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If you have walked through your local supermarket lately you would have likely come across the McGuigan Zero range living down the drinks aisle. After having tried the range when I first found non alcohol wine, I have recently revised the suite of McGuigan Zero offerings.

The McGuigan Zero range of non-alcoholic wine is made by fourth-generation South Australian winemakers McGuigan. The range includes a Zero Sparkling, Zero Rose, Zero Shiraz, Zero Chardonnay; and Zero Sauvignon Blanc. All of which are made with South Australian grown grape varieties.

Zero Alcohol Sparkling Wine Bottle

The McGuigan Zero  Range

The McGuigan Zero range is currently made up of a: 

Having tried the range of zero alcohol wines from the team, the Zero Alcohol Sparkling seems to be the pick of the bunch for my taste buds that prefer dryer and bigger wines. 

I am working away on the reviews and will have them live for you soon!

Where to Buy McGuigan Zero

The range of McGuigan non-alcoholic wines benefit from a superbly wide distribution which makes them available in locations ranging from your local supermarket to the smallest bespoke distributor. 

This means no matter where you’re off to, picking up a bottle at the last minute is not going to be a problem. A few links to help you navigate finding a bottle are dropped below:

McGuigan Zero Wines Shiraz

Calories in McGuigan Zero?

The range of zero alcohol wines by the team at McGuigan come in per 100ml at:

  • Zero Sparkling – 6.7g sugar / 8g total carbs.
  • a McGuigan Zero Rose – 3.8g sugar / 5g total carbs;
  • A McGuigan Zero Chardonnay – 3.9g sugar / 6g total carbs; and
  • the McGuigan Zero Shiraz Alcohol Free – 4.5g sugar / 7g total carbs. 

If you’re looking for more information on how non-alcoholic drinks can be beneficial check out the piece I wrote on sugar in non-alcoholic wine or whether the piece on whether non alcoholic wine is healthy.

To put it into context, The Department of Health resources explain 1 cup of fruit juice leaves you with 24grams of sugar (that’s 6 teaspoons) and your favourite soft drink 600ml bottle typically comes in at 64grams (or 15 teaspoons). See the DoH PDF Summary here.

 non alcoholic Chardonnay

Who makes the McGuigan Zero Alcohol Range?

What do 4 generations, over 100 years, and dedication to the lifestyle that comes with making McGuigan wines (and more recently McGuigan zero alcohol wines) in the Hunter Valley get you?  

How does, the holder of a record-breaking four “International Winemaker of the Year” awards sound? 

The team at McGuigan have are determined to make customers feel:

  • welcomed;
  • comfortable; and 
  • well-informed,

to help drive to the most enjoyable and memorable wine experience imaginable.

McGuigan Zero Wines Rose bottle

With a view that ‘Life’s complicated – enjoying wine shouldn’t be’, embedded in the way McGuigan operates. It is no surprise that McGuigan Zero alcohol wines were an early bird, disruptor, and first mover on the alcohol free wine scene.

Experienced in Zero Alcohol Wine Options.

Just like the wines produced by the South Australian outfit, McGuigan’s expertise in producing low alcohol and zero alcohol wines has grown and been developed and improved over time. 

With over 15 years of experience in making zero alcohol wine / low alcohol wine – the concept behind how the wines are created is truly tried and tested:

  1. Task winemakers with crafting the wine to its heritage and style.
  2. Build it out with the quality expected of one of the world’s best winemakers.
  3. Use the smarts, understanding, and latest technology that come with over 100 years of experience to draw out the alcohol from the expertly crafted wine.

While the process might seem simple to the eye, the (Australian created) spinning cone technology employed in the process by McGuigan is far from it. A high-level look at spinning cone technology can be found here.

McGuigan non alcoholic Wine Sav Blanc Bottle