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December 7, 2021by Jonathan Lambrianidis

I’ve been drinking the Sea Arch Sea and T for a few months at the time of writing this, and can say if you’ve been looking for a simple, straight to the point and traditional non-alcoholic gin and tonic the non-alcoholic gin and tonic from Sea Arch ticks a lot of boxes.

The Sea Arch Sea and T gets a great 8.5/10 due to its adult tasting profile that is juniper-led and full of carefully crafted notes of blood orange citrus and a marine freshness. The classic G+T bitterness is with you in each glass and finishes the drink perfectly with some additional lingering heat.

Key Takeaways

ABV: <0.5%
Style Gin + Tonic
Calories: 19 calories / 100ml
Colour: Clear.
Main Notes: Juniper. Citrus.
Cost: $5 – $6.5
Rating: 8.5/10

Sea Arch Sea and T Gin and Tonic cans on bench

Sea Arch Sea and T Taste

If you’re looking to find yourself a great tasting ready to drink non-alcoholic gin and tonic you’re going to be pleased that you’ve found the Sea Arch Sea and T.

It does exactly what an alcohol free gin and tonic should through immediately bright and some light sweetness. As the body builds you are treated to clean and complex marine notes, all before the classic gin and tonic bitterness rounds out and lingers through each mouthful.

When you pop a can of the Sea Arch gin and tonic enjoying it straight out of the can or in a glass are going to give you much the same taste profile. Each can will bring you:

  • Blood orange citrus and hints of sweetness.
  • Marine freshness from the sea kelp
  • a balancing sweetness
  • a bold and pointed grapefruit styled bitterness that truly lingers between mouthfuls
  • a really well weighted mouthfeel which is evident in the glass (you can actually see it is thicker!)

What I Like

Things to Consider

Classic G+T profile with a marine twist. There is some sugar (see nutrition below) in each can, so if you’re looking for a sugar free option, keep this in mind.
Really well weighted body and depth.

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Sounds great right? Let’s check out who it is for and where you can find a can or two!

non alcoholic sea drift gin in hand

Who Would Enjoy The Sea Arch Sea & T?

Sea Arch Sea and T is for anyone who loves the traditional taste of Gin and Tonic . The traditional flavour profile that is built around juniper, citrus and those bright tonic notes mean that this will suit a traditional gin and tonic drinker to a tee. Yes, pun absolutely intended!

The weighted body, pointed bitterness and dollop of spice and mouth-warming heat at the end of each mouthful will satisfy even the pickiest drinker and will go a long way to fooling your friends who are looking for a traditional gin and tonic.

If you are looking to compare this to another non-alcoholic gin and tonic option there are a few for you to get your taste buds stuck into. The alternatives out there include the:

All the above options are great alternatives to try and you can really taste and feel the quality that the creators are bringing to the non-alcoholic drinks market!

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Where To Buy The Sea & T

The Sea Arch Sea and T is available with a range of other ready to drink options at all major liquor and non-alcoholic retailers. You’ll find this one on the shelf at Dan Murphy’s or online at the likes of Craft Zero and Brunswick Aces to name a few. Each can will cost you between $5 – $6.50 which is right in the range you can expect to pay for any non-alcoholic ready to drink option!

If you are looking to get your hands on a bottle or two you can find the links to online options below!

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Sea Arch Sea and T Gin and Tonic and rose and T can

Sea Arch Sea & T Nutrition

The Sea Arch Sea and T has only 19 calories and 4 grams of sugar per 100ml. While the sugar may be higher than some in the creation of the drink really helps make a it one of the lowest sugar non-alcoholic red wine options currently on the market and it is no surprise that the taste profile is not sweet or artificial.

If you are looking to get a full update on the Sea Arch Sea and T nutrition profile take a look at all the stats down below.

Avg Quantity
Per Serving (250ml)

Avg Quantity
Per 100ml

Energy 195 kJ
47 Cal

19 Cal


< .25 g

< 0.1 g
Fat, total

< .5 g

< .2 g

— saturated

< 0 g

0 g


10 g

4 g

— sugars

10 g

4 g

< .25 mg

< .1 mg

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Sea Arch Sea and T Gin and Tonic Nutrition Information

When to Drink Sea Arch Sea & T

Whether you’re looking for an after-work tipple, beach day staple, or bold winter warmer, the Sea and T is going to be right at home in your glass (or out of the can, that works amazingly too!)

So far I’ve been enjoying the Sea & T while winding down or working away writing reviews. The flavour profile is so pointed and bold that it works well when you’re looking to just ‘sit’ on a drink and have something that feels like you want to drink slowly and savor – as so many traditional gin and tonic options do!

While enjoying this during those winter months or whilst working away is great, I can’t wait to get a can or two of these and head for an afternoon down by the beach. Now to just wait for the weather to warm up!

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Sea Arch Sea and T Gin and Tonic

The Wrap Up: Final Thoughts

I am really enjoying the current product development and new and innovative drinks coming to market and the Sea Arch Sea and T is adding to that enjoyment.

The taste profile is so easy to drink, satisfying, and makes you want to reach for another can. While the body is well-weighted, has a great presence and, due to the bitterness and reasonable level of heat that comes with each mouthful, it feels like you’re on your way to drinking a real Gin and Tonic.

I’m looking forward to enjoying these along with the Yes You Can range and I hope you’re going to pick up a couple and see what the fuss is all about. If you do manage to find it drop me an email over at and let me know what you thought of it.

All in all, the Sea Arch Sea and T is a great non-alcoholic gin and tonic option and scores itself an 8.5/10.

If you’re keen to order online, check-in on the stock levels and prices down at Craft Zero below!

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by Jonathan Lambrianidis

Non-alcoholic drinks writer and podcaster, beer brewing and winemaking side-kick, lawyer and cyclist. Owner of and the Non-Alcoholic Drinks Podcast.