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The Nort Refreshing Ale is probably the healthiest beer I’ve ever come across. It has achieved a great amount of flavour with only 49 Calories per bottle and less than 1 gram of sugar


When I picked up another 6-pack of NORT Refreshing Ale recently as an ‘everyday’ beer I realised I’d neglected writing it up, but today – that changes!

At only 49 calories Non-Alcoholic Nort Refreshing Ale combines a refreshing and bright fruity, resiny & tropical bouquet of hops with malty notes. It makes a perfect sessional and summer beer and is brewed by the Modus Operandi team in NSW. Hopefully, this post helps you find a new favourite.

Key Takeaways
ABV: <0.5%
Style:  Refreshing Ale
Calories: 49 cals / bottle
Colour: Deep Gold
Main Notes: Crisp Citrus & Pine.
Food Pairing: Singapore Noodles

Jonathan holding Nort Refreshing Ale bottle in one hand and glass with beer in the other

NORT Refreshing Ale Review

The alcohol-free Nort Refreshing Ale is refreshing, fresh, crisp, clean and full of fruity hoppy notes that are built around a malty base.

Read on to find out
| What it Tastes Like |
| Nutritional Information
| Where to Buy

What does Nort Refreshing Ale Taste Like?

I taste-tested this through my office and the Refreshing Ale has, time after time, been met with nothing but positive feedback including the best kind of feedback of-

“you can’t tell the difference … it just tastes like real beer”

When you’re drinking the Refreshing Ale, you will find it has a traditional beer profile that includes:

  • fruit and citrus hops – think grapefruit;
  • fresh and crisp resiny hops – think pine freshness;
  • mid-level lingering bitterness that hangs about and holds in your mouth between sips; and
  • light malt notes.

Nort Refreshing Ale in hand

Where to Buy Nort Beer?

You can buy a 6-pack of the Refreshing Ale (or a slab for that matter) pretty easily and it is available quite widely.

Links to some retailers you can pick some up from are below!

Keep an eye out for the Podcast Episode I did with Rob Fink, CEO and Founder of Big Drop Brewing!

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When to Drink the Nort Refreshing Ale.

When Tasting the NORT Refreshing Ale, you’re going to be transported back to long lunches, a day on the beach.

If pairing it with food I’d be putting it right next to your favourite bowl of spicy noodles to have it try and help wash away the heat!

On how to drink it, I’d recommend you drop it into a glass to let those hoppy notes open up and resonate through the drink.

I’ve been using a Spiegelau Beer Tasting set of beer glasses and they are a great option to check out if you’re interested in levelling up and getting the most out of your drink.

Close up of Nort Refreshing Ale bottle label and glass full of beer

NORT Refreshing Ale Nutritional Information

The Nort Refreshing ale is a contender for the healthiest non-alcoholic beer I have ever seen. 

As expected, the Refreshing Ale has less than 0.5% alcohol, contains only 15 calories and under 1gram of sugar per 100ml. 

The full nutritional information panel is below for you to take a look for yourself.

Avg Quantity
Per 100 mL

Energy 61 kJ
15 Cal
Protein <1 g
Fat, total <1 g
Carbohydrate 1.4 g
   — sugars <1 g
Sodium <5 mg

As you can see from the table above, the Nort is an amazingly low sugar and low calorie non-alcohlic beer option.

Each bottle contains ONLY 49 calories and under 1 gram of sugar!

Nort Refreshing Ale Nutritional Informational Panel

What does it smell like?

When in your glass, the Nort Refreshing Ale is brings a bouquet that is built around:

  • citrus hoppy notes;
  • piney freshness; and
  • a malty depth .

The thing that I was impressed by with the aroma of the Refreshing Ale was that it did a really good job at brining that malty depth that non-alcoholic beer has not been overly known for.

Non-Alcoholic Beer held in hand

Does it look like beer? 

Drinking the Refreshing Ale out of a glass lets it really shine in not only flavour and aroma but colour as well.

You’ll find your glass will be filled with:

  • deep gold colour;
  • a mix of slow and stagnant bubbles (it tastes anything but flat though); and
  • head that hangs in your glass for 20-30 seconds before dissipating.

Overally a really great looking beer and it was quite nice to see a deep golden colour in the glass.

Round up – Is it For Me?

Absolutely, the Nort Refreshing Ale is one that I’m keen on as I really enjoy the hoppy notes, bright citrus and resin flavours as well as the malty backbone.

If hops are not your favourite and a lager, like the Heineken 0.0 is more your thing, I’d still give this one a go as it had a good level of malt in there too.