Monday Distillery Ready To Drink

Monday Distillery brings a range of carefully crafted and game-changing Ready-to-Drink options to the non-alcoholic drink space. 

The non-alcoholic Monday Distillery range is designed to let you live on your own terms (you’re the boss)! The range is sugar-free, sophisticated and crafted to let you “have a good time, love what you drink and love yourself the next day too”. 

Monday Distillery Non Alcoholic Gin Range

How Did it all Start? 

The journey from creation to being stocked in major retailers and more recently sold out multiple times over started with a familiar tune. 

Heading out with friends and choosing to pass on wine or spirits often left Sam Manning without much to choose from, let alone anything enjoyable! 

Knowing there had to be a better way than:

  • sugar-packed drinks (you know the kind that coats your teeth – gross); 
  • powdery postmix sparkling waters.

She set out to create a drink that did away with the sly remarks and party pooper titles and shifted the narrative:

  • from “why aren’t you drinking that”; to 
  • “oh, can I have a sip?”

…and just like that Monday distillery was Born!

non-alcoholic G+T Monday Distillery with glasses on table

What is in the Monday Distillery Non-Alcoholic Range?

The range of Monday ready to drink spirits come to your glasses sugar-free, without alcohol and perfect for any occasion. So what is in the range? 

  • Classic G&T – the classic OG! Rosemary, sea salt and some other botanicals to boot;
  • Exotic Spice G&T – building on the OG the Exotic Spice is all about cinnamon, nutmeg and other spices polished with a tonic twist;
  • Dark & Stormy – picture a fiery blend of ginger beer and lime with spiced-rum flavours;
  • Mezcalita – A mezcal-margarita with a smokey fruit punch complete with mandarin and peach.
  • Paloma – Cue the refreshing tequila feels with grapefruit, passion fruit, yuzu and finger lime;
  • Dram Sour – think smokey malt taste with native Kakadu plums to delight the senses; and 
  • Dram & Dry – blending all things smokey malt flavour with mellow dry ginger zing bring on whiskey without it being risky!

The Monday Distillery team have just launched a few new options you can find in the list above. They say the Whiskey is “without the wobbles” and the Vodka is “without the vengeance” – love it!

Exotic Spice G+T Ready to Drink bottle

How Can the Range be Enjoyed?

With Monday Distillery being all about allowing you to ‘live on your own terms’, being ‘true to you, rather than bowing to the crowd’. It will come as no surprise that the G&T recipes crafted and pieced together by the Monday team can be:

  • Chilled;
  • Poured;
  • Sipped; or even
  • Mixed to suit your vibe!

Gin Glass on table in beach resort

Where to Buy Monday Distillery Spirits.

Like I mentioned in Podcast #02, Monday Distillery has great distribution and is really easy to find either online or in store. Check out the links to all the usual suspects below to get your hands on it!