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Barton & Guestier Wine

The road to a globally in-demand Barton & Guestier Wine (more to the point their alcohol-free Sparkling) began with Irishman Thomas Barton made his way to Bordeaux in 1725 to kickstart his very own Winehouse.

At the time, as you would expect, being named the ‘World’s Most Admired Wine Brand’ in 2019 and adding a non-alcoholic sparkling to the range of Barton & Guestier wine were likely the furthest thing from Thomas’ mind. 

Fast-forward more than 250 years, the dedication to creating the highest quality French wine has been the cornerstone of what has allowed Barton & Guestier wine to shine in both traditional and non-alcoholic scenes. 

French Wine Country

Non-Alcoholic Barton & Guestier Wine

The non-alcoholic options in the B&G wine range currently stand at one. In the case of B&G, this is a case of quality over quantity. 

Made from 100% muscat the non-alcoholic sparkling is one you’re going to want to know more about. You’ll be able to find the review of this quality option from the B&G France in the Wine Reviews category soon!

Barton & Guestier Wine Non Alcoholic Sparkling

Your Perfect Dry January, Dry July, or Sober October Companion

Barton & Guestier say with the help of their refreshing, florally versatile French non-alcoholic sparkling you can: 

  • party all night long;
  • participate in Dry January;
  • get involved in Dry July; or
  • Round out the year in Sober October. 

Who wouldn’t want a bright and bubbly bottle of French sparkling along for the journey! 

Interested in how to make it through any Dry January, Dry July or Sober October? Check out the guide to getting through over on the blog.

Barton & Guestier Wines Vineyard in France

Where Can I Buy Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine?

You might have found that Non-alcoholic French / European sparkling wines are a little harder to track down than most. 

While distribution might be limited at the moment, I have put together some information on where you can track down a bottle or two thanks to the teams making the effort to distribute it down under!

Take a look at the stores below if you’re keen to explore what B&G has to offer: