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Clovendoe Stem Review

From the Gold Coast to your glass, this Clovendoe Stem Review will whisk you away to glorious and endlessly lingering summer days spent by the resort pool with drinks on demand.

The difference here with the Clovendoe Stem is you get all the vibe without any of the drawbacks. Winner! 

So if you’re a fan of punchy lemongrass, lime & kaffir lime leaf, galangal, ginger and mint this is going to quite possibly be your favourite review of the year (BIG call!).

Find out more below.

Key Takeaways

ABV: 0.0%
Style: Zero Alcohol Spirit
Calories: 0
Colour: Clear
Main Notes: Luxurious Lemongrass, Kaffir, Lime, Ginger & Mint.
Cocktail Options: Think coconut & pineapple cocktails.

Clovendoe Stem Non-Alcoholic Spirit Bottle and coconut and pineapple cocktail


With botanicals prepared by hand and small-batch distilled in traditional copper pot stills the Stem is handcrafted in the purest form.

So what lands in your glass with the first pour? Find out in the Clovendoe Stem Review below.

1. Alcohol by Volume.

Like the majority of other non-alcoholic spirits, the Clovendoe Stem comes in at 0.0% ABV. 

So if you’re looking for a completely alcohol-free spirit, you’re in luck.

2. Presentation.

This ticks all the presentation boxes you would expect from a spirit, it is clear, crisp and without haze. 

It also holds a good weight in the glass and you’d be forgiven for thinking you were up against a traditional spirit due to the density it brings.

Clovendoe Stem Review - Non-Alcoholic Spirit Bottle with limes on table

3. Aroma.

This is where things get really interesting. I must say I was pretty taken aback by the, put frankly, astonishing aroma profile of the Clovendoe stem. 

From the moment of cracking the seal on the bottle of non-alcoholic Stem, I was transported back to sunnier days and poolside afternoons. When pouring yourself a glass you’ll be treated to bright and bold notes of:

  • lemongrass;
  • lime & kaffir; and
  • Mint.

You’ll also be treated to galangal, ginger and mint to round it out.

Clovendoe Stem Review Non-Alcoholic Cocktail

4. Flavour profile and finish: Clovendoe Stem Review

Like I touched on in Podcast #02, our senses of smell and taste are really quite closely linked. 

With such a bright and bold profile in the Stem, when you take a sip you will pick up a similar profile with the added depth that comes when you treat your tastebuds to this level of boldness. 

The Stem really grows and blooms in your mouth as soon as you take a sip. You’ll be treated to 

  • lemongrass and lime notes right off the bat; 
  • quickly followed by mint; that is then
  • perfectly finished and rounded with a warm and spiced finish from the ginger.

Clovendoe Stem Review - Non-Alcoholic Spirit Bottle with limes on table

5. Is it worth drinking?

If you are a lover of lemongrass, kaffir lime, ginger and all the flavours that South East Asia has to offer. I would hang my hat on the fact you’re going to love this one and would wave you through to pick some up ASAP.

But what if you’re not so keen on lemongrass goodness? Well, it isn’t all doom and gloom – hooray. 

If you are not so keen on the SE Asian inspired drop, then you might want to look at either the Clovendoe Sprout or Clovendoe Seed. These bring you a bucketload of flavour in different profiles ranging from the Australian outback to Middle East spice trails.

Non-alcoholic spirit and bundaberg mixer

Clovendoe Stem Where to Buy.

So you’re a big fan of lemongrass, kaffir and ginger and you’ve decided the Clovendoe Stem is one for you, seriously good call! 

I’ve dropped some information below on where to find it and find it in-store or have it delivered straight to your door. 

A quick note before wrapping up the Clovendoe Stem Review. The trio of 200ml bottles is available in a few spots including D2C via the Clovendoe team and they’re a fab way of finding out what you prefer before committing to a full-blown bottle.