Monday have managed to build a drink full of complex flavours that, even without alcohol, finds you needing to ‘sit’ on and take your time to really enjoy!


Monday Dram Sour Review 

The Monday Dram sour is created by Monday Distillery and brings a traditional whiskey sour to your glass, but what does it taste like?

Imagine the Monday Dram Sour in your glass, cloudy and dark toffee in colour & full of musk, smoke & traditional whiskey aromas. Tasting the Monday Dram Sour you’ll find a balance of sweet & sour, topped off with plum and lingering smokiness. The Monday does a solid job of hitting the notes of a whiskey sour, without the help of mouth alcohol or sugar.

Monday Dram Sour

Key Takeaways

ABV: 0%.
Style: Ready to drink cocktail
Calories: 0.7 calories/bottle
Colour:  Cloudy dark toffee
Main Notes: Smokey whiskey + Fruity 

If being able to enjoy a brightened, dialled up and flavourful non-alcoholic take on a whiskey sour sounds like your thing, read on.

Monday Dram Sour Review

Building a drink around a non-alcoholic whiskey is not an easy task. Whiskey by its nature is aged, blended and, as a result, full of to pull off given the complexity of flavours that come with aging a spirit.

But right off the top, Monday have developed a flavour profile that is something you’d expect to be served to you in some fancy glassware whilst sitting amongst a dimmly lit bar and not a screw top bottle from your fridge in the middle of yet another COVID lockdown!

Find out more below.

Monday Dram Sour bottle on bench

What does Monday Dram Sour Taste like?

The Monday Dram Sour has a taste profile that is built on a base of malty flavours and layers in smokey and fruity notes to balance the drink out.

With each sip, you’ll find that the Dram Sour balances sweet and sour. You’re going to find:

  • a lingering whiskey backbone;
  • mouth coating smokiness;
  • light fruity and plum sweetness to balance the drink out.

It feels like the Dram Sour is one that is going to divide the room, it does not hold back on complex flavour and is quite a strong and striking profile. If you’re a fan of plum, strawberry gum and smokey whiskeys you should give it ago.

Naturally without any sugar (or alcohol for that matter) the Monday range will, expectedly, be a little lighter in body. That said, the complex and striking flavours are enough to entertain you and keep you distracted.

Overall, the Monday Dram Sour is a drink full of:

  • complexity;
  • bouncy bubbles and carbonation; and
  • a flavour filled and tastebud tingling profile.

All this makes for a drink that knows what it is and sits on no fences, a few sips is all it will take for you to realise whether you’re in or out!

Monday Dram Sour Closeup

What does it smell like?

All that talk of strawberry gum, smokey whiskey and plum might have you wondering how on earth it all ties together.

Fair question, on their own they sound like odd concepts to bring together but kudos to the Monday team for blending this into a drink that will leave you with an aromatic glass full of:

  • musky and woody whisky notes;
  • warming smokey aromas; and
  • fruity notes, think plum and strawberry gum tying it all together!

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What does it look like?

The Monday Distillery range is not afraid to go cloudy and hazy, and with this it gives off proper freshly made cocktail vibes.

Giving off a dark toffee colour and cloudy appearance the Monday Dram Sour is something that looks like its just been shaken together and poured.

Monday Dram Sour bottle and poured into a glass on bench

Who is the Monday Dram Sour for?

This one is a little tough to put your finger on, given the wide range of flavours that the Monday team have brought together in one bottle.

Nonetheless, I’ll try! If you’re a fan of cocktails that:

  • come with a musky / whiskey base;
  • layer in smokeyness; and
  • round things off with a balance between sweet and sour,

this could be one for you.

Even if you’re not a fan – give it a try to see what’s possible in the realm of ‘grown up’ non alcoholic drinks!

Monday Dram Sour bottle on bench


Where to Buy the Alcohol-Free Dram Sour.

If you take a read of the Monday Distillery brand profile you’ll see the team have seen a great increase in distribution lately!

With this, I’ve listed out the places to pick up a few drinks below to save you the Googling.