Finding the best non alcoholic rose has been no easy feat, I have thoroughly tried and tasted nearly all of the non alcoholic rose options on the market and have collected a list to help you find the best non alcoholic rose.

The best non alcoholic rose is the De La Tautila rose. It has a light level of fruity sweetness that comes from red berries and strawberries while being perfectly balanced by a tart acidic finish. The balanced profile makes it great with a hearty meal & as a refreshing, easy to drink aperitif.

The best light non alcoholic rose is the Funky Monkey Rose, it has a light and crisp flavour profile of freshly cut watermelon and strawberries and a clean mineral profile. This makes the Funky Monkey a thirst-quenching, low calorie and hydrating non-alcoholic rose for hot summer days.

The Best Cheap Non Alcoholic Rose is the Natureo non alcoholic rose, it will cost around $12 per bottle and is easily accessible and available in most supermarkets. The Natureo has a balanced flavour profile with a fruity red berry sweetness to begin, a well weighted body and crisp tart finish.

Below are the rankings and ratings of each of the rose options, to help guide you through the article and find your favourite one.




De La Tautila Rose



Vinada Sparkling Rose

Excellent #2

Leitz Rose



Funky Monkey Rose

Very Good


Natureo Non Alcoholic Rose

Very Good


Plus and Minus Rose Okay


Pouring Non-Alcoholic Rose into a glass

Let’s get underway and look at the best non-alcoholic rose options out there. As always I’ll keep the list updated as more and more options become available.

The Best Non Alcoholic Rose

1. De La Tautila Rose

Senorio De La Tautila Bottle and poured in glass

The De La Tautila non alcoholic rose is the very best non alcoholic rose option currently on the market. It has a great and well-weighted mouthfeel and a taste and aroma profile that is based on strawberries and raspberries with light whisps of peach and citrus.


Rating 9/10
Calories 26 calories / 100ml
Sugar 3.5 grams 100ml
Cost $18 – $20 (750ml) | $7 – $8 (250ml)
Region Spain

De La Tautila Flavour Profile

The De La Tautila non alcoholic rose is currently a cut above the rest as:

  • the flavours and depth of the body make this the number one alcohol free rose that is going to be hard to beat.
  • it balances being ‘sweet enough’ fruity and red berry notes with an otherwise sharp acidic finish.

If you are interested in the full run-down of the De La Tautila, you can read the full review I have put together here or read through the elevator pitch version below!

Another benefit of the De La Tautila rose is that it contains both a:

  1. traditional 750ml bottle, that retails between $18 – $20 per bottle; and
  2. piccolo 250ml bottle that retails for $7 – $8 per bottle.

The piccolo gives you a great option to enjoy the De La Tautila just enough for one sitting without waste!

Where to Buy De La Tautila Rose.

If you are thinking this will make a perfect non-alcoholic wine for a picnic or long hot day by the beach, you would be right. Check the price of the De La Tautila Rose below pick up a bottle:

  1. Brunswick Aces
  2. Craft Zero 750ml or 250ml option here
  3. Dan Murphy’s Online (750ml) or 250ml variant here

Want to find out a bit more? Read the full review I put together for more information on all things flavour and aroma profile!

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2. Vinada Sparkling Rose

Vinada Sparkling Rose Bottle Close up

The Vinada Sparkling Rose is a semi-sweet sparkling non-alcoholic rose with fruity flavours that are led by strawberry notes and hints of a woody body. The taste profile is well balanced by a bright acidic and tart finish making it a wonderful aperitif option for many drinkers.


Rating 8/10
Calories 22 calories / 100ml
Sugar 5 grams 100ml
Cost $23 – $25 (750ml) | $9 – $11 (200ml)
Region Spain

Vinada Sparkling Rose Flavour Profile

The Vinada Sparkling Rose is all about the satisfying cork pop without the alcohol! When poured and into a glass, it looks amazing – it has a bright, light and bubbly vibe and is a super inviting salmon coloured pink!

Crafted from Spanish Tempranillo grapes which, due to the warmer climate, sees it run a little sweeter than other non-alcoholic rose options I have tried. That said, it has a flavour profile that will give you a vibrant glass of strawberry and fruity notes and a surprisingly delicate and pleasant woody undertone.

To finish, the Vinada Sparkling rose pairs back some of the sweetness with a quite nice and well-placed level of tartness which helps balance the drink out, which means drinking a few glasses is no challenge.

