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October 17, 2021by Jonathan Lambrianidis

I’m super excited to update the Heaps Normal Quiet XPA review. I’ve been drinking it since late 2020 and felt like I owed it an update to give it all some extra information and added information!

The Heaps Normal Quiet XPA scores an impressive 9.5/10 and is an amazing non-alcoholic beer full of hop based fruity, tropical and pine backed notes with a light body and slightly bitter finish. Perfect for summer afternoons, long lunches and barbeques the Heaps Normal XPA is a great sessionable beer.

Key Takeaways

ABV: <0.5%
Style XPA
Calories: 22 calories / 100ml
Colour: Cloudy Yellow Golden
Main Notes: Fruity. Tropical. Malty Base.
Cost: $15 – $17 / 4-Pack
Rating: 9.5/10

Heaps Normal Quiet XPA Non Alcoholic Beer held in hand

What Does Heaps Normal XPA Taste Like?

As a general rule, the Heaps Normal Quiet XPA has a light malty base, balanced by hops that provide tropical and fruit flavours such as papaya and passionfruit. These then give way to a crisp, fresh and lightly bitter and thirst-quenching finish.

When poured into a glass, the Heaps Normal will present with a lightly packed yet silky foam that surprisingly hangs around while you drink.

The bright hoppy flavour profile is perched on and balanced by a malty base and means that, while having an overall light body, you’ll find:

  • An absolute abundance of tropical fruits in your glass.
  • A balanced malty body and hints of it lingering in the finish.
  • Crisp and clean finish with a pointed bitterness

The Heaps Normal is a beer that I’ve been absolutely loving since late 2020, however, it is my girlfriend who takes the credit for tracking down this gem as she first introduced it to me and made me sit down before trying it – I feel like I should have led with that story given you now know how good it is!

It is absolutely cracking out of a can and even more amazing out of a glass which means you can enjoy it in every situation without having to worry about being left with a beer that doesn’t quite hit the mark.

I bang on about having the right glass can transform a beer a hell of a lot because it’s true. I’ve been using the Spiegelau Craft Tasting Kit from Amazon through my Tipple Zero journey! Check it out here if you’re keen to level up your beer drinking.

What I Like

What Could be better

Fruity and tropical flavours If I had to pick one, the fact the body is super light. But XPA has no laws and it is allowed to do whatever it likes!
Crisp finish with light bitterness

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So now you know what it tastes like, find out if it’s for you!

Who Is Heaps Normal XPA For?

As a whole, if you are someone who enjoys a fruity non-alcoholic IPA or enjoys the hoppy nature of pale ale the Heaps Normal Quiet XPA is going to be a great option for you to add to your rotation.

Alternatively, if you are someone who is coming into non-alcoholic beer from alcoholic drinks, if you enjoy a Sessions Ale or those fruity hopped beers, I’m pretty confident you’re going to really enjoy the Heaps Normal XPA.

The only person I would say, approach with caution, would be the drinker who enjoys a traditional lager styled beer or someone who does not enjoy hoppy and tropical/fruity notes. If that’s you, maybe you’re going to be better off reaching for a Great Northern Zero or Heineken Zero.

If you’re looking for some other options to build out a bit of a ‘best of the best’ of non-alcoholic beer. I’d recommend reading the pieces I’ve put together on the following similar styled beers:

  1. Vandestreek Playground IPA & Vandestreek Funhouse New England IPA
  2. Big Drop Paradiso IPA.
  3. Molly Rose Citra Citra IPA

If you’re looking for a bunch of other options, I’ve got them all written up over here.

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Heaps Normal Non-Alcoholic Beer Can held out front at Camera

Where to Buy Heaps Normal XPA

Heaps Normal XPA will cost you up to 13 – $16 per 4-pack and up to $64-$66 per slab. The Heaps Normal has amazing distribution and it is available at all major retailers such as Dan Murphy’s, Craft Zero and Brunswick Aces amongst a range of others.

So you’ve decided you’re ready to add this into your summer suite of alcohol-free beer options. Click through the links below to find yourself a bargain and pick up a 4-pack or a slab!

I’m really keen to hear your thoughts on how you enjoy the Heaps Normal, as it’s one of those beers that I enjoyed drinking when I first got into non-alcoholic beer. Let me know what you think over at @tipplezerodrinks on Instagram!

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Heaps Normal XPA Can and glass with beer poured in it

Heaps Normal Beer Calories

The Heaps Normal Quiet XPA contains only 22 calories, 1.6 grams of sugar and less than 0.2 grams of fat per 100ml. This sees calories from the full can come in at 76 calories which makes it an extremely healthy option for anyone looking to get a low-calorie beer full of flavour and without the alcohol.

I reviewed sugar and calorie content in the Heaps Normal XPA against almost 40 of the most popular non-alcoholic beers and the Heaps Normal calories and sugar quantities come in well below the average amount of 1.93 grams per 100ml.

If you are interested in finding out more about calories and sugar content in non-alcoholic beer check out the article for more information.

The full breakdown of the Heaps Normal Quiet XPA is listed below.

Avg Quantity
Per Serving (355ml)
Avg Quantity
Per 100ml
Energy 320 kJ
76 Cal
90 kJ
22 Cal
Protein 0.7 g 0.2 g
Fat, total <0.7 g <0.2 g
   — saturated <0.4 g <0.1 g
Carbohydrate 17.8 g 5 g
   — sugars 5.7 g 1.6 g
Sodium 4.6 mg 1.3 mg

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Heaps Normal Quiet XPA Nutrition

When to Drink Heaps Normal XPA

The Heaps Normal is a perfect beer for any situation it works well for:

  1. Summer afternoon barbeques.
  2. Long hot days on the beach.
  3. Midweek evenings.
  4. After a run, ride, swim or exercise!
  5. Uggs. Snacks. Repeat.

The Heaps Normal XPA is super versatile and is a beer that can fit perfectly into any situation. I’ve put it through its paces in every situation above and it is great to sit back, drink two or three and feel hydrated, fresh as a daisy and able to do whatever you like afterwards!

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The Round Up: What Are People Saying

The Heaps Normal Quiet XPA is the staple beer that I feel should be in everybody’s fridge.

As someone who enjoys everything that XPA, IPA and Pale Ale has to offer, the fresh and tropical flavour profile and super easy drinkability means that I’ve always got this in my fridge to drink ‘for drinkings’ sake when I’m not writing up a beer, wine or spirit.

Beyond my enjoyment of the flavour profile, the Heaps Normal is a brilliantly pieced together beer and brings some brightness to every glass. So I’d implore you to give it a go and I hope you’ve found yourself an amazing beer for summer and all of 2022!

Finally, the all-important rating *drumroll please* the Heaps Normal gets a firm 9.5/10! Great work team, it is a cracking beer!

Interested in giving a go? Jump back up the page to buy a 6-pack by, alternatively check out the other alcohol-free beer options!

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by Jonathan Lambrianidis

Non-alcoholic drinks writer and podcaster, beer brewing and winemaking side-kick, lawyer and cyclist. Owner of and the Non-Alcoholic Drinks Podcast.