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Oddbird Wine: Technology, Meet Tradition

Oddbird wine is clearly unafraid to be the odd one out (serious’ish pun). Founded by Moa Gürbüzer, a 20+ year therapist/social worker, Oddbird’s founding vision is to question and change alcohol consumption norms. 

Thankfully for non-alcoholic sparkling drinkers, Moa and her Oddbird crew are creating change in the most drinkable fashion! 

Find out more about where to buy some at the bottom of this article, and read up on the largest Scandinavian producer of wines liberated from alcohol along the way.

Oddbird Wine Logo

Wine and Culture Liberated from Alcohol.

The Oddbird wine range is created by balancing traditional approaches to winemaking and blending it with new world technology. 

The range is created with the freedom that comes with pushing against ‘the way it’s always been done’ by balancing: 

  • Traditional wine-making methods and aging techniques (their wines are aged for up to 12 months – a rarity in alcohol-free wines!); and
  • Current and developing alcohol removal technology through the use of its own patented technology.

In addition to focusing on the removal of alcohol from wine, Oddbird focuses on communicating the idea of providing everyone with a choice.  That being, providing people with the ability to choose whether they are drinking with or without alcohol.

Want to learn more about the removal of alcohol from wine? Check-in on the blog about ‘Spinning Cone Technology’.

Oddbird Blanc De Blancs Front

A High Quality Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine.

The alcohol-free range from Oddbird wine Australia range includes 5 highly ranted wines that are made up of: 

  • Richard Juhlin Blanc de Blancs Sparkling Wine;
  • Spumante Veneto Prosecco;
  • Domaine de la Prade Organic Merlot/Shiraz;
  • Domaine de la Prade Chardonnay; and
  • Odd Bird Sparkling Rose (Richrd Juhlin). 

The Richard Juhlin Blanc de Blancs Sparkling is the very first wine in the range I have tried. The traditional dry yeast notes of this sparkling will transport you back to summer days and French cellar doors.

Blanc De Blancs label

Who is Richard Juhlin?

Critically acclaimed Swedish Champagne expert, Richard Juhlin continues to be at the forefront of Champagne tastes and tends. His time as in the field has seen him:

  • write 7 books deciphering the world of champagne – with one being titled the greatest book of wine in the world;
  • presenting his own TV show on the same topic; and
  • sitting on the international jury of Decanter’s annual champagne tastings.

Oddbird Wine Blanc De Blancs label

Buy Oddbird Wine Sparkling.

If you’re looking for European wines, you might have, until recently, struggled to get a bottle in the Australian market. 

Thankfully, the distribution of the Oddbird Wine range continues to grow and you can find it in almost all big names retailers. 

The links to where to find your favourite in the range are below: