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Carving out its own lane in the most Swedish way possible, Gnista Spirits are making their presence known with a no-apologies approach to letting you know what they stand for.


Gnista Spirits: Good Different

Sweden is famous for Abba, Ikea, Volvo, SAAB (my favourite), could Gnista Spirits be next?!

Gnista Spirits, come to the zero alcohol spirit scene direct from Sweden. Founder, Erika Ollenare is building the range out for every person dedicated to the quality of what’s in their glass while being unafraid to pass on the alcohol that typically comes with it. 

What is Gnista Spirits All About?

At its core, Gnista believes you, the drinker deserve:

  • something better than the hole left on their pallet by the in-between drinks that once existed in the zero alcohol spirit space; and
  • to enjoy the experience of complex, deep, and rich flavours that comes with an alcoholic spirit.

Gnista takes a far from the traditional approach to getting the word out there.

In a refreshing take on branding, they’re not afraid to be bold, tell you exactly who they’re for, and more importantly, tell you about who they’re not. 

Intrigued why Gnista claim to be, the next generation non-alcoholic spirit? 

Read on

Gnista Spirits Floral Wormwood Spritz Non-alcoholic Spritz

What Does Gnista Non-Alcoholic Taste Like?

As a new entrant into the zero alcohol spirits game, Gnista prides itself on working towards offering a non-alcoholic spirit that truly resembles that of a fine spirit. 

Running their products by renowned bartenders and industry experts, have the credits in the bank and street cred that their product stacks up in the zero alcohol world.

They say while their products are great sipped neat the:

  • Dark;
  • Intense; and 
  • Complex 

Flavours have an unmatched ability to replace alcohol when used in your favourite cocktail.

Gnista Spirits Cocktail by Kester Thomas Gnista Espresso Martini in glass on bench

How is the Non-Alcoholic Spirit Made? 

Gnista remains, as it has since its first creation, hand-made one hour from the Gnista HQ in Malmo, South Sweden.

The team go to extreme lengths using a unique makeup of:

  • Gastronomy;   
  • Cutting edge technology;  and
  • Classic spirit making techniques (where distillation, brewing and barrel ageing are central to the end result).

Gnista Spirits Floral Wormwood and Barreled Oak Bottles

Where Can I buy Gnista Barreled Oak or Floral Wormwood Spirit?

Are you looking for some of this uniquely Swedish offering? Distribution may be limited in Australia however the headache of tracking down retailers is taken care of for you. If you’re keen on the Gnista, you might want to get involved with the Brunswick Aces or Lyre’s Spirits as alternatives if struggle to land a bottle!