below.

Avg Quantity
Per Serving (355ml)

Avg Quantity
Per 100ml

Energy 251 kJ
60 Cal

71 kJ
17 Cal


0 g

0 g

Fat, total

0 g

0 g

— saturated

0 g

0 g


12 g

0 g

— sugars

0 g

0 g


30 mg

8.45 mg

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Gruvi IPA Nutrition label of Non alcoholic beer label

Drinking Gruvi IPA

When to Drink the IPA

This beer would be perfectly suited to the spiciest of dishes, the hotter the better as the bitterness is more than capable of cutting right through it. Alternatively, if you are looking to pair it with a rich and luscious dinner that may carry a little more fat (think lamb and duck fat potatoes) the pointed and sharp profile will easily cut straight through the rich and round flavours giving you a refreshing balance.

Getting the Most Out of The Gruvi IPA

Helping people find and get the most out of non-alcoholic drinks the world over is my main aim of Tipple Zero, and I believe that something as simple as the right glass can set you well and truly on the path to achieving this.

With that said to get the most out of this IPA my two main tips are to:

  1. Get it poured into a proper beer glass (otherwise you’re frankly missing out on flavour here); and
  2. Don’t be afraid to let it sit (the flavours intensify as it warms slightly)!

I can’t speak highly enough of the great quality of the Spiegelau Craft Tasting Kit from Amazon (USA link) that I purchased when I got a little more serious about actually ‘tasting’ my beer.

While it sounds a little snooty, you’re going to need to trust me on this one that glasses make a difference. (I’m on a mission to get a podcast guest to explain why).

Check out the kit here (USA Link here), to stop missing out on flavour and dial your beer-drinking game to 11.

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Gruvi IPA Non alcoholic beer can in hand

The Wrap Up: Final Thoughts

The Gruvi IPA had been on my ‘must drink’ list for such a long time and thanks to the team over at Vinzero who are importing this to Australia, we have finally caught up to those of you reading this from the USA and Canada.

While distribution in Australia is limited and hopefully continues to grow, the availability through Amazon in the US/Canada is great.

I really enjoyed the way the Gruvi IPA balanced the sweetness and citrus notes with some great bitterness in each glass. It was great to have the bitterness linger strongly between mouthfuls.

For me, the fact it packs so much flavour into 60 calories and exactly zero grams of sugar makes this truly remarkable and lands it at an 8.5/10. It is definitely one that’s going to be a long term favourite!

Interested in giving a go? Check the latest price on:

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by Jonathan Lambrianidis

Non-alcoholic drinks writer and podcaster, beer brewing and winemaking side-kick, lawyer and cyclist. Owner of Tipplezero.com and the Non-Alcoholic Drinks Podcast.