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Oddbird Sparkling Review 

This Oddbird Sparkling Review is the first non-alcoholic French sparkling wine review to land on Tipple Zero.

With that being the case, what better reason than to pop a bottle of non-alcoholic French Champagne!

Want to know whether you’ll find dry tannins or sweetness in a glass of Oddbird? I’ve got you covered with the review below.

Key Takeaways

ABV: 0.0%.
Grape: 100% Chardonnay.
Region: Languedoc – Roussillon.
Aged: Yes, up to 12 months.
Colour: Pale Gold.
Main Notes: Apple (Green) with bounces of citrus/lime.


If you read the blog, you will notice this is one of the non-alcoholic sparkling wines I mention in my recent blog post about what alcohol-free sparkling I have been enjoying through 2021!

In that post, I touched on the fact this is a semi-dry sparkling with notes of citrus and fruit. Semi-dry, confusing huh? Wondering what that means? Skip down to the Flavour Profile down below!

Oddbird Sparkling Review - Blanc de Blancs

What does Oddbird Sparkling Wine taste like?

So the big question, what do you need to like to enjoy a glass of Oddbird Blanc De Blancs? If you’re someone who likes a balance of sweetness and tartness in your sparkling this might be one for you.

Made with 100% Chardonnay grapes that are picked early in the season and selected to limit sweetness, the Blanc de Blancs brings:

  • traditional yeasty notes;
  • green apple tartness and acidic bite; and
  • a mid-level of sweetness.

Like I touched on above, the mix of the three elements above produces a smooth and balanced sparkling wine that brings bite and sweetness to your palette with every glass.

A quick glance at the Oddbird bottle looks like you would expect from any traditional bottle of French sparkling. The gold accents bring a premium feel and the hilariously cute Oddbird logo is a favourite.

Onto the sparkling itself, you can let the slow-mo video below do the talking where you will find

  • Medium to a strong level of carbonation;
  • Bubbles that are lively and medium-sized; and
  • Pale gold in colour.

If you prefer a drier sparkling keep in mind what you’re getting and let me know your thoughts!

Label of Oddbird Sparkling Review

Where to Buy Oddbird Blanc De Blancs

If you’re up for a bottle of this aged non-alcoholic French champagne this is one definitely worth looking at. 

To round out the Oddbird Sparkling Review, you can find Oddbird at all the usual suspects with the links to each listed out below for you.

Is Oddbird Sparkling Alcohol Free?

The Oddbird sparkling lives up to its motto of being ‘liberated from alcohol’. This non-alcoholic wine lands at 0.0% and ticks all the boxes from an alcohol free perspective. So what can you expect to see from this alcohol free sparkling? 


Would you buy it again?

To help me get through the bottle, I recruited my twin sister, as she’s in the weeds and across everything new, upland coming and bespoke when it comes to wine. 

So when she, as someone who enjoys a dry glass of bubbly, gave the Oddbird “I’d gladly drink that. It’s sweeter than what I’m used to, but I’d happily drink it. Huh, it’s actually pretty good.” 

I knew it was one worth picking up again!

Like I mentioned above, if:

  • you’re keen on Brut or Extra Brut sparklings or Champagne. This one might present just a bit sweeter than you’re used to but worth trying your hand if you’re looking for something different; and
  • you enjoy a little more sweetness or balance in your champagne flute you’re going to enjoy this one!