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The Non-Alcoholic Funky Monkey Rose sits along side the Pinot in the Funky Monkey range. It is a wine that is fresh, soft and minerally in its profile. You can expect a light coloured, flavoured and textured rose that is that is made with grapes grown by the team over at Hear No Evil in South Australia.


Drinking the Funky Monkey Rose transported me to summer beach days eating watermelon and strawberries.

With Spring in full effect, I thought it was time to bring you a non-alcoholic rose and a non-alcoholic wine for spring!

The Funky Monkey Rose:

  1. is made from South Australian Pinot grapes;
  2. has a mineral taste profile with hints of red fruits and strawberries;
  3. is fresh but rather thin and light-bodied; and
  4. has a super short finish.
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Key Takeaways

ABV: <0.5%
Style:  Rose
Calories: 21.5 cals / 100ml
Colour: Pale pink
Main Notes: Light mineral & red fruits
Food Pairing: Best on its own
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Funky Monkey Rose Alcohol Free bottle and glass

Funky Monkey Rose Review

Like many of the Funky Monkey wines, the Rose is a non-alcoholic rose made from South Australia grapes grown by the Hear No Evil team. This makes it similar to the Funky Monkey Pinot Noir which means the grapes are grown without pesticides and the wines are made without the use of animal products in the process!

Find out more about the light-bodied & fresh non-alcoholic Rose. Read the Review, What it Tastes Like and Where to Buy.

Pouring Non-Alcoholic Rose into a glass

What does Funky Monkey Rose Taste Like?

As you might have gathered from the above, the Funkey Monkey Rose is a really light and soft rose.

In terms of flavours in the Funky Monkey Rose, there is not a whole lot of weight behind it. The flavour profile in each glass of the Zero Alcohol Pinot is soft and will include hints of:

  • fresh strawberries and soft red berries;
  • fresh watermelon; and
  • hints of sweetness.

The Zero Alcohol Rose is, like I touched on above, really light and while the flavours take you to thirst-quenching summer vibes, be aware it may be a little light for your tastes and leave you something a bit bolder in flavour.

Funky Monkey Rose bottle on a bench next to glass of rose

Where to Buy?

If the light and hinted flavours of the Funky Monkey sound like something you want to get your hands on, you can find yourself a bottle below.

I’ve put together a few links and to save you the search and get you on the road to picking up a bottle of the Funky Monkey Rose!

Non-Alcoholic Rose in a glass

Does the Wine Have Body?

Getting a solid body in a non-alcoholic rose can be a challenge to achieve. In the case of the Funky Monkey, the body is extremely light. I found it did a little better as the wine warmed and the flavours themselves also woke up as the wine warmed.

Comparing it to other non-alcoholic Rose’s I have had, this one comes in with the lightest body and you’ll likely find it a little watery when compared to other options out there like the De La Tautila.

Update 27/9/21: Since first writing the review, I picked up two more bottles. Yes, it is light in its body but there is something quite refreshing about a winemaker taking on the challenge of filling the non-alcoholic gap without sugar or reconstituted grape juice. It has really grown on me!

Funky Monkey Rose side of bottle

Is it Alcohol Free?

Like all other wines in the Funky Monkey range, the Rose contains less than 0.5% of alcohol. 

non-alcoholic rose wine bottle label

How Many Calories are in Funky Monkey Rose?

While researching and reviewing a range of best selling and new up and coming wines, I found that both sugar and calories in non-alcoholic wine are quite low.

The calories and sugar in the Funky Monkey Rose are within the typical range for non alcoholic wine.

Looking into the label (and nutritional table below) you’ll find each 100ml has:

  • 3.5 grams of sugar; and
  • 21.5 calories.

The full ingredient profile is listed in full for you to take a peek at below.

Avg Quantity
Per Serving
Avg Quantity
Per 100 mL
Energy 90 kJ
21.5 Cal
Protein 0.26 g
Fat, total <0.1 g
Carbohydrate 4.8 g
   — sugars 3.5 g
Sodium 34 mg

With the Funky Monkey Rose nutritional information laid out, you’ll see each bottle will have only 21 grams of sugar per bottle and 129 calories per bottle.

As far as bottles go, this is a low calories option with less than half the sugar of your typical single-serve chocolate bar.

Funky Monkey Rose Nutritional Information

What Does Funky Monkey Pinot Smell Like?

With a lighter body in texture and flavour, it carries through to the aroma profile. Here the aromas are brilliantly bright, light and fresh.

When you pour a glass of the rose you are going to smell fresh:

  • strawberries and cherries/raspberries;
  • mineral notes; and
  • a hint of sweetness as the wine warms in your glass.

I would also recommend going with a larger glass (universal glass, red glass or aroma collector will all do). Additionally, don’t discount the benefit of letting this one warm ever so slightly as it will wake the flavours up.

Funky Monkey Rose Alcohol Free bottle

What Does it Look Like?

The non-alcoholic Rose here comes in at a super-light and pink hue and when compared to other non-alcoholic rose options this is likely to be the lightest in colour.

Funky Monkey Rose bottle on a bench next to glass of rose