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Did I mention this one comes in at only 56 Calories? That is absolutely unheard of. Keep that in mind as you explore the tropical flavours of this 2021 release by NORT! Yes, 53. Calories. Five. Three!


NORT Tropical XPA Review

The NORT Tropical XPA comes to market hot on the heels of the wildly successful NORT Refreshing Ale.

If you’ve been in the non-alcoholic beer space for even a minute, you’re going to have heard of the Modus Operandi crafted NORT. You’re also likely to have tried their Refreshing Ale.

As the NORT range expands, the Tropical XPA is one of a trio of new beers the MO crew have brought to market. Let’s get into the Tropical XPA!

Key Takeaways

ABV: <0.5%
Style:  XPA
Calories: 56 cals / can
Colour: Light Amber
Main Notes: Fresh, tropical + citrus.
Food Pairing: Snacks, all the snacks!


Joining the Heaps Normal Quiet XPA in the real of non-alcoholic XPA this is a beer that has been anticipated. So what does it taste like?

Non Alcoholic Can and Beer Glass on Bench

Does the Nort Tropical XPA taste like beer?

The NORT non-alcoholic Tropical XPA is a beer that is bright and full of tropical and fruity hops that deliver:

  • a lighter in body beer when stacked up against the refreshing ale;
  • a beer that is full of lively carbonation and lots of it;
  • tropical and floral notes – pineapple and mango in a beer?;
  • low bitterness; and
  • a light malty finish.

Supremely different to the Refreshing Ale, the Tropical XPA brings a lighter-bodied beer that is suited more to summer sessions or those times you need something to quench a thirst – fast!

If you’re looking for a bigger bodied beer you’re likely going to think this one is a bit ‘light on’ or not thick enough. But for an ultra low-calorie beer the tradeoff often comes with a thinner body.

Healthy non-alcoholic beer NORT Tropical XPA

Is it Alcohol Free?

Yes, the Nort Tropical XPA contains <0.5% alcohol and is technically alcohol free!  Good news.

Does it look like beer?

Can confirm, the Tropical XPA looks just like traditional beer in all respects. Even the can fits in perfectly, its got that ‘just enough effort’ / ‘we know we fly’ sort of vibe.

But once the beer leaves the can and lands in your glass though, you’re going to find:

  • alight to medium amber coloured;
  • bubbles, glorious carbonating bubbles;
  • loose and light head that dissipates within 45-50 seconds.
NORT Tropical XPA Glass and Can

What Does it Smell Like?

This one is all in the name, it isn’t called a tropical XPA for no reason.

When cracking a can you’ll find a bouquet of:

  • tropical and citrus fruits – think sweet pineapple and mango notes; and
  • floral notes.

In essence, imagine a fresh tropical party for your senses and you’ve got the Nort Tropical XPA in your glass.

Still keen for more? Find out where to buy it below!

NORT Tropical XPA
Keep an eye out for the Podcast Episode I did with Rob Fink, CEO and Founder of Big Drop Brewing!

Check out the Podcast Episode I did with Rob Fink, CEO and Founder of Big Drop Brewing!

Where to Buy?

Alright, enough chat, pick up your Nort Tropical XPA from some quality Non-Alcoholic stores like the ones below!

NORT Tropical XPA Can in Hand