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November 27, 2021by Jonathan Lambrianidis

Non-alcoholic beer is taking Australia and the world by storm and right at the eye of that storm is the range of NORT Beer that is crafted, created and canned (and bottled) right here in Australia.

Nort Beer is a range of 0.5% non-alcoholic beers that include the Nort Refreshing Ale, All Day IPA and Tropical XPA. Each beer has been crafted with its own characteristics and they range in weight, body and depth with the Nort Refreshing Ale being the most ‘beer like’ beer of the range. You can find the range in all major non-alcoholic retailers, supermarkets and liquor retailers.

Nort Pacific Ale Bottle in hand

What Beer Do Nort Make?

The Nort Beer range began back with the Nort Refreshing Ale and has since developed into a full range of Australian non-alcoholic beer options that will suit any occasion. The range of Nort non alcoholic beer, at the time of writing, is made up of four options which include:

  1. Nort Refreshing Ale (Review) (Check the Price)
  2. Nort Pacific Ale (Review) (Check the Price)
  3. Nort Tropical XPA (Review) (Check the Price)
  4. Nort All Day IPA (Review) (Check the Price)

With options covering the board, you’re bound to find a non-alcoholic beer from Nort that will suit your mood or the occasion.

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Non-Alcoholic beer in Spiegelau glass

Nort Beer Reviews

The range of Nort beer is crafted by the team over at Modus Operandi and since late 2020 I have never gone too long without enjoying a Nort or two. Thankfully all that drinking of Nort has left me with ample opportunity to get three of the four reviews up and running.

Below you can find the reviews of each of the brews from the range. These contain all you need to know about the taste profile, who each beer is for, where to buy some and what you can expect from each glass.

  • Nort Refreshing Ale Revie;
  • Nort Pacific Ale Review;
  • Nort Tropical XPA Review; and
  • Nort All Day IPA Review.

If you’re looking for a steer on what to try first, I would absolutely recommend the first Nort that landed in the market, being the Refreshing Ale. It is the most flavourful and provides a great summer thirst quencher. It has received great feedback from my traditional beer-drinking friends and continues to be a hit with people new to alcohol free beer.

After that the world is your oyster, however, I would recommend the Pacific Ale as this is my number two in the range. Just keep in mind it is quite a bit lighter in the body than the Refreshing Ale, however, it is fruity, fresh and clean and you’re going to love this with sand between your toes unwinding on the beach!

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NORT Tropical XPA Glass and Can

Where Can I Buy Nort Beer?

The entire Nort Beer range is available at all major liquor retailers, non-alcoholic liquor retailers as well as supermarkets. You can find Nort at Brunswick Aces, Coles, Craft Zero, Dan Murphy’s, Liquorland and Woolworths just to name a few.

As a whole, a 6 pack from the Nort range will cost you between $13 – $15 (plus or minus a couple of dollars here or there). I have included the links to a few of the retailers below for you to check out pricing and pick some up yourself.

The wide distribution of the Nort non-alcoholic beer range is one of the main benefits as over the past 12 months I have found it cold in all retailers who stock it (excluding the supermarkets). This means that whenever you’re out, about, or on the way to a party or gathering you’re always going to find the Nort cold and ready to be your trusty sidekick. Just be sure to track down a bottle opener.

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Non alcoholic beer can in hand with Tipple Zero Logo

Who Makes The Nort Beer Range?

NORT has been brought to life by Sydney-based husband and wife duo, Grant and Jaz Wearin of independent, family-owned Modus Operandi Brewing.

Modus Operandi (Latin for Method of Operation) brings with them an ethos of “Beer First, No Shortcuts” and a view to helping provide beer drinkers and beer lovers alike with an option to enjoy a balance in their alcohol consumption.

According to Jez (and we agree) a balance “…doesn’t mean no alcohol, it means balancing awesome hazy, hoppy IPAs and then flipping over to a non-alcoholic so they can drive home, put their kids to bed, get up in the morning for a surf and then hit the day head-on feeling great.”

It has been great to see the distribution of the non alcoholic Nort range grow and with that, the output and footprint of Modus Operandi continue to grow as well. Through 2021 Modus Operandi ventured to Newcastle where they built a full feature, state of the art brewery complete with a venue fit to host 300 people.

What a way to have beer go from tank to tap on one site!

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Non Alcoholic Can and Beer Glass on Bench

The Wrap Up: Final Thoughts

The Nort Beer range is a beer that has been relatively pivitol in my non-alcoholic beer drinking journey and was one of the first to show me that there are amazing non alcoholic beer options available and the days of sweet, flat and malty brews are behind us. It has also been the beer I have started many a curious beer drinker on and much to their amazement they absolutely it.

If you are looking for a range of beers that help you get that beer in on a weeknight without worrying about feeling foggy, or let you get a brew in after that hard workout, run, ride or swim this is a range you’re going to want to check out.

The links you saw above are back down below for you to check out.

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by Jonathan Lambrianidis

Non-alcoholic drinks writer and podcaster, beer brewing and winemaking side-kick, lawyer and cyclist. Owner of and the Non-Alcoholic Drinks Podcast.