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With over 30 years of experience and the backing of French, Bordeaux-based La Martiniquaise. Palermo brings classic European flair to our favourite aperitifs at a reasonable price point that makes trying the range a worthwhile exercise.


Palermo: Bordeaux Bred.

Palermo non-alcoholic aperitifs are brought to our glasses by the second-largest French spirit makers – La Martiniquaise. If you’re not quite sure of the name, they’re the team responsible for classic brands like:

  • Glen Moray, single malt scotch whiskey;
  • Glen Turner, single malt scotch whiskey; and
  • Saint James, Rhum.

Palermo non-alcoholic aperitif Rosso

What are Palermo drinks?

Bordeaux-based, La Martiniquaise brings to the market a non-alcoholic range crafted with a refined pedigree and style that have become synonymous with European aperitifs.

Their range includes the ever-popular Palermo trio of:

  • Amarino – profiled by its rich spicy undertones and aromatic rose presentation;
  • Rosso – bringing subtle vermouth flavours and natural aromatic botanicals and herbs; and
  • Bianco – in true Bianco style bringing clear and crips flavours with a rich and spicy undertone.

Palermo non-alcoholic aperitif Bianco

Is the range healthy?

This is one of the first things we look for when reaching for an aperitif or any other non-alcoholic spirit. In years gone by, we’ve undone all the hard work of choosing to go zero alcohol with excessive amounts of sugar.

Thankfully, times are now different and Palermo non-alcoholic provide a balance with numbers that come in surprisingly well:

  • Amarino: 46 calories / 11.2g carbs per 100ml serve;
  • Rosso: 46 calories / 11.4g carbs per 100ml serve; and
  • Bianco: 46 calories / 11.4g carbs per 100ml serve.

Palermo non-alcoholic aperitif Amarino

Who are Palermo non-alcoholic spirits??

Leaders in the aperitifs, Palermo have been producing their iconic drinks for more than 30 years.

In developing a range of non-alcoholic aperitifs that are truly flavourful and something to look forward to. They search for and select only the best quality ingredients that through careful and deliberate blending and curation allow the creation of complex and satisfying flavours without the alcohol.

Where To Buy Palermo?

The bottle alone is a reason to buy this, however if you’re keen to get into the taste as well, they go well on their own or pair well with your favourite non-alcoholic spirits (like Lyre’s and Brunswick Aces). If you’re up for giving the range a go, the links are below to retails that will sort you out.