When to Drink the Vinada Sparkling Rose

I really enjoy the Vinada as an aperitif or with dessert after dinner. Due to it being on the sweeter side it stands up to a dessert well. Whether you’re looking to drink this with cheese and dried fruits or with a strawberry and raspberry panna cotta it will do the job perfectly.

Much like the Tautila, the Vinada comes in a small single-serve option of 200ml. The size lends itself to being perfect for two glasses, avoiding waste and making sure you always have a fresh-tasting glass of bubbles.

Where to Buy Vinada Sparkling Rose.

Whether you’re ready to try out the 200ml bottle or commit to a full-sized 750ml bottle I’ve made tracking things down easy with some links to major retailers below.

  1. Brunswick Aces 750ml or 200ml option (TIPPLE12 at checkout gets you 12% off)
  2. Craft Zero 750ml or 200ml option here (TZERO at checkout gets you 10% off)

If you’re keen to find out a little more in-depth information, check out the full review I wrote over here.

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3. Leitz Zero Alcohol Rose

Leitz Rose bottle in hand

The Leitz Zero Alcohol Rose is a premium non-alcoholic rose with fruity flavours centred around punnets of red berries like strawberries and raspberries. It has a great weight and body that builds as you drink before finishing with a tart acidic finish.


Rating 7.5/10
Calories 22.8 calories / 100ml
Sugar 4.4 grams 100ml
Cost $22 – $24 (750ml)
Region Germany

Leitz Zero Alcohol Rose Taste

The flavour profile is, as you would expect from most rose options, full of red berries and built around strawberry and raspberry. What sets this one apart from the rest is the fact that it is – for lack of  a better descriptor – refined.

The quality of the Leitz Rose was the first thing I noticed when drinking it. The flavour profile is refined, smooth and the way each glass transitions from the initial fruity sweetness to an acidic bite to finish makes this a superb option.

It really gives the Tautila and Vinada a nudge for the top two spots however (for me – personally) I enjoy a drier rose which means it lands just behind the Tautila and Vinada at number 3.

Interested in the full run down on what this German-made non-alcoholic rose is all about, head over to the full review I put together and find out more.

Just keep in mind, when I first opened my bottle it had a slight fizz to it which is a by-product of bottling with carbon dioxide – it’ll dissipate relatively quickly and nothing to be alarmed about.

Where to Leitz Zero Alcohol Rose.

If you are keen to get into a bottle of the premium offering from German winemakers Leitz, there are a few retailers which I have dropped below to get you started!

  1. Craft Zero (TZERO at checkout gets you 10% off)
  2. Dan Murphy’s

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5. Funky Monkey Rose

Non-Alcoholic Rose in a glass

The Funky Monkey Non Alcoholic Rose is refreshing, light, fruity and 100% made for summer. It has a light and thin body, which will not be for everyone, however, it brings flavours of freshly cut watermelon and strawberries to each glass with a fresh and crisp thirst-quenching mineral profile.


Rating 7/10
Calories 21.5 calories / 100ml
Sugar 3.5 grams 100ml
Cost $14 – $16 (750ml)
Region South Australia

The more I drink the Funky Monkey Rose, the more it grows on me. It might be the time of year (we’re coming into spring and summer as I’m adding this one to the list) but the light and crisp option makes it perfect to enjoy over the hot summer months.

The lighter body is likely to attract criticism of being ‘thin’ and ‘watery’ and I thought it was a little light the first time I started drinking it. But like I said, its really grown on me.

Made from fruit that is grown pesticide-free by the renowned winemakers over at Hear No Evil, the Funky Monkey uses South Australian grown Pinot grapes for this perfect summer thirst quencher.

Funky Monkey Rose Taste

Imagine the light and soft smell of freshly cut strawberries, fresh watermelon and a clean and crisp mineral profile and you’ve got yourself the aroma and taste of the Funky Monkey.

While the flavours are light, soft and crisp you will find the fruity notes that are centred around red berries, watermelon and strawberries are there in each and every glass.

Flavour to one side, there is a lot to be said for the fact that the Funky Monkey team have not tried to fill the gap left by the removal of alcohol with sugar or additives and still managed to achieve a really solid alcohol-free rose that is enjoyable to drink.

Where to Buy Funky Monkey Rose

Looking to try this one out yourself? Intrigued to see whether light and mineral profiled rose can scratch the itch you have for a warm-weather thirst quencher? Check out the links below.

  1. Craft Zero (TZERO at checkout gets you 10% off)
  2. Dan Murphy’s

Keen for the full low down on the Funky Monkey Zero Alcohol Rose? Check out the in-depth review I pieced together over here.

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5. Natureo Non Alcoholic Rose

Natureo Rose Bottle in front of poured glass of wine

The Natureo Non Alcoholic Rose is the best value non-alcoholic rose due to its enjoyable taste profile that balances a higher level of fruity sweetness (that may not be for everyone) with crisp, sharp and vibrant level of acidity, great weight and mouthfeel and extremely affordable price tag.  


Rating 7/10
Calories 18 calories / 100ml
Sugar 2.6 grams 100ml
Cost $11 – $15 (750ml)
Region Catalonia, Spain

Natureo Non-Alcoholic Rose Taste

In a nutshell, the Natureo is ripe and bright, sweet and fruity. It does a great job at balancing fruity notes led by strawberries and finishes with a citrus-like crispness that gives a refreshing end to each mouthful.

The Natureo comes in a little sweeter than the Tautila and is not as smooth or refined as the Leitz, and for the price, you wouldn’t expect it to.

Given it is almost half the price of the Leitz and a few dollars cheaper than the Tautila making it a perfect option to drink when you’re after a cheap non-alcoholic rose.

It also has only 18 calories per 100ml making it a low calorie option which adds to the case for trying a bottle.

Looking for more information on the best value non-alcoholic rose? Read through the review I pieced together for all the information you’ll ever need.

Where to Buy Natureo Non-Alcoholic Rose.

If you’re looking to get into non-alcoholic rose without too much of an investment or looking for a mid-week option the Natureo is a brilliant place to start. There are some links below that can help you save a few dollars along the way.

  1. Craft Zero (TZERO at checkout gets you 10% off)
  2. Dan Murphy’s
  3. Woolworths

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6. Plus and Minus Zero Alcohol Rose

Plus and Minus Rose Bottle On Bench

The Plus and Minus Zero Alcohol Rose is super low in sugar and brings apple and berry flavours to each glass along with some extra nutritional benefits from the use of Grape Skin Extract (GSE) which builds in some additional antioxidants. Although the distinct GSE taste may turn off some people.


Rating 6/10
Calories 17.2 calories / 100ml
Sugar 1.5 grams 100ml
Cost $15 – $17 (750ml)
Region South Australia

Plus and Minus Non-Alcoholic Rose Taste

With its light profile the Plus and Minus Rose is led by berries and apple with hints of rose petal, melon and apricot and a really quite earthy flavour base that comes from the addition of the Grape Skin Extract (GSE).

I would flag the GSE flavour and aroma that it adds to the wine, as I found the flavour and aroma of the GSE to be noticeable across not only the rose but the broader Plus and Minus range. This is likely due to having been exposed to it across each vintage for more years than I can remember.

If you can get past the earthy notes of the GSE this is a reasonable option to consider, due to the interesting make-up of the flavour profile.

Let this one warm just a smidge in the glass and air it out to get some of that earthiness out and wake up the fruitiness for a more traditional rose!

Where to Buy Plus and Minus Rose.

If you have tried the other Plus and Minus options and like what you get, you can pick yourself up a bottle of the Rose from the links below.

  1. Brunswick Aces (TIPPLE12 at checkout gets you 12% off)
  2. Craft Zero (TZERO at checkout gets you 10% off)
  3. Liquorland

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Final Thoughts: The Wrap Up.

This has been a super exciting post to write, I love the fact there are so many new and exciting options and entrants to the market that are challenging and redefining ‘good’ while starting to establish what ‘great’ looks like.

To wrap things up I’ll leave you with my top 4 options as someone who prefers a drier and more acidic wine that has a bit of attitude to it! Each of the links below, will point you to where you can buy a bottle!

  1. De La Tautila Rose,  A true star and standout makes this utterly brilliant in all regards given it is not too sweet, has a great mouthfeel and is well priced.
  2. Vinada Sparkling Rose, is sweeter in style but does a great job at bringing full-bodied flavours to a sparkling rose.
  3. Leitz Non Alcoholic Rose, A true premium offering in the non-alcoholic rose market. The flavour profile while somewhat sweet, is balanced, smooth and has a great finish of acid. A true standout.
  4. Funky Monkey Zero Alcohol Rose, light in body, fresh and crisp flavours with a mineral profile and grows on you.

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by Jonathan Lambrianidis

Non-alcoholic drinks writer and podcaster, beer brewing and winemaking side-kick, lawyer and cyclist. Owner of and the Non-Alcoholic Drinks Podcast.