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Seedlip effortlessly brings together 9 generations of family farming and the 1651 works of John French to a range of modern-day range of non-alcoholic spirits you need to would be hard pressed to passon.


Seedlip Drinks: A World First.

What to drink when you’re Not drinking’®.  A question? or a statement? No matter which way you see it, team Seedlip, as the world’s first non-alcoholic distilled spirits are on a mission to change the way we drink.

Seedlip 108 Non Alcoholic Spirit

When did Seedlip start?

Inspired by the distilled non-alcoholic herbal remedies penned by John French in his 1651 title, The Art of Distillation and a family farming history that dated back 9 generations. 2013 saw founder Ben Branson, some 360 odd years later, set out to recreate experiments of his own.

It was a kitchen set small copper still, fresh garden herbs and a ‘sickly sweet mocktail‘ that unknowingly became the foundation of what we know today as Seedlip Drinks.

Seedlip 108 Non Alcoholic Spirit on bench

Is Seedlip Popular?

When Seedlip spice 94  launched on 4 November 2015, it would never have been expected that:

  • the first 1000 bottles sold out in three weeks;
  • the second 1000 bottles, in three days; and
  • the third 1000 bottles, in 30 minutes online.

Following this Seedlip has gone from strength to strength, and is now present in over 20 countries such as England, Canada, South Africa, Spain, Deutchland, Ireland and the United States, among other.

Nowadays the range of non-alcoholic spirits can be found in over 250 high and top end restaurance with iconic locations the world over including Buckingham Palace and the:

  • Fat Duck;
  • Savoy,
  • Ritz; and
  • Hand & Flowers,

all stocking the products!

Seedlip 42 Non Alcoholic Spirit

What’s in the non-alcoholic spirits range?

Tailored, crafted and unique. The team have put together three unique blends:

  • Spice 94, a sophisticated blend of Allspice berries and cardamon that brings a zesty finish underpinned by warm notes that stem from two bark distillates.
  • Grove 42, zesty and complex citrus forward blend of a trifecta of orange and uplifting spice distilates.
  • Garden 108, a floral beldn of hand picked Peas & homegrown Hay from founder Ben Brandson’s Farm. This blend includes traditional garden herb distillates in celebration of the English countryside.

Where To Buy Seedlip?

We love to keep this in the rotation with Lyre’s and Brunswick Aces, so if you’re up for giving this thoughtfully crafted range a go, the links are below to retails that will sort you out.