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Key Takeaways

ABV: <0.5%.
Grape: 100% Muscat
Region: France
Calories:  20 cal/100ml
Colour: Pale Straw
Main Notes: Roses Perfume + Lychee.
Cost: ~$25 – $28
Rating: 7.75/10


Barton & Guestier Non Alcoholic Review 

The Barton & Guestier non alcoholic sparkling is the result of an 18th century wine house combining traditional winemaking techniques with the latest technology to create an alcohol free sparkling wine that is as floral as it is fruity. 

Made from Muscat grapes, you’ll be treated to a refreshing, slightly sweet and fruity notes. Lychee is the first thing that jumped out of the glass.

But more on that just below!



Formed back in 1725 Barton & Guestier brings some amazing wine making heritage to the non-alcoholic sparkling game. With over 300 years under their belt you can read through the brand profile on how they’re combining traditional wine making methods with the newest technology.

But today is all about the Barton & Guestier Blanc Alcohol Free Sparkling.

The review, it’s right down below!

Barton and Guestier Blanc Non Alcoholic Sparkling in hand held at camera

What does it taste like?

Crafted from Muscat grapes the Barton & Guestier non alcoholic sparkling brings such a unique approach to the non-alcoholic sparkling market.

In each glass you’ll fine, bright and bouncy carbonation that carries flavours that are made up of:

  • fruity notes with a big base of sweet lychee + hints of mandarin/orange;
  • rose petals and delicate floral notes (sorry, I know that sounds over the top but it really is a delicate smell of blossoms); and
  • honey sweetness.

The sparkling itself has a good, well-weighted body and is not thin or watery.

While this might be on the sweeter side, it is an entirely different sweetness to what you’re used to. The sweetness is really coming from the floral notes and fruity profile, which means the non-alcoholic sparkling does a great job at still being quite refreshing and easy to drink.

Non Alcoholic Sparkling wine

Buy Barton & Guestier Non Alcoholic.

Picking up a bottle of this floral, fruity and refreshing bottle of Barton & Guestier non alcoholic sparkling is an easy task. You’re able to have it delivered right to your door from any of the retailers down below. Check them out!

What does it smell like?

When pouring this into a glass it is really a bit of a ‘wow’ moment as it is quite unique compared to all the other non-alcoholic sparkling wines you would have tried.

The Barton & Guestier non alcoholic sparkling brings aromas of:

  • perfume noted florals – think roses and a bouquet of soft perfumed blossoms; and
  • fruity notes that are properly based in lychee.

If floral notes and lychees are your thing, you’re in for a treat. If dryer sparklings are your go-to. Check out some of the other reviews I’ve put together to find an option you’ll hopefully love.

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What does it look like?

When in your glass, you’ll be glad to hear that the Barton & Guestier non alcoholic sparkling is:

  • crisp and a pale straw; 
  • full of fine fast moving bubbles.

It fits the brief and is exactly what you’re looking for from a non alcoholic french sparkling.

The approach B&G have taken with the label is an ode to tradition and it brings a super-premium feel and finish. The ribbing in the bottleneck sleeve is a nice touch!

Barton and Guestier Blanc Non Alcoholic Sparkling

When would I drink the Barton & Guestier non alcoholic?

Two Sparkling reviews without my COVID-bubble-buddy. Means, once again, its all up to me to bring you the guide to pairing and what its suited to!

Floral notes, slightly sweeter and built on some strong fruity notes – the Barton & Guestier non alcoholic sparkling is perfect for:

  • an afternoon aperitif; and
  • dessert when served with a raspberry pannacotta.

The age old question, would I drink it again? The answer – yeah, absolutely. I’d save this one for that specific dessert or when I wanted to get a bit of surprise and delight on something a bit different. But again, that’s just due to my tastes being tailored towards dryer tasting wines.